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However, this was not the main point. The main point was that she knew where the exit was!

Yun Qian's pained mouth could not help but curl up slightly!

A woman in a black cheongsam appeared in front of Yun Qian without a sound. There was no sound at all, which made Yun Qian unable to react in the slightest!

Without waiting for Yun Qian to look at the girl in black, the woman in black quickly took off the medicinal cloth on Yun Qian's body, and then took out a bowl of bitter medicinal juice from the tray!

As Yun Qian looked at the black liquid filled with pain, he only had one thought in his mind!

In her previous life, Wen Yu Chen had poisoned her life to the point that she couldn't separate herself from any man. She couldn't even be touched by any man, or else it would be the same as digging out one's heart to dig out one's lungs.

Furthermore, from the beginning to end, she had no idea when Wen Yu Chen had set this down for her.

Because she was with Wen Yu Chen, she had some understanding of the nature of life and death, it was a type of poison, it could not be colorless and tasteless. If it was placed in normal water, it would instead be a bitter taste.

Thus, he could only pour it into the medicinal juice, so no one would be able to detect it!

As the medicinal juice came closer and closer, Yun Qian's body intuitively shrank backwards. Even though the skin that had just been bandaged was in tearing pain, Yun Qian's body still shrank backwards, "I'm not drinking!"

Yun Qian's voice was extremely weak, but it was extremely resolute!

However, the woman in black at the other side did not seem to hear him, it was as if Yun Qian was going to give the medicine to Yun Qian to drink!

With one hand, the girl in black pinched Yun Qian's chin, which had just recovered from the shock, and the other hand, she poured the medicinal bowl into Yun Qian's mouth.

But Yun Qian clenched his teeth tightly, and no matter how hard the girl in black pinched her chin, Yun Qian didn't move an inch!

The movements of the black clothed female's hands were even more merciless. Yun Qian's heaviest wound was on her chest, while the black clothed female intentionally nudged Yun Qian's chest!

had no choice but to open his mouth in pain!

However, Yun Qian actually stretched out his injured hand with difficulty, wanting to flip the medicine bowl over. However, the black clothed lady held her hand extremely tightly, and only spilled a few drops of medicine from the bowl.

"Bitch, if I let you drink, then drink!" The woman in black's hands grew even stronger, and bright red blood began to seep out from her chest that was pressed down by the woman's elbow.

Yun Qian cried out in pain, the teeth in his mouth loosened, and immediately the bitter and smelly Chinese medicine went down Yun Qian's throat and entered his mouth, the originally clean clothes and quilt was covered in the medicinal juice!

Yun Qian's painful expression twisted, the medicinal juice that was forcefully drunk was exceptionally hot in his throat and breathing tube, when the girl in black was satisfied and looked at the empty bowl in her hands, preparing to release Yun Qian!

However, Yun Qian actually grabbed the black clothed female's hand and puked all over her face!

Yun Qian hadn't eaten anything since last night, so the things he spat out were naturally liquid, which naturally included the potions he had just drunk!

The girl in black was not able to defend herself in time and was vomited all over her face by Yun Qian!

An unpleasant odor that was mixed with traditional Chinese medicine instantly spread throughout the room!

"You bitch!" The lady in black shouted, and with a flip of her hand, she stopped Yun Qian's neck!

Her face covered by a veil looked at Yun Qian with abnormal hatred!

Yun Qian felt the Qi in his throat being sucked away, his pale face instantly turned into a sheet of white paper!

The black clothed lady's face behind the mask became more and more sinister, the strength in her hands became stronger and stronger, her eyes filled with hatred, wishing that she could break Yun Qian's neck with one hand.

But when all the air in Yun Qian's lungs was sucked out, the girl in black suddenly released her hand.

After receiving his breath, Yun Qian violently coughed. Every cough caused the wounds on his body that had just healed to be torn apart, and the pain was as if your wounds were slowly being torn apart, and then sprinkled with a layer of salt!

"I can't kill you, but I can definitely torture you until you wish you were dead!" Zi Yue hated this woman in front of her so much, but she couldn't kill her!

This woman actually dared to threaten Sixth Prince to marry her, and she actually dared to do so!

In her eyes, the Sixth Prince was a lofty existence. No one could control the Sixth Prince, and it was a sacred matter that couldn't be offended, but this woman actually dared to disobey the Sixth Prince's orders. If it wasn't for the Sixth Prince ordering her to take good care of this woman, most likely she would only have a pile of bones left!

She couldn't kill her! This was naturally an order from the Sixth Prince.

But why didn't the Sixth Prince kill her?

Yun Qian felt that it was weird. In his previous life, it was only during the first two years that Wen Yu Chen had moved against her, but he had always protected her extremely well.

She had always thought of Wen Yu Chen's gratitude towards her, but now it seemed like there was definitely something fishy!

Just last night, Wen Yu Chen threw her into the lair to die, but when she opened her eyes, he found her lying there!


