The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C16 Take This Crazy Woman away
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The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C16 Take This Crazy Woman away
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C16 Take This Crazy Woman away

"Liang Chen! Hubby... Wait!"

In the car, Liang Chen was about to start the engine when he saw Zhou Bingruo crying and blocking his way.

" Hubby, it's all my fault. Now my intestines are almost green with regret. Please forgive me once. Let's get back together, okay? I will definitely treat you well in the future. I will never mention breaking up again."

"Get out of the way. Your husband is not here!"

Liang Chen was as cold as ice. He did not even bother to look at this snobbish woman.

"Hubby, I know you and her are not boyfriend and girlfriend. You are deliberately putting on an act to anger me, right? I will never do it again..."

Zhou Bingruo tightly held onto the front of the car with both hands, tears streaming down her face. She said nothing and did not let Liang Chen leave.


Liang Chen sneered and threw a few notes to the security guard beside him. "Take this crazy woman away!"

"Okay, Young Master Liang!"

Liang Chen was the one who called Du Xiaoma brother. How could the security guard dare to neglect him?

Besides, Liang Chen also rewarded him.

Immediately, two security guards walked forward and forcefully pulled Zhou Bingruo away.

"Take this money and treat it as my split payment. We don't have any more melon seeds in the future, so it's best that we never meet again! "

Liang Chen coldly glanced at Zhou Bingruo, who was already crying like a person. He expressionlessly threw a stack of bills at her, then drove away.

Zhou Bingruo looked at the back of the car as it drove away. She sat paralyzed on the ground and cried out with regret.

After sending Lin Yuluo home, Liang Chen planned to withdraw some money when he passed by a bank in his bank account.

Although it was the era of mobile phone payment, it could be easily paid no matter where he went.

However, as a person who spent money like flowing water, magnate had some cash in his pocket. It was necessary to use it to show off on the spot.

Liang Chen walked into the bank, took out his bank card, and handed it to the beautiful female employee in the cabinet. "Beauty, please withdraw 100,000 yuan for me."

"100,000 yuan?"

This beautiful female employee was called Xiao Ying. She was a new employee who had just come to the bank for her internship. She was not very familiar with the business.

When she heard that Liang Chen wanted to withdraw one hundred thousand, Xiao Ying could not help but furrow her brows slightly.

However, out of professional courtesy, she still smiled and explained to Liang Chen, "I'm sorry, sir. Extracting large amounts of cash, you must make an appointment with the bank in advance. I wonder if you have an appointment?"

"An appointment?"

When Liang Chen heard this, he could not help but be stunned.

To him, the one hundred thousand yuan he had withdrawn was just to make it easier to use cash. Furthermore, it was just pocket money. Who would have thought that he would make an appointment in advance?

"Sorry, if you don't have an appointment, you can only withdraw 50,000 yuan today at most. As for the other 50,000 yuan, please come and withdraw it tomorrow, alright?"

Seeing Liang Chen's dazed look, Zhuo Ying was somewhat speechless, but she still patiently explained.

Only fifty thousand?

Damn, it seems like it is difficult to spend money...

When Liang Chen heard this, he couldn't help but furrow his brows.

"Hehe, this guy looks like an idiot who doesn't have money and is still trying to act dumb. He clearly knows that the bank can't withdraw large amounts of money without an appointment, but he still deliberately did this!"

"Yeah, looking at his poor appearance, I really suspect that his card doesn't even have fifty thousand."

"Hey, poor guy, stop wasting everyone's time. If you don't have money, you can save some money. Don't act cool!"


A few depositors in line at the back were bored, so they started teasing Liang Chen.

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