The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C1 Infinite Worlds Searching System
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The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C1 Infinite Worlds Searching System
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C1 Infinite Worlds Searching System

"'Ding... Universal Search System has been bound. Opening personal panel, checking host's initial attributes. '"

At 8 AM in the morning, in an underground rental house in a certain shed area in Shenhu City, when Liang Chen, who was still sleeping soundly in his blanket, was woken up by the sudden sound of an electrical explosion in his brain, he was completely dumbfounded!


What's going on?

He had indeed dreamt that he had obtained the System. Could this be true?

Wait a moment, Universal Search System... what the hell?

What was he supposed to search for?

Just as Liang Chen was suspecting that he was still dreaming, a set of data flashed in his mind like a waterfall.

Name: Liang Chen

Gender: Male

Wealth: 0 gold coins

Experience: 0 points

Strength: Power: 0

Magic: 0 points

Primordial Energy: 0 Yuan Qi

Merchant Shop: Not opened yet

Dungeon: Temporarily not opened

F * ck!

Seeing his own Stats Window in his mind, Liang Chen was dumbfounded.

"System has been activated. Host, please enter the search content!"

Just as Liang Chen was in a daze, a notification popped up in the system.

Search content? What the hell?

Liang Chen had just woken up, and his mind felt like it was filled with paste.

He scratched his head speechlessly and asked casually, "You can search anything, right? Then help me search. Is there a gold mine nearby? The best is a large mine with a storage of over 500 tons of gold!"

"Ding! Host's search command triggered the system's automatic mining function. Due to user's current strength being too weak, the search range can only extend to 10 square kilometers around the host!"

"'Ding, searching for a suitable gold mine within 10 square kilometers of host...'"

Just as Liang Chen finished speaking, an electric sound rang in his head.

What's going on? I was just casually saying it, but this useless search system actually found a gold mine for me?

"Ding, I have detected a large amount of metal ore element surges under the host's feet..."

"Discovered a gold mine with a reserve of 500 tons, do you wish to harvest it?"

Liang Chen was still confused by the system that descended from the sky. When the system's electronic voice sounded again, it shocked him to the point of being dumbfounded.

This Universal Search System actually... really found a 500 ton gold mine for him!

Heavens, this was unbelievable!

For a moment, Liang Chen was completely dumbfounded as he hurriedly confirmed the system's harvesting instructions.

"Ding! 500 tons of gold ore has been collected!"

"'Ding... Host has obtained 500 Experience Value!'"

"Ding! Merchant Shop's function has been activated. Host can smelt the ores on his own. You can also sell the ore to the Merchant Shop to obtain gold coins.

Gold coins have three uses:

One, he could buy it in the shopping mall.

Second, it was the same as the real currency. It could be withdrawn to the host's personal bank and used for actual consumption.

Third, you can use the Experience Value to add points to the host's personal attributes to increase the host's overall strength. "

The minerals collected by the system can be sold to the system's shopping center. The profits can also be increased in cash?

F * ck, there is actually such an awesome operation!

Looking at the blinking information in his mind, Liang Chen finally reacted, and his heart was filled with wild joy.

He sent it!

He really sent it!

The heavens had opened their eyes. When they saw that they were so poor, they had given themselves such an awesome system.

One had to know, with such an awesome mineral searching system, wouldn't it mean that all the underground resources were for him to harvest at will?

From now on, even if I don't want to be the richest man in the world... No, even the richest man in the entire universe would be hard!

Suppressing his excitement, he waited for Liang Chen to sell all the 500 ton gold mines he had collected.

When he saw the astronomical amount of gold that was cashed out from the shopping center, he almost blinded his 18K titanium eyes!

80 billion gold coins!

F * ck, are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Liang Chen struggled to open his eyes. When he confirmed that he had indeed gotten eight hundred billion gold coins, he almost exploded!

According to the system prompt, these gold coins were equivalent to RMB!

80 billion gold coins, that was 80 billion RMB!

As a poor loser who had only graduated from university a few years ago, he was so poor that he could not even afford to pay the rent of this old rented house. Liang Chen had never dreamt of such a huge sum of money!

One had to know, even if it was the world-shaking Double Horse King, these people's assets added up wouldn't be as much as his!

Furthermore, this 80 billion was an absolute cash flow!

To Liang Chen, this was just a gold mine that the system had found for him during the initial test.

If he really took all the resources in the world for himself, then the wealth he had would definitely be a terrifying astronomical figure!

Damn, this system is simply heaven defying...

Looking at the astronomical figure flashing in front of him, Liang Chen forcefully suppressed his pounding heart and entered his bank account.

Then... Cash!

However, he did not withdraw all of the gold coins. He only raised 100 billion to his bank account.

After all, he had heaven defying wealth now. Even if he only withdraw 100 billion, he believed that it would definitely shock the domestic financial world.

He did not want to attract too much attention.

Moreover, all kinds of black technology products in the shopping center needed to be paid with gold coins. He had to leave enough gold coins in case of emergencies.

"Ding! Host has successfully withdrawn 100,000,000 gold coins!"

"Respected user, your last account number is 5329, RMB 10,000,000!"

Very quickly, two pieces of information, one virtual and one real, appeared in front of Liang Chen.

Heavens, this... isn't a dream?

It was actually real!

Liang Chen stared blankly at the message sent by the bank on his phone screen. He quickly took out his bank card and sprinted towards the nearest store at a speed of 100 meters.

He inserted his bank card into the ATM and confirmed that the balance in the card was indeed 100 billion. Liang Chen was so excited that he almost jumped up.

Having money was so f * cking awesome!

Liang Chen really wanted to proudly shout to the whole world, Brother, there is a mine at home!

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