The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C8 I'll Let You See What a Valuable Gift Is!
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The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C8 I'll Let You See What a Valuable Gift Is!
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C8 I'll Let You See What a Valuable Gift Is!

"Liang Chen, this bag is too expensive. I really can't take it..."

After everyone left, Lin Yuluo wanted to return the bag to Liang Chen.

She was a reserved woman, how could she casually accept gifts!

Furthermore, at this moment, her heart was as clear as a mirror. She knew that Liang Chen's bag definitely did not mean to give it to her.

"Yuluo, take it. I, Liang Chen, will not take back my gift easily!"

Liang Chen did not say anything and insisted that she take it. Then, he pulled her into the hotel.

Although the company was not big, since it was an annual meeting, it must be lively. This was what the boss of the company promised the employees in advance.

After watching the art show for a while, the dinner officially began.

Since she claimed to be Liang Chen's girlfriend, Lin Yuluo naturally sat at Liang Chen's table.

The fat man sat on the other side of Liang Chen. With Lin Yuluo, the company's number one beauty, accompanying him, even the fat guy felt proud.

"Liang Chen, if you don't mind, let's join together!"

Xu Jiechao had been holding a grudge against Liang Chen for losing face at the hotel entrance just now. When he saw that Liang Chen still had two seats left, he immediately pulled Zhou Bingruo over to sit.

"Haha, you all sat down, and you still want to ask me if I mind? Isn't this just taking off your pants and farting?"

Liang Chen sneered and swept his disdainful gaze across Xu Jiechao's face.

As soon as he finished speaking, it immediately caused the entire hall to burst into laughter.

"You... Hmph, I'm a well-educated person, I can't be bothered to lower myself to the level of a vulgar person like you!"

Xu Jiechao's face turned red, but he did not want to flare up, so he could only let out a strange snort.

"Hehe, Xu Jiechao, are you trying to flatter yourself? If you are educated, even pigs can teach you!"

When the fatty heard that, he rolled his eyes and his venomous tongue rose.


Xu Jiechao was so angry that his face turned black. This damn fatty, this young master didn't offend you, but you kept tricking this young master. You're courting death!

"What, are you angry from embarrassment? Why don't we go down and fight?"

The fatty raised his fat fist towards him. The corner of his mouth curled up as he spoke in a threatening manner.

Although this fat guy was overweight, he was very agile. His punches and kicks were not very powerful, but he was confident that he could beat this playboy Xu Jiechao to the point of looking for his teeth all over the floor.

"Hmph, I don't want to lower myself to the level of a fat pig like you!"

Although Xu Jiechao was about to explode from anger, when he saw Liang Chen sitting there as if nothing had happened, he immediately felt that he had already lost to this kid in terms of aura.

He forcefully suppressed his anger and deliberately pretended to be calm. He looked at Liang Chen with a cold smile and said, "Liang Chen, don't think that you are very impressive just because you gave out two hundred thousand yuan bags. Now I will let you see what a valuable gift is."

A valuable gift?

Hearing Xu Jiechao's words, everyone was stunned.

Not only that, even the gazes of the dozens of people in the other seats simultaneously shot towards Xu Jiechao.

Could it be that Xu Jiechao had also prepared a gift for his girlfriend?

Of course, among the numerous doubtful gazes, only Zhou Bingruo's gaze was the hottest and most expectant!

At the same time, she looked at Liang Chen provocatively.

Did you see that? Young Master Xu prepared an even more valuable gift for me!

In front of Young Master Xu, you, Liang Chen, will forever be just a loser...

"Bring it up!"

After enjoying the many envious gazes, Xu Jiechao pretentiously snapped his fingers at the attendant beside him.

"Young Master Xu, this is the gift box that you previously stored here!"

Under the gaze of dozens of pairs of eyes, the attendant carefully brought over a small gift box with a tray and respectfully placed it in front of Xu Jiechao.

"Open it!"

Feeling that he had already become the center of attention, and even the atmosphere in the banquet hall was controlled by him, Xu Jiechao's expression became even more complacent.

"Okay, Young Master Xu."

The waiter answered and opened the gift box. When he took out a new female watch that was full of jewels and jewels, everyone's eyes froze.

Jiang Shidan and Yun series's latest limited edition watch!

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