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The Daemon’s Eyes/C1 Welcome To My World
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C1 Welcome To My World


Sabrina's P.O.V


As soon as the class bell rang, I jumped out of my seat, before making my way to the door...

While trying to look as calm as possible that is...

Once I was out, I clutched my bag tightly to my side, quickly picking up the pace with hope of making it out this 'hall of hell' in time. It was usually after school the bullies came by.

My locker was just a few seconds away... I could make it!

I didn't even notice when my quick strides turned into a race against the clock. Maybe... Just maybe!... I was going to make it in time today. Unharmed.

Sliding to a halt, I scanned my surroundings with a glance. "Clear", I whispered to myself quickly punching in my locker code.

I could feel my heart pounding hard In my chest, like it was about to jump out. Danger was around... I'd began to sense it.

Slamming the locker hard after getting out some books... I saw him...

"Why the rush?.. freak!", Billy shoved me for no reason causing me to fall on my butt, my glasses and books scattered about.

Billy Higler. He laid on the fence between a musclehead and a fatso. And.. had a thing for always picking on me after school.

I hated him!

But I knew better than to pick an unwinnable fight!...

Kneeling beside the lockers, I began to slowly gather my books. A little crowd had began to form around and I knew who was coming...

"Hey, bitch!", He kicked me a bit. "Are you...".

He was cut off with a fist to his face and suddenly fell on his side.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size, scumbag....". Jasper had a deep frown on his face. Infact!... This same scene was getting a bit too cliché. He always picks a fight with anyone that tries to bully me, and I never even asked!

And who the fuck says, 'scumbag'?!

Jasper Crawford.....

The only dude who couldn't join the crowd and watch with his phone up high.

He met my eyes, reaching out a hand. "Are you alright?"

He's really one heck of a guy, if you're into the blond - blued eyed - tall - muscular - nice guy with a gorgeous smile type......

..... But I wasn't.

Slapping his hand away before getting up, I began to dust myself clean while my eyes narrowed at him. "I didn't ask for your help..", I whispered so the crowd wouldn't hear.


Turning away from him, I swiftly took my leave.

Yes. I was well aware of the fact that what I'd done was quite rude. But I didn't want to owe anyone favors for always saving me!

I mean... He had a girlfriend!... And getting all chummy with him won't end up well for me.

"Sabrina!", I heard him call out from behind.

Was he coming after me?!

I began to walk faster. I don't like talking to people....

Feeling someone grab my wrist from behind. "Wait!", He was breathing heavily. I couldn't believe he'd chased me down the street!

"You forgot these...", He blurted out, stretching the half cracked glasses.

I relaxed a bit, before taking it with my free hand. "Thanks". Couldn't help but feel like an idiot now... And he was staring at me, so I began to wipe it with my shirt in attempt to avoid his gaze.

He kept staring at me the whole time, asif waiting for the right moment to speak up.

This wasn't getting anywhere!... I sighed before looking at him once more. "Yes?".

"You know....", He smiles lightly, "you have really beautiful eyes".

And that was all it took to throw me off my game!.

I shrugged without a word in order to avoid saying something stupid.

My head was spinning as I ran back home. I could still feel his eyes boring into my back..

But I didn't dare look back. Beautiful eyes?... I couldn't help but wonder.

It felt like an eternity of running before I got to our front door. Quickly pulling the key out of my back pocket, I began to struggle with the lock. 'Beautiful eyes'. The words rang in my head as I ran upstairs towards my room, skipping a few steps.

I finally stood face to face with my mirror. I'd dropped my broken glasses on the way home.

The image in the mirror stared back and for a minute, I wonder if he was blind or something...

'Beautiful eyes'. The voice in my head said once again.

Normal people had either blue, black, green or brown eyes. But mine was scarlet red. No!... It had always been scarlet red...

Everyone called me a witch or demon...

A wide smile formed at my lips as I watched my cheeks flush up through the mirror. "My eyes are stupid..". I poked the image in the mirror while smiling. "And he called them beautiful"....

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