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C5 Meet The Wolf

After the days stress, I walk lazily to Sebastian’s room and throw myself on the bed with a sigh.

The day has been stressful and a very… well let’s just go with stressful.

When Sebastian comes in, he kisses my cheek and making me groan with a smile.

“I’m sorry I left, Minerva. Had some things to take care of.”

I hum at him with one eye open, “Anything you need help with?”

He shakes his head at me and lays next to be, “How about you go to sleep and tomorrow, we can talk about it.”

I nod, as he holds me closer to his chest.

He is so warm…

And I fall asleep like a baby.

You know when someone tells you that they will do something for you later, but ends up not doing it.

Well, that happens when I wake up.

I follow him around, just for him to tell me what transpired yesterday. I get nothing, nothing at all.

He groans as he sits behind his desk.

Okay, I followed him to his office.

“Not right now, Minerva.”

“But you told me today, yesterday. Does that make any sense”

He sighs and drops his pen to stare at me, “And today, I am telling you that you shouldn’t bother about it.”


“You’re my queen, and I don’t want my queen to worry about anything; ever.”

I pout at him, “But I want to help out.”

“I know, but not with that issue. Maybe, another time.”

I groan as he goes back to working on the expensive wooden desk that he so happens to have.

“What am I suppose to do then?”

I am expecting a groan but he smiles at me with a beckon, “Come here.”


I take careful steps towards him and I stand before him with my arms crossed.

“What is it-”

He grabs me by the waist and pulls me down to his lap, “You my dear, is staying here to stop this paperwork from giving me a headache.”


“So my job is to keep your laps warm.”

He sends me a cocky smile, “If you put it that way then yes. I don’t want you going to get yourself hurt.”

Great, just great.

I glare at the male who happens to be my mate.

I bet he doesn’t do a thing on this table. I don’t even know what he does.

So my job is now a lap warmer.

What kind of possessive mate is it?

I know that at some point it will come to this, but not in this way. Never in this way.

When he is done doing whatever he does when he sits on that wooden seat of his; he smiles at me and hoists me up all at once.

I glare at him as intensely as I can, “Drop me down!”

“Grumpy Minerva doesn’t look so good,” He keeps on smiling, “How about this. Both of us can get to know our wolves.”

I raise an eyebrow at his suggestion, “You mean that I get to see your wolf.”

He nods at me, “And you get to see mine.”

That’s actually a great idea, but I won’t say it to his face.

I nod at him too as he guides me to my feet, “Alright. But if I ask for a time out then you give me five minutes.”

He agrees looking a bit confused, “Wait, why would you have a time out.”

I take a hold of his arm and drag him out of his office, “To the forest.”


I didn’t play that much when I was a child, I had other stuffs to do.

Like take care of my sister.

The forest isn’t really a forest. It’s like a place where…

Let me just say that it is located in the castle grounds, meaning that it is the closest thing we have to a forest.

I think that explains it right.

The mud attach to my boot, but I don’t mind. I have been to many forest in my few years and this is normal.

When I walk towards a big tree to shift behind it, Sebastian hold me back with a smirk on his lips.

“You can stay here and shift. I don’t bite.”

I roll my eyes at him.

His testosterone is all over the place.

“But I will.”

I snap my teeth at him and walk to the big tree.

“Come on!”

I laugh at him as I pull out of my clothes.

When I shift into my wolf, my clothes turn into pieces and right now that’s not what I want; especially with a testosteronal male in my hands.

I don’t need to be going about the castle naked.

He would freak out, like really badly.

My wolf trottles out with her tail wagging behind her. She is excited to finally meet her mate, Sebastian’s wolf.

I am happy too, for her I am.

I really am.

Sebastian stands afar, only becoming closer as we walk to him, well, she does. You get my draft.

I hear him inhale and he reaches out to stroke my wolf’s fur.

“I am sorry I can’t stay, Minerva. Something came up.”

I want to scream for him to stay but I can only bark and growl, so I hurry back to change.

Thankfully, in a hurry I don’t forget to put on my clothes.

He is already gone by the time, I get back to the spot.

Following his scent, I track him back to the castle.

The weirdo left me in the woods. What happened to mates 101.

I have to strain my senses but nevertheless, I sight him with a female, a few meters from where I stand.

I can feel jealousy rising from a mile away, covering my heart with darkness.

No, I shouldn’t jump into conclusions. I shouldn’t.

So I decide to go see what’s happening.

“We’ve been waiting for a while now and I’m getting impatient,” The female motions, her face covered with a frown.