Wen Yu Chen did not do it just to scare her!

She had clearly seen the message of death in his eyes!

Since Wen Yu Chen won't let her die, then there must be a reason!

There was a faint sound from outside, and the black clothed woman's expression suddenly changed. She quickly pulled up the blanket, and prepared to cover Yun Qian's wound.

Yun Qian's sensitive eyes quickly caught sight of the fear in the woman in black's eyes. In merely a second, Yun Qian immediately cried out towards the woman in black with fear and helplessness: "No ? Don't kill me! "

Just as Yun Qian finished speaking, Wen Yu Chen's figure appeared in the room!

As for Yun Qian, it was as if he had been possessed by a devil. He unceasingly looked at Zi Yue, and begged for mercy in an extremely weak voice: "I beg you, please don't kill me!"

"Miss, are you confused? Who wants to kill you? " Zi Yue never thought that Yun Qian would suddenly say such words at this critical juncture, and her subordinate's movements were even faster, wanting to use the blanket to cover Yun Qian's wound.

"No ?" "Don't kill me, I don't want to die. I beg you, let me go, let me go!" Yun Qian screamed and roared, his already weakened body becoming even weaker!

Wen Yu Chen saw the red handprint on Yun Qian's neck the moment he entered, and Yun Qian's current frightened and begging expression clearly showed everything!

"Prince... "Your subordinate..." Zi Yue quickly walked to Wen Yu Chen's side and tried to explain something.

However, before Zi Yue could even reach Wen Yu Chen, Ye Wen had already appeared behind Zi Yue. With a simple touch of his large hand, both of Zi Yun's arms were already torn off by Ye!

"Prince, this subordinate does not wish to kill Miss Yun, this subordinate truly does not!" Zi Yue kneeled down in pain, but she didn't have time to worry about Ye Wen's broken arms; the gaze she used to look at Wen Yu Chen was filled with fear.

But Wen Yu Chen didn't even look at her, he simply walked past her body and saw Yun Qian who was curled up on the bed, looking as though he was a little bird with all its feathers pulled out. Wen Yu Chen instead smiled coldly: "She wants to kill you?"

Yun Qian looked at Wen Yu Chen's face which was extremely close to him, as though he did not recognize Wen Yu Chen.

"Then what do you want to do with her?" Wen Yu Chen's voice was very soft, but it was ice-cold to the bones.

Her black pupils continued to scan Yun Qian's face!

It was as if he was trying to see through Yun Qian!

Last night, he had personally thrown Yun Qian like a wolf, but the current Yun Qian seemed to not know him, and did not even remember what happened last night?

Yun Qian looked at the unfathomably deep smile on Wen Yu Chen's face, and then looked at Zi Yue who was kneeling on the ground. "She wants to kill me, she wants to kill me!"

Yun Qian kept repeating these words, looking at Wen Yu Chen as if he was looking at his savior.

The curve of Wen Yu Chen's lips became even deeper: "Do you know who I am?"

Yun Qian looked at Wen Yu Chen for a long time, his eyebrows furrowed slightly as he tried to think of a solution, but his expression became extremely sluggish, finally, Yun Qian shook his head!

It seemed like he had suffered too much shock last night and had temporarily forgotten about it!

Wen Yu Chen seemed to have gotten a very satisfactory answer!

He pointed at the night sky behind him. "He's your husband!"

Yun Qian's eyes were still filled with confusion, but he still looked towards the direction where Wen Yu Chen's finger was pointing.

But Night seemed to have always been an outsider, and didn't care about what Wen Yu Chen said or how he reacted!

"If this woman wants to kill you, your husband will naturally avenge you!" Just as Wen Yu Chen's ice-cold voice fell, not even waiting for Zi Yue to cry, the flexible sword hidden in his sleeves had already landed on Zi Yue's neck.

Accompanied by a scream, the spurting blood splashed dozens of feet into the air!

A few of them even splashed onto Yun Qian's pale face, bringing a bit of warmth and viscous!

Yun Qian's vision turned black, and he fainted once again!

"How many days will it take for a woman's memory to recover?" Wen Yu Chen looked at the unconscious Yun Qian and asked.

From Yun Qian's gaze, he could tell that Yun Qian did not seem to be pretending!

But that's right, any woman who was provoked, when she woke up, she would either go crazy, scream, or lose her memory!

"As long as my condition improves, my memories will recover!" Ye Wen replied without hesitation. With a grave and stern expression, he looked at the soft knife that had been bathed in fresh blood once more. Afterwards, he used his sleeve to slowly wipe off the blood on it.

"Oh, really? If only she could never remember! " The corner of Wen Yu Chen's mouth was thin, and the gaze she used to look at Yun Qian was as cold as a winter's day, chilling to the bone, "However, even if she remembers, she would never be able to take this step towards Mount Wolf in her entire life. Since the day you saved Yun Qian, there has never been a person called Yun Qian ever again!"

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