The Cursed Wolf's Love/C6 Agree to the marriage
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The Cursed Wolf's Love/C6 Agree to the marriage
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C6 Agree to the marriage

Anthony bowed upon seeing the Crown Prince and found that Adolphus had changed the waistcoat. "I will reprimand Miss Iris. Forgive me for creating trouble for you in the morning. I will ask Madam Martha to look for another server for His Royal Highness," Anthony informed him in his humble voice.

"I would like you to make her my personal servant," Adolphus instructed the butler, who was surprised to hear it. "I want her as my personal attendant. Also, this was the last time you said that you would punish her. The butler was intimidated by Adolphus' words. Anthony apologised to the Crown Prince for speaking the wrong words.

Adolphus walked ahead and soon left his quarters. Anthony was surprised to hear that their alpha wanted to have Iris as his personal servant. Usually, omegas were appointed to serve the princes and the royals in the palace, but it was something unusual.

Adolphus entered the council hall, where the pack members were already present. The Werewolf King had yet to arrive, so a few of the members were conversing with each other.

As soon as King Xavier Osbourne arrived in the council hall, the commotion died out and everyone stood up from their respective seats. The King settled on the throne, and the rest of the members sat down after him.

"Crown Prince, any news from the shadow pack?" King Xavier asked Adolphus, who looked at his father.

"The pack leader will come tomorrow to Arcaria to sign the peace treaty with us. They are ready to include themselves in the kingdom rather than live as an independent pack," Adolphus informed the King, who smiled.

"The council will not be in session for a week. So, whatever the important matters are, they shall be discussed today," Xavier informed the council members.

"Your Majesty, I have been informed about a mysterious death in the forbidden forest. A hunter was found dead," Adolphus told the King, who furrowed his brows together.

"When did it happen, Crown Prince?" King Xavier asked.

"Two days ago. I have been in the forest to examine it. Strangely, no marks were found on the corpse. Though I found a bluish mark on the lower right side of the neck," Adolphus stated. The council members were shocked to hear about it.

Adolphus glanced at Joshua, who turned his gaze towards the King.

"Your Majesty, it seems the work of the witches. I was the one who reported it to the Crown Prince," Joshua affirmed.

"The witches will not try to do something like that," Radulf, the cousin brother of Adolphus, pronounced.

"Why does Brother Radulf think this?" Adolphus wanted to know his opinion. "The bluish mark wasn't an ordinary one. Dark magic has been used to kill one of the hunters," he reasoned, after Radulf didn't answer him.

"Father, I will keep a check on these activities. I may leave during the night time as well to check around," Adolphus put forward a request.

"The Crown Prince is allowed to do so," Xavier permitted him.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Adolphus lifted his head when he heard the voice of the Chief Council Head, Nicholai Simpson.

"It is the time when the future alpha should select a Luna for himself," Nicholai suggested to the King. "The Crown Prince will soon turn 25," he added.

"Sir Nicholai is forgetting that the Crown Prince could not find his mate because of the curse." Radulf Osbourne reminded the council head.

"My apologies if I sounded rude. But he has to marry someday to lead the kingdom. I think that His Majesty shall consider an arranged marriage for the Crown Prince," Nicholai advised the King, who tapped his fingers on the arms of the chair on which his hands were resting.

" We even agree with the Chief Council Head's advice," Demitri affirmed, who was the leader of the Silver Moon Pack and a close friend of Xavier.

"I will find my mate myself," Adolphus pronounced before his father could give the judgment. "Father is still healthy and he can lead the kingdom. I am still too young to marry someone." He handled the matter well.

"I believe the Crown Prince will agree to the marriage. It takes time to select the bride. Also, because of the curse, the Crown Prince cannot get the scent of his mate. So, it is impossible for him to find his mate, " concluded Nicholai.

Xavier shifted his gaze to Adolphus. "Why doesn't the Crown Prince agree to an arranged marriage?" Xavier asked for his son's opinion.

"Your Majesty, I am not interested in any of the pack leader's daughters," Adolphus answered and chuckled. He knew that those pack leaders, especially Nicholai, wanted him to marry his daughter.

Ridiculous! He would not marry her even if he had to remain single throughout his life.

Nicholai started to laugh. "The Crown Prince sounded rude. He thinks that we are forwarding our daughters into this marriage," he stated and continued to laugh.

"Indeed, you want me to marry your dumb daughter." Adolphus turned furious and ended up blurting out what came into his mind. Everyone was dumbfounded to hear him.

"Adolphus, watch your tongue!" Xavier raised his voice at his son. Adolphus forgave him for his insolent behavior.

"If there are no more important matters to be discussed, then I will take a leave," Adolphus stated, and rose to his feet.

"Father, I need to look into an important matter concerning the human colony in the capital," he excused himself from the council hall. His mood was severely ruined. Nicholai was the one who always made him go crazy. He and his daughter were both a headache for him. If Adolphus wanted, he would not even have let him enter the palace, but he was quiet because of his father.

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