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C1 Sebastian

My wolf just can’t stop jumping in my head, after all she just found her mate. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy, just not happy that I am going to leave my sister behind.

Though my wolf has a strong bond with our sister and is somewhat sad about leaving her, she is more excited about being with her mate.

What wolf wouldn’t be. Not mine.

I don’t react as he steps into the car after me. I don’t react as I feel his piercing gaze on me, but my wolf does. She just can’t stop her excitement.

The car starts moving, leaving behind my sister and her mate, watching us from their palace.

I don’t look back I know, she will have a happy life; after all she is the mated to the Elvin King.

She is in safe hands.

My wolf shares a bit of my sadness with me before she goes back to drooling over her mate.

I roll my eyes at this.


“I can sense your inner turmoil, mate and I don’t like it.”

I try not to roll my eyes at him.

You’re not meant to like it.


I wish this was one of my sister’s werewolves books that she reads, maybe I would know how to handle him.

I’ll call this one.


The Wolf King’s Mate.

It sure has a ring to it.

I don’t have the chance to think of the book cover because, he grips me by the chin and drags my face closer to his.

He glares at me so intensely, that I try to shrink away from him; not minding the fact that he is literally holding my chin rather very painfully.

“When I talk to you, I expect you to answer me.”

Blah blah blah blah.

The only thing stopping me from saying that out loud is because he is the King of the wolves and he has my chin in his grip. He can crush me any second.

I guess, that’s more than one thing.

I nod, in pretense.

If I want to get out of this car alive I have to agree to everything this handsom-

I mean to everything he says.

My wolf shakes her wolf head at me, mentally.

She believes that he won’t harm us.

I scoff at this, not physically. I don’t want my head removed from my body. I am too young for that.

His grip on my chin tightens and I groan loudly.

The driver must be thinking that we are doing the unimaginable here.

Thank the goddess for the black tinted glass separating us from his view.

“With words, little mate,” His voice sends multiple of shivers down my spine.

Who is he calling little?

“Yes, my King.”

Seems like he doesn’t know how to make a dialogue.


My wolf frowns at me.

She doesn’t like that I am degrading her- our mate.

If only he could hear my thoughts…

He sends me a last glare before he shifts away from me.

I don’t know when I exhale in relief.

My head didn’t cut off.

That’s a start.


I try to focus my attention on the trees outside. I can already sense that we will soon be out of the fey realm.

I suppose that’s good.

I am suppose to be happy, I guess.

I never liked faeries.

Leaning back on the car seat, I try to smile.

I have a feeling I won’t any longer.

Then I fall asleep.

When I awaken, I don’t know where I am.

The place looks blurry…


That’s just my eyes.

I can’t stop myself from inhaling the scent coming from the pillow, and I reprimand myself for this.

Of course, this is his room.

Where else would I be?

I actually was hoping it was a dream, guess it wasn’t.


Sitting on the bed, I examine the room.

It is more than I imagined, but I don’t dwell on the details.

I shouldn’t.

Perhaps, one day he will wake up and tell me to leave.

This is just too good to be true.

I stand up and walk to the door, opening it slowly. I poke my head out and find out that there is a hallway.

I was expecting this.

I stay here for some seconds, hoping to see anyone pass by but I get nothing.

Maybe he told his staff to not come here because of me…

Yeah, that’s a great reason.

I slowly walk out of room, closing the door behind me and when I do this, a female appears from nowhere.

She walks confidently to my path, that I feel the urge to be like her…

Which is very absurd and so not happening.

Why did I think of that in the first place.

My stupid brain is working stupidly.

She approaches me with her chin up high. “The King requests for your presence in the dinning room.”

Then she starts walking away.

That was a bit rude.

She suddenly stops and turns to back stare at me, “Aren’t you coming?”


I run after her and she leads me pass several paths before we finally arrive at where I guess to be the dining room.

She isn’t a wolf I can sense that.

Then what is she doing in here?

Before I can thank the female, she walks away, disappearing from my view.

I look away and face the Wolf King.

He stares at me too, holding a glass of wine on his lips.


Please, don’t drool. Please don’t.

“I called you here to apologize…”

To apologize?

That actually sounds weird coming from him, but who am I to judge.

“For what?” I ask, walking into the room with my arms folded.

He sighs, dropping the glass on the table beside him.

“For being a jerk. I am sorry for that.”

I raise an eyebrow at him, “And how were you being a jerk?”

He rolls his eyes at me, catching me by surprise.

That doesn’t seem like a kingly thing to do.

“I am sorry for the way I acted in the car, okay? There, I said it.”

I smile at him and he looks away from me.

“Why did you act that way?”

“My wolf got mad when you didn’t want to leave with us. He thought you were going to reject us, I thought that too.”

I press my lips together with a nod, “I am sorry for that, my king. I didn’t want to leave my sister.”

“I understand,” He nods back at me, “But what I don’t understand is why you call me, my king…”

“Err… What am I supposed to call you?”

“By my name, of course.”

“I don’t know your name.”

He is shocked, “You seriously don’t know my name?”

I shrug at him, “Do I need to repeat it twice for you to understand?”

He rolls his eyes and I say, “I am actually not a fan of yours.”

“I see and who are you to be exact?”

I smirk at this, “Is that your way of asking me of my name?”

He smirks back at me, “Maybe? I am Sebastian, if you must know.”

“And I am Minerva.”

“Such a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl.”

I shake my head at this, “How many females have you told that exactly?”

The thought makes my wolf mad.

“The important thing is that you have accepted me as your mate.”

I roll my eyes.

Oh Goddess.

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