The Daemon’s Eyes/C2 DAEMONS: Origins
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The Daemon’s Eyes/C2 DAEMONS: Origins
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C2 DAEMONS: Origins



Being able to see spirits wasn't really as good a gift as it sounded, especially if everyone else thought you were just making things up. Not everyone would understand they end up either mocking you or calling you names, so Sabrina decided to keep her gift a secret.

There are many things normal people don't know about spirits. Some were never actually people.... they've just been roaming about the earth from creation. Some books say God had for some reason decided not to create a body for them at the beginning. They are called 'daemons'.

Due to the strive for a physical body, some of them joined Lucifer in the first war...they were given useless bodies created by Lucifer which were as white as snow and looked peeled up...their eyes were all red.

After the fall, they were cast into hell as demons. Now, the spirits which remain on Earth after death are just souls/ghosts who have unfulfilled missions from their lifetime which keep them from getting to Nirvana. So they have to complete it in their after life. They are called the 'roamers '.

The fact is that roamers can't actually possess anybody, which makes it hard for them to fulfil their purposes. They are also bound to the area at which they died.

On the other hand, some daemons can possess people, but only for short periods of time. Legend has it that since the fall, only few daemons remained on Earth, scattered amongst the roamers. It is almost impossible to differentiate both. Even with a special eye known as the 'Daemon's eye '.

They can easily move between both worlds, a place known as the underworld.

There are two other parts of the Daemon... Such as the Daemon's Fingers... The Daemon's lips... All have different practical approaches.

Legend also has it that this eye came about when God had given one of the Daemon's a body. This Daemon's name has been somehow erased from all records, but some refer to him as 'the first daemon'.

Now, since the time of this 'first daemon ', all the other parts were fused as one and he was said to possess power that was second to God. His eyes enabled him to see other spirit and daemons even with a physical body. His fingers were blessed with the ability to kill and heal by a touch. His lips, could command one to do his bidding.

But that wasn't all they could do....

Sadly, after he'd had three children... he died and his powers were divided in three parts. The daemon's eyes, the daemon's touch, and the daemon's lips.

The eyes had been passed down to every first born on the death of the former wielder, who dies on the birth of the first child.

Anyone who possesses the eyes can see both the physical and the spiritual. But....

There are some rules that had been laid down to protect the wielder because he/ she posseses but a physical body which could be damaged.

But, a daemon cannot possess a holder of the Daemon's Eye, unless permitted by the person or when the person has no will power whatsoever.

Everything the vessel needs to know is vested in a book known as the 'Azacarus'.

Sabrina. She hardly ever included her last name in unofficial papers. Her mother didn't have a last name even while married. She also didn't.

It was against the rules ....

Sabrina was blessed with special eyes she'd found more like a curse during her childhood. Normal people had blue.. green... Black or even brown eyes. But hers were scarlet red. At first... She wore glasses to try hiding them. But later... She discovered that without glasses she kept mixing reality with something else...

She could see spirits... But they always looked a bit more 'see through' than normal people, and no matter what She'd worn on her eyes, they never changed.

Although she could see spirits...she wasn't actually allowed to talk to them.

This is the story of the eyes. The daemon's eyes.


Logan's P.O.V


This was the second time in centuries I'd seen all seven of us gathered at a place. Rachel, the daemon of Pride had summoned a round table meeting.

"Logan", her eyes turned to me after shortly narrating the job. "This will be your last chance". Her voice was as demanding as usual.

"I don't see why he should have a second chance..", Envy rolled her eyes. "I mean, I'd probably do a better Job"

"Not in a millennium", Wrath pounded his fist on the table. Him an Envy always acted like a father and daughter fighting. He was called back from a job just to be part of the meeting. "I'd rather see them send Glut over there than you!", His eyes narrowed at her, everyone knew she acted like a kid.

"Huh..?!", Glut jumped out of his half sleep. "I don't wanna!". He folded his arms like an oversized baby.

"So loud..", Slut frowned. "Don't send me...", She croaked in a whisper.

Pride pounded her fist on the table for some order.

"Why me?", I leaned back in my seat. "I don't want to go.."

"That's not for you to decide", Pride frowned. She could be really bossy attimes. "And no one else is fit for it", she casually looked around the room.

"I can go", Greed offered.

Everyone fell silent for a minute, then laughter erupted. Greed always gave out this murderous vibe, so no one would pick him in a million years!

"You'll just make her commit suicide like the last one!", Envy rolled her eyes.

"Come say that to my face, brat!", He stood up.

Envy stood up too, she was around the height of a twelve year old. Wrath also stood up, pulling her behind him. "We're leaving".

I could hear Envy curse under her breath, but she knew better than to pick an unwinnable battle.

Gradually, everyone began to leave... Till I was left alone with pride. "I thought you liked women?"

I cocked a brow, but decided not to say anything.

"So... What do you say?"

I frowned before getting up. "'I'll think about it..". I lied before walking away.

I didn't want to go to the same family twice.... It just wasn't done!

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