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C6 Greyson

My body feels like I’ve been run down by a truck and right now, I know that that’s not the issue.

If forever is really a word in the dictionary, I want it gone.

I finally open my eyes, it takes some blinking for me to see clearly.

“You’re awake. I almost thought that you were dead.”

I grunt, trying to keep my eyes open as long as I can.

My throat feels dried up as I scan the room, keeping my sights on a male I wish to murder.

Maybe, the taste of his blood will quench my thirst.


He embraces my glare with a smirk. He is crunched by the front of silver bars.

Oh my goddess, I am in the castle’s prison.

“I half expected to be tied up in your room, not a cell.”

He smiles at my statement. In a different occasion, I would have been gushing over how he looks, but right now I can only hate him.

At least try to.

“You aren’t tied up.”

His eyes moves to my ankle. A silver cuff is placed there. I didn’t really feel it before but now, I do.”

“Oooo, your leg must feel numb, like really numb.”

“Cut the games, Sebastian. Why am I really here?”

He exhales, standing to his feet as he holds the silver bars for support.

I suddenly wish it could hurt him so badly.

“I am about to send you on a secret mission,” He muses and I try to avoid moving my foot. The silver hurts more than I expected.

“I could leave now, Sebastian, without a trace. You won’t hear a breeze of me being your mate.”

He nods and stuffs his hands into his pocket, “I know that but you see, I can’t let you do that.”

At his statement, I hoist myself up with my arms and hiss when the silver cuff burns my skin.

He doesn’t look concern. I don’t know if that hurts me or breaks me.

I don’t really want to think about him.

I am trying not to be human barbecue, even though I am a werewolf.

“Why are you doing this, Sebastian. I am your mate.”

He hits the bars so hard that it frightens me and I don’t know why.

“I don’t want you, Minerva. I never did, but I do need you. I need you to make my pups-”

I thought for a second there that he wanted to confess his love for me.

“Wait, so I am just a baby machine? Isn’t that your future wife’s job?”

I try to ignore the glare he throws at me, “She’s a human. I need a stronger being for the job and you’re a specimen I can’t reject.”

“What?” Now he sounds like a villain in a story…

Isn’t this a cliche story.

Oh goddess, I don’t even know what that means.

“You hold so much power,” His eyes rake down my body, “And that power will be passed down my legacy, my bloodline.”

I squint at him, “They don’t have the balls.”

Frankly, I don’t blame them.

“I could reject you.”

His eyes blaze with fury, a fury I can’t understand. He takes steps to me and I forget that I have a leverage of some kind, I’m in bars and he is not.

“You can’t do that,” His pupils contract as his hands tightly grasp the silver bars. I catch a glimpse of canines. I can already feel his wolf surfacing.

I know that I shouldn’t feel this way but, his anger is just so hot!

My once quiet wolf whines in my head when his wolf surfaces back in.

“You will not regret me as your mate!” The Alpha command he gives to me is too strong, stronger than any Alpha’s command.

He is the Alpha King after all.

I nod. I don’t know why but I do and he smiles at me, making me curse the day I met him.

How could someone destined to be my mate treat me like this.

The tears urge me to let them fall.

I don’t let them, I won’t give him the satisfaction of watching me cry, never again.

“Fuck you.”

He smirks, “Don’t worry, we’ll get there, though I don’t know if you will enjoy it.”

I so want to wipe the smirk off his face.


He laughs, “If you regret me or I do so, the whole wolf world would feel our bond breaking and I can’t let that happen. The only option is to keep you before I find a solution.”

“So, she’s going to be your mate, me, while I rot here?”

“No, you are going to birth my children and she will be my mate and their mother,” He talks like he is saying the news, like it is nothing.

If he thinks I would give my pups to another woman, he is crazy.

My wolf bares her teeth in my head.

Her anger fuels mine.

“Fuck you.”

I hope the daggers I am sending actually reaches him.

“We’ve talked about that, little mate and you wouldn’t like it.”

I bare my teeth at him in annoyance. He enjoys annoying me.

“We got a jealous mate here,” He chuckles, “Don’t worry, I might call you for a threesome when I am in the mood.

