The Conspiracy of Memorable Love/C20 Visiting Patients
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The Conspiracy of Memorable Love/C20 Visiting Patients
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C20 Visiting Patients

I looked at the two of them looking at me. They wanted to know what I was going to say. I organized my words and said, "The man I saw at the entrance of the kindergarten this afternoon. His name is Chu Yi. He is your father. But before you were born, Dad and Mom are divorced because they don't get along with each other, so Mom has been raising you by herself all this time. Now Dad wants to bring you back to his side. "But Mom will definitely not agree."

"I will try my best to tell the children in the simplest language what happened between me and their father. I will try my best not to make them hate Chu Yi. I only hope that they will be happy and safe.

"Is it because of that bad woman that Mom divorced?" Yuanyuan looked at me with a very smart look.

They will always be more sensible and mature than we thought. You think he can't understand the adult world, but he will use his own eyes to guess and guess more clearly.

I hold the child and hold back the tears in my eyes. I kiss their foreheads and smile, "Don't worry, mother will always love you and will always be with you."

"If that bad woman comes again, I will beat her away." Yuanyuan clenched his fists.

"You don't need to do it. Mom can protect you. But you need to be obedient and listen to me. " When I thought of Yuanyuan rushing up for me today, I was very touched.

"No matter what kind of failure I had in my life, I obtained two children. They were the biggest gift and biggest success in my life.

I received a phone call from the hospital on Saturday. He told me that my father's hospitalization fees were almost used up, so he asked me to go to the hospital as soon as possible to pay the fees. On Sunday morning, I checked out Cary's balance and took the two Little Treasure to the hospital.

My dad lived in a private hospital invested by foreigners. There were fewer patients here. The environment was good and the doctors were more professional. I took the two Little Treasure across a large patch of grass. Come to the ward. The ward was clean and tidy. The morning sunlight shone through the white curtains into the room. There was a quiet warmth in the room. Father was lying on the bed, his eyes slightly open. But he did not feel anything. Dad became a vegetable three months after Chu Yi and I divorced.

The two children ran into the ward and jumped in front of the hospital bed to hold grandfather's hand. They called out in a cute voice. "Grandfather, we're here to see you."

"Father, I've been too busy recently, so I haven't come much. Don't be angry." I sat at the head of the bed and held Dad's hand.

I'm the only daughter in the family. I've been taken care of by my parents since I was young. Their biggest wish is that I can marry a good man who treats me wholeheartedly and live happily for the rest of my life.

When I married Chu Yi, my parents were a little against it. They thought that Chu Yi's family was not well off and were afraid that I would suffer along with them. But I insisted on my idea. I only married him. My parents compromised with me in the end. However, we had only been married for a year and we divorced.

I remember that on the day of the divorce, my parents stood beside me and looked at Chu Yi with hatred. My father was angry and raised his hand to slap Chu Yi. My mother hugged me tightly and said, "Nannan is not afraid. With mom here, I will support you for the rest of your life. This kind of man is not worth our Nannan crying for him."

Now, my parents' words are like in my ears, but I can no longer see their worried and loving faces. When I think of this, my eyes become a little astringent. When I raise my eyes to look at the blue sky outside, there is a ginkgo tree outside the window, and behind the green leaves is the clear sky. Fortunately, I can still see the sun and the blue sky in my life.

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