The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C9 The Offensive of Money the Technique of Picking up Girls and Beating up Girls!
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The Crazy System Exchanges In City/C9 The Offensive of Money the Technique of Picking up Girls and Beating up Girls!
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C9 The Offensive of Money the Technique of Picking up Girls and Beating up Girls!

All the guests present are experts in luxury appraisal and trade.

Everyone could tell at a glance that the watch Xu Jiechao took out was worth at least 400,000 yuan!

Such a valuable item was obviously as Xu Jiechao had said, it absolutely crushed the LV bag that Liang Chen had just given out.

"Ah, Young Master Xu is really heroic. He gave such a generous gift right from the start. Being Young Master Xu's girlfriend, I'm so happy that I'm dead!"

"That's right. It's true that Young Master Xu knows whether he has it or not as soon as he makes a move. Unlike some people, even if they put on an act and use all their savings to show off, it's still not enough for Young Master Xu to crush them with a single hand."

" Hehe, the person you're talking about is the one who delivered the bag just now, right? "

"Haha, he didn't even take a piss to take a look at himself. A loser who overestimates himself dares to compete with Young Master Xu!"


All of a sudden, all the guests were shocked by Xu Jiechao's attack. They started to discuss among themselves. They even leaned towards Xu Jiechao's side and stepped hard on Liang Chen.

In the midst of everyone's discussion, Zhou Bingruo's face was filled with happiness. She looked at Xu Jiechao's eyes, and there were no small stars in them!

It was still Young Master Xu's magnanimity!

Luckily, she had a good eye and chose wisely. If she followed a loser like Liang Chen, she would not have any future.

Seeing Xu Jiechao so proud of himself, as well as the crowd's eager looks, the fat man was so angry that he clenched his fists tightly and almost flipped the table.

Although he and Liang Chen had not known each other for a long time, they were in sync and supported each other.

Now that he saw his brother being mocked by the crowd, how could he tolerate it?

Fatty was about to explode from anger. On the contrary, Liang Chen still acted as if nothing had happened. He secretly pulled Fatty and gave him a look.

"Stop talking!"

Lin Yuluo also felt injustice for Liang Chen in the face of everyone's mockery.

She was just about to open her mouth to argue for Liang Chen when Liang Chen also secretly gave her a look to signal him not to speak and let Xu Jiechao continue to perform.

A piece of Jiangshi Dan was only five hundred thousand yuan. For Liang Chen, who already owned the world's mineral resources, it was not even a drop in the ocean.

Since Xu Jiechao was overestimating himself and wanted to show off, then let him do it first. Later, he would make a move and fiercely beat his face until it was swollen!

"Hehe, Goddess Lin, you don't have to protect Liang Chen anymore!"

"A goddess with an elegant temperament like you following a trash like this is simply a waste of heaven's gifts. Why don't you follow me?

As long as you agree to be my girlfriend, I will immediately give you this watch!"

How could Xu Jiechao guess what Liang Chen was thinking? Seeing him not get angry after being humiliated like this, he really thought that Liang Chen was afraid.

Feeling pleased with himself, he started to attack Lin Yuluo with money.

This kind of attack with money had always been a method he used to pick up girls and make them unhappy.

He was 100% confident that no girl had ever been able to resist the temptation of his money.

Just like Zhou Bingruo beside him, in the past, didn't she always pretend to be a saintess in front of him and act high and mighty? But when he threw out a stack of money at him, didn't she also obediently submit to him and submit to him?

In Xu Jiechao's eyes, women were all toys!

Even the beautiful Lin Yuluo and Zhou Bingruo were the same...


What... was going on?

When they first saw Xu Jiechao take out the Jiang Shidan watch, everyone thought he was going to give it to Zhou Bingruo. Zhou Bingruo herself also thought the same.

But now, the situation suddenly changed...

It turned out that Xu Jiechao actually wanted to use this watch to hook Goddess Lin!

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