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C2 Royal Curse

I don’t how we actually go back to his room, because the next few hours is like a blur.

I find myself on the bed with him.

We aren’t doing anything. We are just talking.


And eating too.

Sebastian looks up from his food, “What’s your sister’s name anyway?”

I raise an eyebrow at him, “You know that she has a mate, right?”

“I just wanna know her name. Is that so hard?”

“I am not gonna tell you, you can ask her yourself.”

He throws his head back and groans loudly.

I laugh at this, making him stop to look at me.

I frown at him, “What is it?”

He smiles, “You have a beautiful laugh.”

I roll my eyes at him with a scoff, “Do you tell that to all the girls you sleep with?”

His expression answers my question.

I nod with a bitter smile.

Of course, he does.

I expected the Wolf King to sleep around, but him confirming it makes me feel stupid.

“I guess someone told you it was a bad idea but you didn’t listen.”

He nods and I stare at him numbly.

I don’t know why it affects me.

Maybe it is because I actually thought my mate would wait for me, maybe it is because I am keeping myself for my mate.

But I shouldn’t let this affect me, right?

I shouldn’t.


A knock comes from the door and he sighs, staring at me for a while before he says. “Come in.”

A female walks inside the room, she stares at me for a while before moving to carry away the dishes.

The look she gives to me spikes my curiosity.

I can already smell the jealously off her when she sends a rather longing glance at Sebastian.

I wait till she is out of the room and make sure I hear her footsteps down the hall, before I say, “She is one of them, isn’t she…”

I don’t actually give him the time to explain himself to me, “I was at least glad that I wouldn’t get to see the females you sleep with, and now I have to face them everyday.”

He frowns and moves closer to me, “Then I’ll fire them all, you don’t have to see the-”

I glare at him.

Is he crazy.

“They’ll lose their job, Sebastian, I don’t want that.”

“Goddess! Make a decision then.”

What kind of male did I get mated to?

“Just don’t sleep with any other female.”

He nods and then makes a show of staring at me with a smile, “Wait, are you jealous?”


“Oh Goddess, you are.”

Is he drunk?

“No, I am not,” I push him away and he laughs.

“You are. There’s no need to be, Minerva.”

Yeah, that is the best thing to say to your mate when you have probably had sex with a zillion females.


I fold my arms across my chest and he says, “I guess I have to apologize for a lot of things. I didn’t think that I would find my mate.”

I frown and move closer to him, “Why?”

He shrugs, “My family has that demerit, I guess. We leave for hundreds of years with just a percent chance of finding our destined mate. They can be either died or might be born when you die, it is a very degrading cycle.”

“I am sorry, Sebastian. I didn’t know.”

He smiles at me. “I don’t expect you to. My family did a great job at hiding it from the public. I am just glad that only I share that- should I say curse.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that, the curse as I called it only affects the one with the crown.”



He shrugs, “The royal family lives for many years, but my siblings are likely to find their mates and I am not.”

But you found me…

“That’s why you were scared when I wanted to reject you.”

He frowns with an eye roll, “I wasn’t scared.”

I laugh at his expression and hop on his lap, “That’s true, you were frightened to death.”

He groans with a hidden smile and I pinch his cheek, “Promise not to tell?”


I could one day use this against him as a leverage of some kind, so I nod.

I am so crazy.

He stares creepily at me and I scowl at him, “What is it?”

“I just can’t believe I found you.”

Oh. This sappy stuff.

His eyes dart to my neck and he leans closer to me.

Oh Goddess, what do I do?

As he gets closer, I panic some more.

“What are you doing?”

He doesn’t answer me. It is like he is a spell of some sort, but I know better.

He is being controlled by his wolf urge to sniff me.

He is drawn by my scent. All mates are.

The thought makes me blush.

His nose is suddenly on my neck as he sniffs me. He draws me closer than before, making me groan.

I get lost in the sensation he brings and before I know it his lips are on me, my neck is probably begging to be spared.

As his mouth works on my neck, I forget about everything, including the possibility of him marking me which would be bad.

Mates don’t mark each other without permission and if he does, I will be so pissed at him.

Of course, my clouded mind don’t think about this outcome, especially when I feel his canine touch my skin.

I let out a loud groan and give him enough access to my neck while I hold back his shoulder.

Sometimes the pleasure of the flesh is just too much to endure, like in this situation.

I didn’t say that I don’t like it, neither did my wolf.

Suddenly, he is gone and the sensation fades away in emptiness.

I bounce on the bed with a deep scowl on my face.

Goddess, what did I do.


I can be so stupid at times.

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