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“Psst! Minerva. Minerva, wake up.”

I groan and wipe my eyes with my hand.


I crack my eyes open as the whispers become louder.

“What, Greyson. Leave me alone,” I yawn, raising my arms as I stretch. In the action, I move my leg and I grunt, immediately holding down my foot as tears flow down my face.

“Jeez, Minerva. That had to hurt.”

I bite my lips and glare at him through the tears. He has a wince on his face as he stares down at my foot.

“You’re lucky that you are in a different cell, Greyson.”

He nods, his features never changing from a wince, “I don’t think you would be able to walk on that leg.”

“Thanks for stating the obvious,” I wipe my tears with the back of my hand, “I can’t feel my wolf.”

The statement I make scares me, “Why can’t I feel her.”

“Relax. It’s just the silver. It dulls your connection with her. When the chain is off you and the silver is completely out of your systems, you’ll be okay.”

I hope it is true.

Greyson would never lie to me, even though I just met him yesterday, right?

I gotta stop trusting people that easily.

Greyson moves closer to his cell bars, “The King will be here any minute from now.”

His voice comes in a low whisper but I pick up every word he says, “How do you know that?” I squint at him, trying to distract myself from my damaged ankle, “Are you a psychic or something.”

He blinks at me, “No, I am a werewolf and he will be here to see if you are ready to submit.”

“Submit? I don’t get it.”

“Why do you think males do this to their mate, Minerva. You aren’t the first female or future queen to go through this,” He rolls his eyes at me, “He wants you to submit, to agree to his terms.”

I shake my head at him, “But I don’t want to agree to any of his stupid terms.”

“You have to, unless you aren’t going to walk again. You have a 60 percent of that happening,” He nods, his eyes on my ankle.

“I love my leg, but maybe I can live without walking,” At his surprise expression, I laugh and instantly regret it.

My throat is so sore. I need water.

“I am kidding,” I cough.

“I find it hard to understand how you can joke in this kind of situation, but I can relate. I have spend about five years here and people say I haven’t lost my light.”

“I have a weird brain.”

He smiles, placing his head on the wall of his cell, “Don’t we all.”

I pause, “Wait, my weird brain just clicked. Did you say five years?”

He shrugs with a sigh, “What can I say, I am pretty popular on the streets.”

“You never did tell me how you got here,” I frown, my eyes on him, “Now talk.”

He laughs, “You sure would make a great queen.”

When I begin to throw daggers through my eyes, he stops.

“Okay, settle down horse,” He looks away, into his cell. I can only imagine his thoughts, “I am a thief, a petty thief who seals to survive.”

“What? With all the dramatic actions you were making, I thought you had a big secret to reveal.”

He turns to me, “What big secret?”

I am tempted to move closer to the bars but the silver chain on my ankle has done much damage than I thought.

“Like being a serial killer, making… an attempted murder on the king, his family or maybe his bride.”

The thought of her makes my heart heavy suddenly.

She doesn’t even know that I am his mate. He is lying to her, and right now I don’t want anyone to feel how I am feeling.

I don’t wish that for anyone.

“If I tried to kill the king or anyone related to them, I’d be dead by now,” He deadpans and I nod.

He’s right.

“Good point.”

“Where did you get this kind of mindset,” He raises an eyebrow at me, “You are going to be a very good q-”

“Don’t say what I think you’re gonna say,” I hold up a finger as I glare at his smiling face, “You are making me glare a lot and I don’t have the strength to talk to you. I am so thirsty.”

He laughs, “Normally food and water would be in each cells before we wake up.”

I take my lower lip in between my teeth, “So it’s my fault that you’re starving.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You kind of implied it.”

Suddenly, I laugh and he stares at me like I have gone crazy.

Maybe I have.

“Did you hit your head-”

“It’s nothing. You just remind me a lot about my sister.”


I am feeling home sick even in a cell.

“You have a sister, where is she?”

“Back in the fey kingdom.”

He frowns and stretches in the cell like he owns it.

I wonder where his cellmate is.

He loves hiding in the dark.

“What is she doing here. Don’t tell me you are half fae and werewolf. Is that possible?”

I don’t know why I feel comfortable talking to him, but I do. I actually don’t mind that people are in various cells like, listening to us.

“She is mated to the fae king and she is a human.”

“Adopted sister?”

“No, we are of the same blood. My Alpha said that our mother wasn’t a wolf…”

A slow clap rings in the prison as I hear the prison door open and Sebastian walks in slowly. A fully blown smile is on his lips and he stops clapping.

I expect him to crunch like he did yesterday but he moves towards Greyson and hold the bars of the cell.

“I like the way you both are getting close,” There’s an uptight smile on his face as he stares at Greyson.

Greyson looks away from him.

Having eye contact with an Alpha is a sign of disrespect.

I am glad that he doesn’t want his head to be removed.

I know that Sebastian’s wolf takes Greyson as a potential threat but Sebastian is trying to hide this from me.

Now knowing and confirming it, I try to pass the message to my wolf through my emotions, but there’s no way.

The silver in my system is blocking off our connection and it scares me.

Not having her presence in my head scares me.

“What do you want, Sebastian? Can’t you let me die in peace?” I exaggerate.

A part of my wants to keep staring at Greyson when I find out that the action annoys him, but I don’t want Greyson to get killed because of me.

Poor Greyson.

Sebastian moves towards my cell and opens it with his bare hands. My eyes widen in surprise.

Don’t tell me that it was open all along or he used his Alpha King strength.

That would be a better explanation.

He walks into the cell, his nose wrinkling at the strong smells.

“It’s your fault for not scrubbing your prison clean every morning.”

