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"Am I dead?" Iris thought as she opened her eyelids gradually. She found a young lady in front of her and tried to recall what happened last night.

"Are you feeling good?" She heard the same young woman's voice.

She felt a severe pain in her head. It felt to her that it would explode at any moment. Her entire body was numb and painful. Where was she? Last night, a werewolf chased her. After recollecting the memories from last night, she realized that she was captivated by a werewolf. Then, how did she land here, in this room?

She tried to sit up, but it was in vain. The woman helped her. Iris was shocked to see that she was in a prison. But, why?

"Water." Iris was thirsty. The woman quickly went to the left end of the prison, and from an earthen pot she took water in a glass. She handed it to Iris, who drank it on the go without taking a slight break.

"Where am I?" Iris asked.

"In the prison," replied the young woman."I am Lily, and you?"

"Iris." She answered in a low voice.

"Last night a werewolf chased me," Iris said, and the memory brought tears to her eyes. "What will he do to us?" She looked terrified. Would she be sold somewhere? At that moment, she wanted to go home. Even though she was abused in that house, it was better than being sold.

"We will be sold. That man is a trader. His name is Jack. You are prettier, so your price may go up," Lily informed Iris, who was shocked to hear it.

"What?" This was unexpected for her. Though in her head she had thought of this, she still prayed not to make it true. She looked around the prison, finding a way to escape.

"There is no escape point. Before us, three young women were here, in this prison. They told me that they were sold to a brothel house. But pray that we don't end up like them. I have pleaded with Jack many times, but he's a werewolf and he despises humans." Lily narrated a few events to Iris. She regretted taking the route in the dark forest. If she hadn't run in that direction, she would not be here.

They both looked towards the gate and saw Jack, who was unlocking it. Both of them stood up. "Come out." Jack told them to follow him. With a limp leg, Iris walked forward while Lily held her arm gently to support her.

They both reached a room where an old man with a long beard was seated on a recliner.

"Sir, these two humans," Jack told the old man, who stood up and walked to them. They both lowered their eyes in fear. The old man gripped the chin of Iris between his calloused fingers and forced her to look into his eyes.

"This one looks perfect for palace works. I will give one hundred silver coins to her," the old man said, and he put his hand down. Iris scrunched her brows. So, she was going to be traded.

"Milord, this young maiden is worth more than 100 silver coins." Jack tried to persuade the old man for money.

"She will not serve any of the masters in the palace. General palaceworks are suitable for her. I believe that 100 silver coins are enough," the old man reasoned, and then gazed at the other woman. "For her, 50 silver coins are enough," he said, gazing at Lily.

Jack could not refuse the old man, as the price was better than selling them in a brothel house. He accepted the money from the old man, who told the two women to follow him.

Iris and Lily silently followed the old man. They saw two carriages. The old man told them to go into the second one and he stepped into the first one. Iris and Lily stepped into the second carriage, whose door was locked from the outside.

In the carriage, five other young women were seated too. Iris fit in the small space near the window, and tears again streamed down her cheeks.

A new journey had started for Iris. She was wrong in thinking that she would live happily after leaving the house. This was the worst thing that happened to her. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine herself as a palace servant.

Her eyes got heavier and she fell into a deep slumber.

A sudden jerk broke Iris' sleep, and she rubbed her eyes. The carriage's door opened and they were told to come out. She got out first and found she was in a large yard. As she moved her eyes, she saw the castle in front of her.

"Milord, the journey must be rough," a woman said to the old man. He shook his head.

"Not at all. Madam Martha, take these maidens with you," the old man told them, and looked at Iris. Pointing his finger at Iris, he told Martha, "Appoint her as the food server to the princes."

"Sure, Milord." Martha agreed with the old man, who walked ahead.

Martha looked at the seven young maidens before her. "Forget your old lives, because from the moment you stepped into the palace, you all entered into a new realm. Humans and Omegas serve the higher-ups. Don't mingle with the werewolves, especially the Princes. Punishment will be severe if you do not follow the rules. Now, follow me!" Madam Martha, after explaining everything to them, took them to the servants' quarters.

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