The Cursed Wolf's Love/C4 Remove my clothes
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The Cursed Wolf's Love/C4 Remove my clothes
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C4 Remove my clothes

"Your Royal Highness, the Shadow Pack has agreed to end the year-long battle with them by surrendering to us. The leader of the shadow pack will be here tomorrow to sign the pact with us," the first-in-line, Joshua, the Beta, informed Adolphus.

The Crown Prince was seated on the tall chair with one leg over the other. His right elbow rested on the armchair while his temple rested on his right calloused fist.

"Great. You are dismissed," Adolphus said. Joshua bowed before the Crown Prince and left the chamber.

"Your Royal Highness, breakfast is ready," Butler Anthony said modestly.Adolphus rose to his feet and went to the dinette.

Adolphus took his seat and waited for the server to serve the food.

"Your Royal Highness, Miss Iris, will look after your food from today onwards. The old lady has retired because of her deteriorating health," Butler Anthony informed Adolphus, whose eyes lingered on the fair hands of the food server.

He could see she was trembling in fear. "When did you get appointed?" Adolphus asked the food server.

"A day ago, Your Royal Highness." An answer came from the food server.

Adolphus slowly lifted his eyes and looked at the food server. He was amused by the same young woman whom he had seen that night. "Butler Anthony, please leave," Adolphus said. Anthony bowed and left the dinette, quietly closing the door behind him.

"Name," Adolphus asked.

"Pardon me, Your Royal Highness?"

"Your name, little cat?" Adolphus clarified her.

"It is Iris." She kept her gaze low and picked up the water jar to fill the water glass.

"Nice name," Adolphus said as he noticed her hand trembling.He lifted his hand and placed it over hers, with which she was holding the jar. Iris was intimidated and loosened her grip on it. The jar fell, and the water splashed not only on the table but also on Adolphus' clothes.

The jar hit the floor and a sound reverberated in the small room. Butler Anthony immediately walked in upon hearing the sound and saw Iris on her knees.

"Forgive me, Your Royal Highness," she said, picking up the jar and putting it on the table. Swiftly she picked up the napkin and started to wipe the waistcoat on which water had spread.

"How dare you touch the Crown Prince?" Anthony shouted at her and shouted for the guards.

Iris pulled her hands back and confusedly looked at the floor.

"Your Royal Highness, I will tell Madam Martha to punish this lady. Forgive me for ruining your breakfast," Butler Anthony apologised to Adolphus, whose eyes were still fixed on Iris.

"Anthony, leave my chamber. I don't want anyone to see inside my chamber," Adolphus instructed him, who was puzzled to hear it.

"Pardon me, your---"

"Leave!" Adolphus raised his voice this time. Butler Anthony bowed and walked away along with the guards, who had almost entered the dinette.

"Wipe it," Adolphus told Iris.

Iris gazed into his eyes for a brief moment before bending a little. She started to wipe the waistcoat. "I think His Royal Highness needs to change it. Please punish me for the wrong I did," Iris said in a low voice. Her heartbeats were erratic because of the fear.

"Then, help me in changing it," Adolphus pronounced.

Iris peered at him as her eyes grew bigger. She stood straight as Adolphus rose on his feet and started to walk. "Follow me, Little Cat," Adolphus said. Iris gulped and put the napkin on the table. Was he going to beat her? The first thought that came to her head.

She clutched the edge of the skirt and followed the steps of the Crown Prince. They soon entered the main chamber. The walls were painted white while the floor was draped in red carpet. The poster bed was in the center, surrounded by the curtains.

The sitting furniture was put at the other end, made of red mahogany wood. Iris glued her gaze to the carpeted floor and heard the creak. She narrowly gazed and found that Adolphus had opened the cupboard. She took out a white silk shirt and waistcoat. She lowered her head when Adolphus forwarded the clothes to her.

"Here," he said, "Remove my clothes and make me wear them."

"Your Royal Highness, I am not allowed to do the personal chores of the Crown Prince," Iris said softly.

"When the Crown Prince himself wants it, then you have to," Adolphus stated.

Iris could not refuse to do it as he was the Crown Prince. With her trembling hands, she took the clothes from him and again looked at him. She didn't know what to do with his clothes. How to remove them? It was her first time doing such a thing.

"Your Highness, may I know how to remove the long coat? I have never done this," Iris said.

"You need to remove the hooks from my shoulder," Adolphus stated. Iris nodded and put the clothes in her hands on the bed. She lifted her body on her toes and unhooked the long coat that was hanging behind Adolphus. She put it on the mattress and then started to unbutton the waistcoat.

She pulled it from his shoulders and then, with trembling hands, approached the collar button of his silk shirt. Iris found that the collar button was tough to unbutton, so she used her strength and in the event the button broke. It fell somewhere on the carpeted floor.

"Forgive me," Iris found she had made another mistake, "Your Royal Highness."

"Why are you scared?" Adolphus asked as his fingers brushed her temple. The loose hair strands came on his finger which he tucked behind her ear. She immediately stepped back, wondering why Adolphus did that, who chuckled on her act.

"Little Cat, you should not be afraid of your master. After all, only I can save you from getting punished," Adolphus affirmed. Iris didn't deny his words, but she didn't like it either when the Crown Prince touched her temple.

"Finish the work that you have left," Adolphus said.

Iris was too hesitant to do that.

"Do it before my mood gets ruined," Adolphus said in a hoarse voice. She gulped and quickly unbuttoned the remaining buttons of the silk shirt. She didn't look at his body as she pulled the shirt off his body. She kept her gaze away from his torso.

She picked up the silk shirt and stood behind Adolphus, who had outstretched his hands. He put his arms in the sleeves. Iris again came to his front and started to button. Her fingers touched Adolphus' skin which she was unaware of!

"Iris," Adolphus finally pronounced her name and she instantly peered at him.

The next second, she found herself pinned to the pillar of the poster bed and Adolphus' face buried in the crook of her neck.

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