The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C18 The Balance of the Account Is 100 Billion
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The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C18 The Balance of the Account Is 100 Billion
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C18 The Balance of the Account Is 100 Billion

Zhao Lee's words made Liang Chen speechless.

Even the depositors and Zhuo Ying frowned. They also felt that this woman's words were too vicious.

"Did you hear that? Kid, as a person, you have to know your own limitations. The quality of treatment in society is prepared for the rich. If you don't have money, you can just be an ass-kisser in peace. Don't think about comparing yourself with others. You aren't qualified!"

Seeing that Zhao Lee had already taught Liang Chen a lesson without him needing to step in, Cheng Pengfei looked very pleased with himself.

"Young Master Cheng, let's not lower ourselves to loser's level. Please enter the VIP room!"

Zhao Lee gave Liang Chen a disdainful glance, then led Cheng Pengfei to the VIP room.

"By the way, kid, if you really want to withdraw money... It's not possible in this big bank. Isn't there a rural credit club next door? Maybe you can go somewhere. People will see your rustic look. You can really take out a thousand or eight hundred dollars..."

Cheng Pengfei turned around and glanced at Liang Chen with a sneer. After saying that, he walked into the VIP room with a loud laugh.

Although it was called the VIP room, it was actually only separated by a layer of glass door.

However, when everyone saw Zhao Lee pouring tea for Cheng Pengfei through the glass window and making way for him, they were all very envious of Cheng Pengfei.

Damn, being a rich person is so f * cking awesome!

If he became a rich person, he would definitely be even more pretentious than Cheng Pengfei!

While they envied Cheng Pengfei's life as a rich man, they did not forget to add insult to injury. They started to mock Liang Chen, who did not know his own limits.

"Hey, can't all of you keep your mouth shut? Why do I feel like all of you are worse than Cheng Pengfei? Aren't all of you poor loser? What right do you have to belittle others?"

Seeing that everyone was speaking maliciously to Liang Chen, Zhuo Ying couldn't bear to watch any longer. She frowned and scolded the crowd.

All of the depositors were in the wrong, so they could only shut their mouths and not dare to speak anymore.

"Sir, I think it's better this way. I will register for you first. You can come and collect the money tomorrow..."

After repelling everyone, Zhuo Ying looked at Liang Chen tentatively and asked.

"No need!"

Liang Chen was expressionless. He took out his bank card and put it in the cabinet. He said, "Since I can't withdraw cash, I can transfer the money, right? Please transfer all the money in this card to this bank account!"

Then he took out the transfer bill and filled in another bank account and handed it to Zhuo Ying.

"This... Alright!"

Seeing Liang Chen's expression, Zhuo Ying thought to herself, This man is too petty. Why would he vomit because of such a small matter?

Furthermore, you are not a rich person!

"Mr. Liang, how much do you want to transfer?"

Zhuo Ying asked Liang Chen as she inserted the bank card into the card reader.

"Transfer all the money. I will transfer all the money to the rural credit club."

Liang Chen replied coldly.

"Sigh, it is only 100,000 yuan. Why is it so troublesome to transfer the money? The interest rate of our bank is much higher than that of the rural credit club. Ah! "

Seeing that Liang Chen insisted on transferring the account, Zhuo Ying said speechlessly.

But when her gaze touched the account balance displayed on the computer screen, she was shocked until her eyes went straight and she even let out a high-decibel exclamation.

10,000,000 yuan.

How much... was this?

Oh my god! Could it be... 100 billion?

As she counted the string of zeros in her account, Zhuo Ying felt like her eyes were about to burst out.

Heavens, who is this client called Liang Chen?

There was actually a balance of 100 billion in her account!

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