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They were all in pain, but none of them were willing to let go. They were all trying their best to endure, challenging the opponent's limits!

When he released Yun Qian's chin, other than seeing the bone-corroding killing intent and hatred in her eyes, it was also a very venomous determination!

Although it was just a glance, it made his heart tremble slightly!

What blood feud did this woman have with him?

It was only the second time they had met, but they already revealed such hatred and killing intent towards him!

Was it just because he sent assassins to kill her at Heavenly Cloud Mountain? Or perhaps, the maid that had been with him for ten years?

No ?. This still wasn't enough to make her hate him so much!

The killing intent in her eyes almost drowned the entire sea. It contained too many complex emotions, such as sadness, pain, and betrayal ?

It was as if every time he took a deep look at her, he could see a certain emotion within her eyes, and every emotion was filled with a strong hatred!

"Do you want to die? This King will help you! " Wen Yu Chen's black eyes were frightening, his voice suddenly grew louder. He reached out his hand, grabbed onto Yun Qian's clothes roughly, and threw Yun Qian, who had already collapsed on the ground, into the circle of wolves like a chick!

Yun Qian heavily threw Yun Qian onto the soil filled with rocks and tree trunks, and rolled down the steep slope!

With a height of five meters, it would only take a few seconds to complete!

But to Yun Qian, these tens of seconds were like dozens of hours of extreme suffering!

At this point, Yun Qian's body was already extremely weak. The wounds he had just bandaged up had been mercilessly cut by pebbles, tree roots, barbs, and crocodiles. Every time his dislocated chin collided with a piece of hard object, it was like the pain of a hammer!

The moment he had practically fallen down, Yun Qian had already fainted!

The wolves that were trapped in the cave stopped their movements at this moment and continued digging. The wolves that wanted to escape the cave had all stopped their movements, and started to slowly gather towards the direction where Yun Qian was rolling.

The dozens of eyes that were filled with green beans were all focused on Yun Qian, the terrifying wolf howls came out one after another in the pitch black forest, even people that were over a hundred meters away could not help but to tremble from head to toe!

He could foresee that before Yun Qian could roll into the wolf collar, he would be bitten and bitten by the wolves that pounced at him. In a few minutes, all that was left on the ground were a pool of blood and fur, as well as a few pieces of torn cloth.

That scene was definitely shocking!

"Awoooo ?" The wolf howls that rose and fell one after another caused all the soldiers guarding the outside of the mountain to feel the hairs on their bodies stand on end. When Yun Qian had rolled to a place where the wolves could reach, almost at the same time, all the wolves that had fierce mouths and smelly saliva dripping from their mouths pounced on him ?

A light breeze blew past, and it seemed that he could smell a faint scent of blood in the air.

Wen Yu Chen turned around, the evil being's cold expression did not change at all, but the killing intent between his brows was extremely dense, the powerful biting cold aura around his body caused the surrounding pressure to become extremely low, to the point that people could not even breathe!

The hand that Yun Qian scratched was covered in blood, and was currently dripping blood onto the ground, the small piece of soil at his feet had long been dyed red.

The soldiers beside Wen Yu Chen didn't even dare to let out a slight sigh when they saw how serious the injuries on their Master's hands were.

Dressed in a black robe with the brilliant splendor of the moon, he slowly walked out of the depression in the mountain. There was not the slightest expression on his unremarkable face. Even his eyes were completely blank!

However, when Ye Wen lifted his head, the few drops of blood that had splashed onto Ye Wen's face instantly covered his ice-cold expression with a layer of cruelty and murder!

"Why did you save her time and time again?" Wen Yu Chen's cold voice came out from the thick bloody smell in the air, bringing a somber killing intent to cover Ye Ye's entire body.

Although her cold and hoarse voice was calm, it hid a faint trace of anger. And under that anger, there was also a hint of worry!

The night was strong, but he had not trained it himself. He had picked it up from the enemy captives.

At that time, Night's entire body was covered in blood, and there wasn't a single piece of undamaged skin on his body. He was tormented to the point that he didn't even look like a human.

He did not want to save Night, but Night Demon had miraculously survived. Towards such a person who had such strong will to survive, this was the first time Wen Yu Chen felt shocked!

But the night that he woke up didn't know anything, didn't know his past, didn't know where he came from, and didn't know who he was!

He only knew that he was going to live!

Leaving Night by his side was a huge risk. He didn't know who Ye was or what country Ye was from, but he had been searching for Ye for three years now, but the people he sent out still hadn't received any news!