He doesn’t react to my words, “Get up.”

I wish I could huff and puff and breath out fire on him right now.

“I can’t stand dummy.”

I watch him inhale deeply, instantly regretting it when the smells probably reaches his nose.

Maybe his brain is slow, mine too…

He grunts and signal for a guard to remove the cuff-

The guard pours a bucket of water on me…

Oh, it wasn’t to remove whatever is on my ankle.

I spit out the ones that got into my mouth and wipe my lips with my arm.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

He stands, towering over me with his hands in his pockets, “Fucking hell! That was freezing.”

It still is.

He ignores the glares I give to him.

I can hardly see him as the water droplets from my hair flows down my face.

He bends his head forward a little, “I am sure your night here has not being a breeze. If you submit to me, I can release you from here. You just have to follow my orders.”

“Your orders? Is this like a contract or something?”

“You’re not in the position to ask questions. You will follow my orders.”

I laugh out, “Or what? You’re gonna kill me?”

“No, little mate. I am going to make you wish you were dead.”

I roll my eyes and wipe my face.

Why is the water still coming…

“Oh, I am so scared! No, I’m not.”

He squints at me as I make a make of motion of shooing him away, “Do you mind moving away from my view, Sebastian. Since you arrived the air doesn’t want to move and I can’t let this water stay on me,” I smile, “You forgot to buy me a towel so here I am, soaking wet from my shower… Before I forget, could you bring some food and water for my friends and I. we are starving.”

“Really big mouth, Minerva.” My eyes widen when he says this. Is he going to say what I think he’s going to say? “Don’t be surprised when I cut it off.”

At this, I groan.

Goddess, he just love keeping my vibe.

I was hoping for something erotic, but this can do, I think…

He turn away and leaves.

As I hear the iron doors closing, Greyson turns to me, “You’re going to get yourself killed one day.”

I wink at him, “At least I will go out in a blaze of glory.”

“You really have a weird brain,” He shakes his head at me.”

“I told ya,” I smile, “Hey, Greyson! Do you think he’s gonna bring some food?”

He raises an eyebrow at me, “Seriously? That’s what you are thinking about.”

“You can’t blame me, Greyson. I’m starving!” I pout.


When I declined whatever Sebastian’s offer is, I didn’t know that I would have to endure pain this much.

My wolf connection to me is so thin, that I am scared it will snap any second from now.

If it is up to me, I won’t submit to him but it’s not.

My wolf is at stake here.

I don’t fully know how silver work but, I don’t want to lose her, never.

I spend some days locked in a cell and now, I am ready to submit.

You know, Estella told me once that if it comes to this, I shouldn’t get myself hurt, that I should submit.

I didn’t understand it then, now I do.

I tell the guard in charge that I am ready to submit and he calls he calls Sebastian.

I can hardly glare at him as he comes in to the cell with a smile on his face.

“About time! I have been getting impatient.”

Normally, I would flash my teeth at the male who walks in with a medical box but I am too weak to do that.

He kneels at my feet and when he touches my ankle, I whimper.

I don’t know how Sebastian reacts to this because I don’t look at him. He probably doesn’t care, neither does this male in front of me.

He holds the silver chain cuff, of course he is wearing special gloves for this.

He opens it with a snap and I cry out in pain, tears clouding my vision.

“Shit, That hurts! Couldn’t you do that more carefully.”

The male doesn’t reply to my painful screams.

I promised myself that I won’t shed a tear in front of Sebastian ever again.

I just broke that promise.

I try to huddle my foot closer to me but the male doesn’t let me.

The smell of blood invades my nose as I sight several layers of the skin of the operated cuff.

Oh my goddess, I don’t want to know how my ankle looks right now.

I think that I’m gonna barf.


The male turns to Sebastian, “The silver has done a great effect on her. It would take a month for her to heal if not taken care of properly.”

“I don’t have that kind of time,” He frowns, “Leave!”

As the male rushes out, I smile. I guess his vocabulary hasn’t expanded. What is his future bride doing?

She should give him a dictionary, the latest one.

He carries me into his arms and makes a face, “You stink.”

“That’s your fault, you always splash a bucket full of water on me every morning, but you have never had the idea to give me soap, a towel and some new clothes.”

I don’t know if I would be able to put on some clothes with that chain. Thank Goddess, it’s off me…

And I will be able to speak to my wolf in a few days, not like we speak, more like share emotions.

A few days, I can wait that long, right?

I wrap my arms around his neck tightly, “I’m so dizzy, Sebastian.”

I yawn and he walks out of the cell, “That’s not my business.”

“Don’t be so mean,” My voice comes out a bit sleepily.

As he passes Greyson’s cell, I look over his shoulders, my intentions on finding him before I leave.

He smiles at me, raising his hand as he gives me a salute, “Farewell Minerva.”

“I’ll be back for you,” I yawn again with a smile.

Sebastian’s voice rumbles from his chest as we leave the castle’s prison, “No, you won’t.”

I want to roll my eyes at him but I am so sleepy.

I don’t know where he takes me.

I can’t look, everywhere just hurts, especially my ankle.

I try to move my head to his chest without catching his attention, his heart beat is all I can hear, which is so annoying.

Even with my wolf temporary disappearance, I still feel the mate bond.

Oh Goddess and his scent.

Damn me!

This is not a cliche story, Minerva.

Stop thinking that this is a cliche story!

My head bounces and I realize that I am being laid on a bed, a very soft bed.

You don’t know how I’ve missed laying on a bed.

Sebastian stands with a scowl on his face, “You need a bath and some new clothes,” His eyes rake down my body making me self-conscious.

“Err.. That’s what I have been saying since.”

Damn him!

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