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C4 Lost


Sabrina's P.O.V


I didn't know why I did it, but I found myself taking a few minutes to explain the whole story to him.

"So.... You're telling me that you can see spirits with your eyes...??", he cupped his chin, in thought.

I nodded slowly. The Azacarus strictly warned about talking to spirits!... Ughh!... Was I going to get haunted for the rest of my life?!

Or worse..?

He smiled, "well, I've heard of such eyes but I thought it was all a legend....but no need to fear, your secret is safe with me".

I managed to force a smile, "Thanks". But I didn't believe any word he'd just spouted.

We could both tell that the mood was getting a bit awkward. I wanted to say something... But how do you just start up a conversation with a spirit?

Hey there?... So... how long have you been dead for?

"So...", I began...

"So..?", He joined.

"So...Logan...tell me uhhm.. about yourself".

He looked towards the door, before he finally clearing his throat, "well, that's for me to know.....and for you to find out".

I couldn't feel my fake smile fade as my eyes narrowed at him.

"But not to worry, you will know in good time", he started to pace around the bed. "Spirits don't usually like talking about their past...".

Now I felt like an idiot all over again. "ohh...sorry..I understand..". I placed my hands on my laps.

I heard him sigh, "your father is coming...".

"Sabrina!... Time for dinner...must you always stress me to call you?!", I heard father grumble at the door.

When I was still little, I called him dad. But I later discovered that name was meant for people who cared for their kids.

Soon, I may end up calling him by his name. He was a terrible parent!

Quickly bouncing off the bed, "I'm coming!". My eyes immediately moved to Logan who was facing the wall at the other side of the bed. ' how'd he do that!?'.

"I'll be back soon", I sighed a bit, hoping he'd be gone by then. He waved me goodbye without turning around.

What was he even looking at?

Deciding not to bother, I flipped the light switch off. Father had a thing against wasting anything!...

I was a horrible cook, so attimes... He tried to be the mum.

By 'attimes' I pretty much mean most of the time!

We were having spaghetti and it was like her waited for me to shove a whole fork full of it into my mouth before speaking up.

"So... What is this I heard about you calling a teacher names", he questioned without looking at me.

I swallowed my food whole, my school always made sure they reported even the slightest details like your ink running out during class!

"I wasn't even referring to him!"

"I know..", he nodded sarcastically. "Just be happy you got off easy". He slapped a letter onto the table. "Just some extra school hours".

The rest of the meal was a silent one. After hurriedly eating, I did the dishes and literally flew up to my room. On opening the door that same ball bounced through me.

I could feel goosebumps on my skin along with a strange chill. So this was how Mr Hendrickson felt?

"Sorry..", I saw Logan jump after the ball.

I couldn't help but smile at his childishness. "How did you even get a ball to be in that form?..", I casually strolled towards my bed. Forgetting what I'd done was a freaking ass taboo!

He bounced it at a spot, "Let's just say it was a gift".

Falling with my butt on the bed, "from..?". Surprisingly, I really wanted to know...

He stopped for a bit, "a friend..", before walking up to me, "you ask too many questions, I bet that pisses your friends off..". He smiled mischievously.

"Ohhm", I pulled my bag off the floor while rolling my eyes. "I wish"


"I don't even have any friends to begin with..", I sighed, slowly searching my bag.

He hesitated for a bit, "And why is that..?"

I laughed sarcastically, "who would want to be friends with a red eyed antisocial witch?!", it was really funny saying it out loud. And to be very honest, I'd never want to be friends with someone that had my eye colour...

I laughed under my breath, then a bit louder. But seeing the sympathetic look on his face made me stop. "Are you okay?".

Why did he sound worried?

"I guess..", I shrugged to avoid more questions. I was far from being okay.

Unconsciously pouring out the contents of the bag, I'd begun to search with worry. "Where is it?"

I tossed some books away to make room for my eyes. "Oh no!... Oh no!", I slapped my forehead, recalling I'd last seen it while sitting on the grass.

He cocks a brow at me, "what?"

"No... No!", Some stray tears rolled down my cheeks as I met his eyes, "The Azacarus".

"The what?", He frowned with concern.

"My mother's momento!", I couldn't help but cover my face. Many thoughts raced through my mind of how it could be disposed... Or worse, Zoe finding it!

Hurriedly getting up, I began to run around the room for my clothes.

"You can't go now!", Logan was trying to stop me. But I needed to go... Atleast make some effort!

"I have to!... I can't wait!"

"It's 9:15pm!", He pointed at the clock. The streets of Hermilton were really unsafe at night, everyone knew that.

"Then what?!", I turned to face him, holding back the tears. That book meant everything to me!... It was like... Like a friend!

"It'll be safer tomorrow, and your dad won't let you go out by this time..".

He was right, dad was probably at the dinning table drawing something. He worked with construction companies and did most of the underground pipe and mechanical designs.

There was also no way to go out the front or back door without getting caught.

"Ohh god!", I pulled my hair while pacing endless about the room till my head hurt. I sighed in defeat before punching the light switch off.

Logan was long gone by then, and I didn't even realise when he'd left.

I couldn't read... And I didn't even shower. Just took off my clothes and laid down to sleep. But would sleep find me this night?

I wondered.

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