Once Night recovered its memories, it would be a great threat to him!

But Wen Yu Chen still allowed Night to stay, because Night was truly a good tool for killing. A tool to only listen to him, and not just a single person!

Because the night only listened to him. As long as he wanted to kill someone, the night would definitely not last until the next day!

Sometimes, even if he just glanced at her, Night would know what to do.

He had purposely let Night complete an impossible mission to test him, and during the entire month in which he had been captured, Night had never said a single word!

From that moment onwards, Wen Yu Chen truly decided to keep Ye Ye by his side!

He had once asked why Ye Xiao only recognized him as his master!

His answer was very simple, because he had saved him!

But now, the people he wanted to kill, Night had saved him. The first time was at the Changting Pavilion, and the second time was in the wolf lair!

He felt that the memory of the night might slowly recover, and he began to transform from a mindless, controlled puppet into a person with a soul!

He was considering whether he could still stay at night!

"This is the medicine Prince has been looking for!" Night remained expressionless, its eyes downcast. It looked at all living things in this world without the slightest emotion, as if it were looking at a dead object!

A hint of surprise flashed past Wen Yu Chen's cold and cruel face, after which he raised his eyebrows slightly. "She?"

"Every day for three hundred and fifty-six days, new babies will be born, but only on that day will new babies be born! But Miss Yun is a different ? " With lowered eyes, it was unknown if he was looking at the unconscious Yun Qian in his arms, or the ground that had been dyed in blood!

"Are you saying that Prime Minister postponed Yun Qian's real birthday for one day?" It was unknown if Wen Yu Chen was shocked or pleasantly surprised at the moment!

It was as if night had descended, and one could not even see their fingers when they stretched out their hands. When this layer of black cloth was removed, all the pregnant women who were pregnant would give birth to one dead child after another, and the unformed infants would immediately miscarry!

Hundreds of years had passed, but not a single baby had been born on that day!

Thus, any infant born and surviving on that day would be called an unknown body, and even if they were still alive, they would be killed by their relatives and friends!

It had been three years. He had searched for her for three years, but who would have thought that the Yun Qian before him would actually be born on the day that he nibbled away at her skin!

"Yes sir!"

"Did you find out?" Wen Yu Chen was still in disbelief!

He tried to search for it for three years with no results, but it just had to be this Yun Qian! And it was at this very moment!

This subordinate has already investigated thoroughly last night, and this subordinate is not wrong about Yun Qian's identity! As for how she found out that it was Prince who wanted to kill her, it was probably because Yun Qian was the only one who found out! " Ye Wen's answer was extremely certain, and solved all of Wen Yu Chen's doubts in an instant.

How could he possibly kill the daughter of the Prime Minister? And the only person in this world who has a grudge with Yun Qian and has the ability to kill Yun Qian, is probably only him!

It seemed like this woman was slightly harder to deal with than he had expected! He was also smarter!

Wen Yu Chen slowly smiled, "Since that's the case, then let her live a good life!"

Since she was the medicine he had been looking for for three years, how could he let her die so easily?

All of a sudden, Wen Yu Chen raised his gaze and swept across Ye Wen's body with his ice-cold gaze. His black clothes was tainted with wolf blood, causing Ye Ye Wen's evil aura and killing intent to become even heavier: "You're the same age as me, so you probably haven't touched a woman before, right? When she recovers, you can be the first to enjoy her! "

Nightfall's drooping pupils slightly contracted. At this moment, those soulless eyes seemed to slowly gather something. It was like a tiny speck of starlight in the vast sky, extremely weak. It disappeared very quickly.

The pain of bone erosion spread throughout his body. Every cell of his body was being destroyed!

"Pain ?" "It hurts!" Yun Qian could not help but moan. He slowly opened his eyes that were drenched with tears.

She experienced the pain of her previous life in her dreams, and when she woke up and saw the scene in front of her, Yun Qian was extremely glad that he was still alive.

When the view in front of Yun Qian became completely clear, he suddenly took in a breath of cold air!

Here. So familiar!

In a trance, Yun Qian seemed to think that he had returned to that night in his previous life when he was saved from the enemy forces!

This was a private base created by Wen Yu Chen to nurture his own forces and train assassins!

Could it be that the place she woke up last night was the killer's house?

In her previous life, she had been recuperating from her injuries when she was rescued by Ye Guyan, and Wen Yu Chen also didn't allow her to walk around as she pleased. So if the decorations of this room weren't the same as the one that she woke up in her previous life, she wouldn't even know where this place was!

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