I can’t see Sebastian’s face but he nods, “I know, and I understand, but this isn’t that simple. I have things to work out first.”

The female stomps her foot on the ground, “You keep saying that for over what, a year now. I am tired, okay. If you don’t want to get married to me, just tell me.”

Sebastian takes a step closer, “No, that’s not what-” He cuts himself off with a smile, “I do want to get married just not right now.”

To be frank, I don’t know how to feel right now.

He has actually been playing with me all this while.

I knew it. I knew that this was too good to be true.

I can only imagine how my wolf is feeling right now.

Like seriously, I can only imagine. She actually shut me out.

I blow out a breath before walking towards them with a sweet smile.

The female is the first to see me.

“Got one more room.”

Sebastian exhales when I stand by his side.

I can feel his eyes at the side of my face but I can’t look. I know that if I do, the tears I have been holding up will fall instantly.

She blinks at me and turns to Sebastian, “Who is she?”

“She is no-”

“I am a friend of Gwen.”

Her face breaks into a grin, “That’s great, though Gwen and I don’t really get along. I would love to know a friend of hers.”

I nod, trying all I can to not inhale Sebastian’s scent but it is impossible. He is literally standing beside me.

Sometimes, I curse my abilities and nature.

“I haven’t seen you here before. It’s a pleasure to meet you, I guess.”

I chant in my head, assuring myself that maybe, he was forced into it. His father might have thought that he wouldn’t find me, his mate and engaged him to someone else; but he would have been engaged to a wolf. She’s not one. It’s not very hard to notice that.

“Same here,” She walks into Sebastian’s arm, “Though I have never heard of you before, it doesn’t matter. Sebastian doesn’t talk about me that much.”

He doesn’t talk about you at all.

“Oh,” I suddenly want to do anything else but talk to her but, I need the information, “I actually didn’t know he was engaged.”

She smiles and wiggles her finger in my direction.

My eyes catches the diamond ring on her finger, “He proposed to me on my birthday. It was a year ago.”

He proposed, a year ago?

He didn’t even tell me.

I look away from her with a sweet smile, my tears clouding my view, “I have to go.”

My voice sounds groggy and I guess it was rude, but I don’t care.

I don’t know why the first place I run to is his room, the place he will search for me first.

I press my back on the door as my cries are morphed by my palm covering my mouth.

The fact that he doesn’t really love me doesn’t actually surprise me.

I was expecting this.

I shouldn’t cry then. I shouldn’t.

The emotions coming from my wolf hurts me and I mentally strokes her fur.

She needs all the help she can get, after all, to her, her mate rejected her.

I hurry to pack my things after making sure that the door is locked.

A loud knock comes from the door, “Minerva, open the door.”

I roll my eyes with a grunt.

Why can’t he leave me alone.

Now, I have to walk pass him. Maybe, I could get powers from the moon goddess right now, then I could pass right through him.

I got a really weird imagination.

“Minerva, please.”

I glare intensely at the door and then open it, facing him, “What do you want, Sebastian. You have done enough already.”

He sighs, his eyes immediately drops to my bag, “Where are you going?”

“Seriously? After all that happened you are asking me where I am going.”

“I am sorry, okay?”

“No, you are not. You think a simple apology will fix everything? You’re just bruised that I hurt your ego, Sebastian.”

I don’t even know how I hurt his ego.

“Go drop the bag to leave, Sebastian.”

Just saying his name makes my wolf wither in agony.

I can hardly stare at him without getting the urge to cry.

“Why? How could you be engaged and still be with me.”

He looks away, still covering my path with his body, “It’s complicated.”

“Are you even hearing yourself? Does she even know about me?” I grasp my bag tightly as the tears flow down my face, “You don’t want me. You never did. I only hope she is good enough for you. Treat her right.”

I push pass him and surprisingly, he lets me. He holds my arm back, dragging me backwards with a pull.

“I can solve this, please just stay,” His breath fans across my skin and I smile, even though he can’t see me.

“I am tired of doing that. Staying at a place, waiting for a miracle to happen,” I sneer and drag my arm away from his hold.

He grunts and releases me.

Guess he doesn’t want me here.

“Goodbye Sebastian.”

I begin to walk to the big doors, covering me from the city.

I don’t know where I’d go, but not this city, it would be the first place he would come looking.

Suddenly, in a flash of light, I feel his breath against my neck and a sharp pinch comes with it.

“I’m sorry but I can’t let you leave, not now, not never.”

I believe the saying goes like this… then I pass out.

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