I say nothing else as I watch him leave me alone, probably to my death.

It’s funny how I don’t care. I only care about my wolf right now.

As she whines in my head, I stroke her fur, assuring her that I will always be here, always.

She doesn’t need a mate to make her happy.

She got me.

She got me right here and I will never betray her.

From the opposite cell, I hear a distant voice whisper, “What a pretty little thing.”

I gasp and press my back to the wall, hoping it will protect me. I know it can’t.

In the process, I move my leg backwards and hiss immediately as I hold it back.

Damn Silver.

In the same cell, a figure moves out of the shadows slowly and just like that I start to imagine the most horrible thoughts.

It turns out to be friendly face, a he.

“I apologize for the scare. My cellmate is a little bit too open to newcomers.”

That was his cellmate being open?

“Oh, okay,” I go back to trying to free my ankle but there’s no use.

I grunt and hit my fist on the ground, instantly regretting it, “Ow!”

He moves closer to the bars in his cell, “You should be careful, your highness. You are not yet immune to silver.”

His eyes dart to my ankle and back to my face.

“I don’t plan to be,” I mutter, “And please don’t call me that.”

He nods, “What should I call you then?”

“By my name…” Before I can talk he cuts in.


The stare I give to him makes him shrug, “I heard the king saying that.”

I smile at my own thought, “Almost thought you were assassinate me.”


I shake my head, “Never mind.”

I probably seem like a dummy to him.

“I really am sorry, Minerva.”

“Yeah, I get it. Your cellmate is probably cucu in the head,” I laugh, “No offense.”

“None taken, but that’s not what I meant,” He says, “Being rejected must suck.”

“I would love to embrace rejection and this isn’t it. It’s torture,” I grimace as I crawl closer to the silver bars and rest my back on the wall.

“Careful there, don’t want the King to be mad when he finds out his mate is handicapped.”

I snort at his boyish smile, “He would be more glad to know that I can’t escape.”

In the cell, I watch him shrug at me, “I believe everything happens for a reason.”

“And I believe that I can fly,” I roll my eyes.

“If this is my destiny. I don’t want any part of it.”

He chuckles and points a finger at me, “Be careful what you wish for.”

I roll my eyes again, “Don’t tell me that you’re a jinn.”

“What if I am?’

“You have to prove it first,” I look around, “Hold the silver bars and let us free.”

A smirk forms on his lips and he stands on his feet, sharing intensely at the bars as his fingers twitch.

“Okay, I can’t do it,” He sits back on the ground and blows out a playful breath, “I am not a jinn.”

“Almost thought I would have to get used to sniffing your dead corpse, the smell of urine and blood here is enough to make me vomit.”

“You missed the smell of vomit, and these are something I don’t want you to get used to, at all. You should be worshiped in the highest mountain.”

“Flattery is not going to get you anywhere..”

“Greyson,” A soft smile is placed on his lips, “My name is Greyson.”

I nod tiredly, “Any last name?”

“I prefer to go by just Greyson.”

“Okay just Greyson. I hope your mate is not a meat sack like mine.”

He sends me a sad smile, “I really want you to be alright.”

“But the goddess knows whats best for me. I learnt that saying at an early stage of my life,” I got nothing else to do than to start playing with my fingers.

“All wolves do, Minerva,” He tries to assure me with a real smile, “Don’t worry you’ll be alright.”

I hear a loud rattle and I groan, clutching my ears, until the loud ringing stops.

“Quiet down!”

Greyson chuckles at the stern voice, “Sorry about that, Paul. I was just welcoming the newcomer.”

“Welcome her more silently.”

“Sure will. Goodnight.”

I hear a grunt in response, and when the place turns silent. I turn to Greyson.

“How many years have you been here?”

He shrugs, “Five, six? I lost count.”

His calmness on the subject surprises me.

”What did you do, Greyson.”

The emotions in my voice wipes away his smile.

“That’s for another day. Go to sleep, Minerva.”

“Goodnight,” I guess.

I hear him mutter something in the dark, his voice laced with emotions, I can’t pinpoint.

“Goodbye guys.”

I can bet that I heard a few responses, “Goodnight Greyson.”

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