The Cursed Wolf's Love/C7 During the full moon night
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The Cursed Wolf's Love/C7 During the full moon night
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C7 During the full moon night

Martha looked at Iris, who was standing straight while her head was lowered. Anthony had already told Martha everything, which infuriated her. She had strictly instructed her not to make any mistakes while serving the Crown Prince, yet she did it.

"Madam Martha, Miss Iris immediately has to accompany me to the Crown Prince's manor," Anthony informed her. Martha asked her to take her belongings and leave with Anthony.

"Yes, Madam Martha," Iris said in a low voice and walked out of the private room. She heaved a deep sigh of relief and quickly went to the servants' quarters. Since it was the daytime, the servants were not present. She spread the white cotton sheet on the bed and put the two pairs of her dresses into it. Those dresses were given by Martha to every servant, who was brought to the castle to serve the werewolves.

She tied the sheet around the dress and picked it up. She went back to the private room and waited for Anthony to come out.

After fifteen minutes, Anthony and Martha came out. "Follow me," Anthony told Iris, who tightened the hold of her fingers around the clothes that were inside the sheet.

"Since the Crown Prince has asked you to serve me, I would like to tell you to be aware of a few things. Don't repeat your mistakes. Don't make any eye contact with the Crown Prince. You are the first human who will serve royalty, especially the Crown Prince. Omegas usually do this work, and it will be good if you don't interact with the Crown Prince much."

Anthony explained everything to Iris, who kept nodding at his words. His voice was intimidating to her, and it seemed that he was furious at her. She also didn't want to serve the Crown Prince. But did her opinion matter? Her life was like this. She was forced to do what others wanted for her, and now, she was in the palace, where rules are laws!

However, one thing that she liked about the Crown Prince was that he was gentle with her. He even let her eat the delicious slice of meat, which was meant for royalty only.

They entered the large mahogany doors to enter the Crown Prince's manor. In the morning, she entered through the corridors which connected directly to the royal kitchen. Thus, she missed exploring this part in the morning. However, now she was able to see it. On both sides of the cobblestone path, small flowers were planted which she was unaware of.

She saw how the gardeners were watering the plants, some were trimming the large grass. The garden in the Crown Prince's manor was magnificent. Though she got to see its limited view, she found that the garden contained every sort of flower. It seemed more like a valley of flowers to her.

They both ascended a few stairs and walked in the narrow alley, before halting in front of the door.

"Miss Iris, you will live here from today onwards. You are prohibited from coming out of your room after 10 pm in the night. Failing to follow it will land you with a severe punishment," Anthony explained the basic rule to Iris, who nodded her head.

"Drop your belongings in the room and come with me," he stated, and pushed the wooden door for her. Iris walked in and found the small bed at one end, with a small cupboard at the other end. She put the well knotted cotton sheet with her dress and went out of the room. Anthony closed the door and walked ahead.

He instructed her about the work in the Crown Prince's manor, which she remembered well. It took almost two hours for him to make her aware of the Crown Prince's schedule.

"Don't come out during the full moon night. Since you are a human, it is dangerous for Miss Iris to roam out after 7pm. Usually, human servants retire early on that day," Anthony told her the most important thing. He told her about the diet that Adolphus followed and the drink he would like to take in the evening after finishing his day's work.

Iris memorized everything as it wasn't difficult for her. In her home, she used to do such work for a long time. She had lived a servant-cum-slave's life for a long time.

Anthony took out his pocket watch and looked at the time. "It is almost noon, Miss Iris. At this time, the Crown Prince has his meals with the Royal Family. Since you are told to serve the Crown Prince, be present in the royal dining hall," he informed her.

"May I ask why, Butler Anthony?" Iris was confused to hear that she had to be presented in the royal dining hall.

"Because you are told to be near the Crown Prince all the time except when he goes out," Anthony answered and started to walk. Iris followed his steps and they reached the royal kitchen.


Adolphus looked at the documents which Joshua forwarded to him. He put his signature on it and handed it to Joshua, who asked him what their alpha would do about dying people in unknown circumstances.

"Today is the full moon. I will leave to hunt in the forbidden forest. I will be able to track the witch behind the mysterious deaths of the innocent humans and our werewolves too," Adolphus told Joshua, who nodded.

"Your Royal Highness, I wonder if we should try to get the moon crystal back." Joshua was hopeful that Adolphus might try again. He might get successful too.

"The witch whom I tried to take it from is no more. The crystal is buried in the fire ring, which I cannot track unless this curse is uplifted. Apart from me, no werewolf can sense it," Adolphus asserted.

"That's why our Alpha should get married," Joshua suggested to him and a grim expression appeared on Adolphus' face. "Forgive me, if I jumped my boundaries," he immediately apologized.

"I am off to lunch. Report me after lunch what happened in the human colony," Adolphus stated, and left his office.

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