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The Daemon’s Eyes/C3 New Encounter
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C3 New Encounter


Sabrina's P.O.V


Today seemed to run a bit too slow. Maybe it was because we had a test?...

Everyone had been reading for days, and I'd half expected to be gritting my teeth right now. But it was just too easy...

I rolled my eyes knowing I was going to get bad-mouthed if I stood up just ten minutes into the test. But did I really care..?

Actually, I did. I hate getting picked on cuz' they always knew how to bring up things I hated being reminded of.

My eyes roamed around the class a bit, slightly meeting that of Zoe's. I quickly looked away as she sent me a piercing gaze.

"Sabrina?", Mr Hendrickson looked to me. "Are you done?"

I shook my head and acted like I was still scribbling down some stuff.

He cocked a brow, but ended up ignoring me.

He hadn't even gotten to his desk when I saw something like a ball bounce through the wall.... Then through him!?

I noticed him shiver a little.

From the direction it had left the room, it bounced back... And through him again. He wrapped his arms around his shoulder. "It's a big chilly in here, isn't it"

Half of the classes looked at him as the sun was literally roasting us in here!

Next, I saw the ball bounce in again... And this time, a strange man chases after it. Feeling a bit lost how it was even possible, I noticed the strange man passing through and through the teacher.

He was obviously shivering now. "so cold", I heard him whisper and couldn't hold my laughter in any longer!

I laughed lowly, under my voice so he wouldn't notice.

"Sir!", Zoe stood up pointing at me. "Sabrina was mocking you!".

I really hated that bitch!

"Sabrina..?, What's so funny?...". He frowned at me like I was the cause.

Zoe sat down with a smirk on her face. She always did stuff like this... I couldn't even believe she was Jasper's girlfriend!

My eyes narrowed at her before I cleared my throat, "uhhm... nothing....I.."

"You think this is funny?!", He was fond of throwing tantrums.

"No sir!.. I..."

"I don't want to hear it, hand in your paper....". He walked up to me frowning. I could see the smirk on Zoe's face with the side of my eye.

"Idiot..", I whispered.

Mr Hendrickson's eyes widened. Oops!... He'd heard that!

"Out..!..!", He furiously pointed to the door.

I quickly gathered my books and began to leave. It was already last period, so leaving now would save me from Billy and his gang.

The hallway was as silent as a graveyard. Jasper was one year ahead of me...

For some reason, I wanted to get a good look at the spirit that pulled that crazy stunt in class... So I sat silently on the grass. Pulling out the Azacarus from my bag, I began to scroll through it.

Attimes, it was like new pages appeared and disappeared every now and then.

The bell rang shortly, and people began to flood the corridors. This was probably the best time to leave, so I hurriedly began to pack my stuff.

I noticed a group of three girls stop beside me, and I quickly sat on the book.

"There's the red eyed witch everyone's been talking about", said the first...

The other two stared and I felt like throwing some dirt in their eyes.

"I heard she's trying to steal Jasper from Zoe!", another adds as they finally walk away.

I saw Zoe walk up to them and whisper something. They all laughed.

"There you are!... Miss popular", she smiled wickedly and I couldn't help but grit my teeth. I wanted to punch her really bad!

"What do you want?", I rolled my eyes.

"Now now, don't give me that attitude", she frowned. "Unlike you, I have a life". She pulled my hair, and I was right about to jump at her when Jasper came around.

"Hey!.. Zoe!... Can I speak to you for a second!", He waved.

I saw her eyes light up. "Be right there, hun!", She waved before looking down at me. "Stay away from my man..", her eyes narrowed before she slipped away.

Zoe Timberlake. One time model and loudmouth, two times face of school and dunderhead, three times sex addict and gossip queen. Blond haired like Jasper, but with green eyes and thick lashes which made her look more sophisticated and mature.

I quietly picked up my bag now that the witch was gone, only for her to come running to me with the eyes of a killer.

"Witch!", She screamed before Jasper held her back. "You're a witch!... I hate you!"

"Zoe!", Jasper tried to calm her down.

I started walking away, I always got too much attention at the end of school.

"You'll never be normal!... That's why your mum abandoned you!"

At those words... My eyes lit up and I sent my fist flying towards her face. Jasper stopped it with no effort. "Cut it out!", He screamed, getting the attention of almost everyone outside.

I wasn't ready to be suspended, so I left the scene. She didn't know anything about me... Nothing!

I ran home with frustration. I really hated that girl!




Getting into my room, I flung my bag somewhere an charged at my pillow. Gripping it hard, I took violent swings at my bed. "You think your so hot!"

I pounded it harder. "Just. Cuz'. You're. Rich!?", I calmed down a bit to catch my breath before falling face flat on the bed.

At first, I just screamed my heart out before I finally rolled over to lie on my back. I just wanted to go and rip her hair off her empty head!

From how she acted, it was obvious Jasper had broke up with her. "Ughh!", I pulled my hair. He's a total idiot too!!

After about two minutes, I saw that ball from before bounce through my wall. The same guy came after it and I watched him go out the opposite end.

Once again, the ball bounced back from where it'd left and he ran after it once more, leaving through the place he had entered. The same thing was repeated for about five more times and I couldn't take it any longer!!

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!....", I screamed, unable to hide the deep frown on my face.

He looked at her in awe, " can see me??..."

At the sound of his voice, I realized what I had just done.

"Ohh..shit!", I covered my face with both hands, "ohh... Sabrina you worthless child....what have you done!?!", I mumbled.

I was lost in my own thoughts of what to say when he suddenly cleared his throat to draw my attention back.

I didn't reply at first, just stuffed my head under a pillow.

"No need for that hun....I already know you can see me..", he was standing directly in front of my bed now...

That word... 'hun', reminded me of Zoe!.

"I'm Logan...".

It was already too late to do anything now. I slowly uncovered my face, taking a few seconds to capture his appearance.

He seemed to be in his early twenties, brown hair, green eyes. "uhhm... Sabrina", I cleared my throat as his neck twitched in wait of a reply, "I'm Sabrina".

"Nice to meet you", he smiled genuinely. "Now, I think you have some explaining to do..."

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