The Conspiracy of Memorable Love/C10 Don't Pretend to be Pure
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The Conspiracy of Memorable Love/C10 Don't Pretend to be Pure
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C10 Don't Pretend to be Pure

Shih Lan and I immediately used all our strength to calm this Xue down. We ordered a few bottles of vodka and drank with everyone. It seems like young master Xue brought a group of gangster not to talk about things. They probably came to have fun.

My alcohol tolerance is not bad. Under normal circumstances, I rarely get drunk. But I can't bear to drink with three or four men. Today, there are only four girls in this private room with eight guests. When Shih Lan arranged the people here, she probably wanted to leave the big customers to herself. She did not expect that these guests were here to drink.

Tonight, the guests ordered strong liquor. After the eighth bottle was opened, I was already a little drunk. The more I drank, the more clear-headed I became. It was just that my head was a little heavy. My face is a little pale. This is my problem. If I drink too much, my face will turn white. And the more I drink, the paler my face becomes. At this moment, I don't need to look in the mirror to know that my face is abnormally pale.

I look at Shih Lan by the side. She is not much better than me. She is unable to sit still. She softly leaned against a man with a mustache beside her. Most of her body was placed on the man, and even her buttons were undone. She did not care that half of her snow white chest was exposed. Moreover, her chest was being held by someone. It was obvious that she was drunk.

"I'm almost done drinking. Shall we go somewhere else and continue playing?" young master Xue patted my face and asked.

"I asked little sister to call the driver." I staggered to my feet and went to call little sister who was standing at the door.

Before I could stand up, young master Xue raised his hand and held my arm. At the same time, another man walked over and held my other arm. He said in a low voice, "Let's go. The car is ready."

"I drank too much today. I can't have a good time with young master Xue." I shook my head and waved my hand. Because of the alcohol rushing to my brain, I couldn't even speak properly. My head felt heavy.

"I don't need you to do anything after this. Just lie down obediently." young master Xue patted my face and pinched my chest. I suddenly felt my head clear.

"young master Xue, I can't go out at night. I can only drink with people here." I forced myself to stop and refused to follow them out.

"Don't pretend to be pure! You want to pretend to be innocent after becoming a whore!" young master Xue said to the people behind him, "Help her to the car. Don't let anyone see her on the road."

"Yes." The man answered. I was still trying to struggle, but I felt a pain in the back of my head and passed out.

The last thing I saw was Shih Lan and the others were all drunk. They were half unconscious on the sofa and had already closed their eyes. My last thought was: The wine was drugged!

When I woke up, I felt a terrible headache. When I looked up, I felt that something was wrong. Suddenly, I remembered that I was drunk and knocked unconscious. Then they brought me out.

People like us, no matter what you do in this industry, in the eyes of others, you are the young lady who came out to sell. I don't want to be pretentious, but I just want to say that I have been keeping my heart and doing my duty as a serving young lady in Golden Stage for a year and a half.

I thought about earning a lot of money when I was taken out to make love, but for the sake of my child, I can't do that. No matter what others think of me, at least when I face the child, I have a clear conscience. Moreover, I will only stay in Golden Stage for a short period of time. From a long-term perspective, my heart will not stay here.

I feel like I am being supported by someone and walking. The pain in my whole body sobered me up very quickly. When I opened my eyes, I saw the smooth marble floor of the hotel lobby.

My two arms were supported by someone, and my feet barely touched the ground as I walked forward. I immediately understood the situation I was in. They wanted to bring a fainted woman to the hotel, but it was probably not convenient, so they pretended to help me up the elevator.

If they took me to the room above, even a fool would know what would happen. My advantage now is that they don't know that I'm awake.

The moment they helped me into the elevator, I suddenly reached out and grabbed the elevator door tightly, refusing to go in. At the same time, I shouted, "Let go of me, I don't know you guys."

"Bitch!" The person who supported me cursed and raised his hand to slap me. I only felt dizzy in front of my eyes and couldn't use any strength in my hands. My hand slipped and I was brought into the elevator by them.

"Help!" I saw a man walking out of the elevator next door. I tried my best to shout the last time.

When the man heard my voice, he turned around. Before I could see the man's face, the elevator door closed.

Because there was a camera in the elevator, they didn't dare to be too presumptuous. They put a man's suit on me. Under the suit, my hands were tightly wrapped by the man and I couldn't move.

This kind of hotel's elevator is especially fast. Before I can figure out how to escape, the elevator reached the 23rd floor. The moment I stepped out of the elevator, I felt my feet stepping on the soft corridor. Looking at the closed doors on both sides of the corridor, I suddenly felt despair.

They brought me to the Room 2316. They took out their room cards and opened the door. Then, they brought me in. Once they entered the room, they quickly locked the door and pushed me onto the bed.

This was an ordinary large bed room. young master Xue was already waiting in the room. Beside him was a man holding a camera. Seeing us come in, young master Xue scolded, "So slow!"

"young master Xue, don't be angry. We met the police who were checking cars on the road. It took us some effort to get here." The man who brought me in smiled and pointed at me. "We brought her here. You can do anything to her."

"What do you want?" I sat up from the bed and took a step back. I wanted to stand in front of the bedside table and pick up the lamp to protect myself.

"It should be good to make a video of you making love and sell it. Don't worry, I will definitely make you popular." young master Xue gave a look to the people beside him. Before I could touch the lamp, someone stepped forward and grabbed my wrist.

"young master Xue, don't joke around like this. I'm in this line of work. Why should I be afraid of this?" I pretended to be calm.

"Is that so? You are not afraid, but Chu Yi is. "When the time comes, I'll write on the cover:" The virgin show of the previous young madame from the Lvcheng Group of Nan City. Do you think everyone will buy a set of videos to collect? " young master Xue said with a smile.

I think the smile on his face is very disgusting. I suppressed my anger and smiled. "young master Xue," I said. If you'd told me earlier, you wouldn't have had to work so hard. I'm happy to do something that will embarrass Chu Yi. If you feel that this isn't satisfying enough, You can invite Chu Yi over. We'll make love in front of him. If we make a sex video, people might think that I was forced. "

I didn't expect you to be so sensible. Then we won't wait. " young master Xue obviously doesn't believe me. He looked to the side. The people around him had already started to move.

My consciousness was more than half awake after I was shocked and angry. Unfortunately, even though my consciousness had sobered up, my body was so weak that I couldn't even lift my hand.

"The medicinal effect has come up, right?" young master Xue saw that my body was weak and immediately asked with a smile.

"What did you give me to drink?" I thought of the wine that had been drugged.

"It will make you willing to cooperate with me." young master Xue's eyes seemed to be on fire. Only now did I understand where the discomfort came from.

I am not a pure little girl. I am very familiar with my body's reaction. That warm and numb feeling is like a hundred insects devouring my body. There is an unstoppable yearning in the numbness.

young master Xue took two steps forward and reached out his hand to touch my collarbone. He leaned forward and kissed me on the face. "It hasn't started yet. Your eyes are about to shed tears. Chu Yi was actually willing to let go of such a naturally charming woman. Instead, he married a fierce woman with the surname Cheng."

"young master Xue, don't joke around like this." I saw his hand reach into my collar. My body suddenly felt like it was on fire.

"Do I look like someone who knows how to joke?" He pinched me hard and pulled his shirt open with his other hand.

Being watched by everyone doing such a thing, I only feel endless shame surging up. However, due to the effects of the medicine, my body went against my will and made a reaction that made me feel ashamed.

"There was a reaction so soon. Not bad." young master Xue pressed his body forward.

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