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The Daemon’s Eyes/C5 In Jasper’s Head
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C5 In Jasper’s Head


Sabrina's P.O.V


Wavering between sleeping and staying up the whole night. Once my alarm rang at 4:30am, I jerked out of bed...

Finally!... It was morning!!

My eyes cried out for sleep as I dressed up, avoiding the mirror... And also without a bath!

"Good morning, hope you sle-", Logan trailed off after noticing my eye bags. I was a really early sleeper, so one night was all it took to do this to me. "Are you.... alright?", He whispered.

"Don't follow me..", I ordered. I was in a hurry to come back and shower.

His silence told me he understood.

Soon, I found myself running through the almost deserted streets...

On reaching the empty school compound, I jumped over the fence. Yeah....

It was easy retracing my steps to the last place I had dropped the book. But the book wasn't there?!!

I panicked a bit, then suddenly saw Zoe's image in my head. The thought of her ripping it up made me shed some vengeful tears on the way home.

Dad wasn't up yet... So I just slipped back into my room to get some rest. After soaking my pillow with tears that is...

Around 11:30pm, I jolted out of sleep as someone began to pound at my door, "Sabrina!.. would you go to school this instant!!, I just got a call from your school to report your absence and I had to come all the way from my office just because your phone was switched off!!". He Sparked.

So.. he didn't even come to check on me?!

I groaned a bit, "I think I have a headache..."

He grumbled back, "I don't care!...just get back to school!..". And those were his last words before angrily stomping away like he was going to break the stairs or something!

"Your dad is pretty strict...", Logan added, standing at an edge of the room with his hands in his pockets.

How long had he been there anyway?!

Deciding to ignore him, I angrily pulled off my shirt, then trousers flinging them randomly about the room. I reeked!

He stared for a while, till I was about to pull off my underwear, "woah, woah!!?", He tried blocking his eyes, but his hands were completely see through.

I was so pissed at Zoe, father... Infact, everyone!

I didn't even care Logan was staring as I threw my underwear somewhere before storming off into the bathroom.

After getting ready, I decided to quickly glance at the clock. "12:02", I mumbled knowing I could probably make it in time for lunch. Atleast I was going to have enough time to think while eating my breakfast.

My tummy growled at my thoughts.

Gladly, I arrived on time with a few minutes to spare. My usual table was free, so I made my way to it... at the edge of the cafeteria.

I couldn't stop thinking about the Azacarus.....who could have found it?

And I really hoped Logan didn't come to school with me, although that was the least of my worries.

"Hey..?", I looked up to see a smiling Jasper, "can I sit here?", He used his shoulder to gesture the empty seat opposite me.

Ughh!... I nodded trying to keep my mind off him. He just broke up with Zoe yesterday!... I didn't want him coming around me so suddenly. Or did I?

After sitting down, I noticed he wore a worried look on his face, "anything wrong, I didn't see you in any class today?..".

We're not even in the same class?!

I managed to force a smile, my eyes fixed on my food. "I had a headache..".

"Ohh!.. What happened?... Are you okay?"

I nodded, finally meeting his eyes. "ohh nothing serious, just a minor headache....". I shrugged, playing with my fingers... Also ignoring his stare.' gosh why is he always staring at me ' , I sighed, trying my best to avoid his eyes.

After some seconds of silence, he cleared his throat. He'd also started using his fork to play with his food. " sure?..".

"Yes!". I cried out in a whisper.

'what a pest!'.

After eating a little, he frowned a bit, "You're not eating Sab, you sure you're okay?"

I didn't know when I banged by fist on the table before getting up. "Leave me alone!", I frowned before walking away.

I just wanted to be alone and think for a while...

Outside, he'd come running after me like before, stopping me by my wrist. Deja Vu.

"What is it?", I twirled around to face him, unable to hide the the frown on my face.

He frowned back. "I just wanted to give you this...", He brought out the Azacarus from his bag.

Ohh no!.... I'm an idiot!

I slowly stretched my hand out to take it from him. "Oh my gawd!.... I'm sorry", I sighed, pressing the book to my chest. It was hard to hold back the tears as I looked up to him. "Im really really sorry.... Thank you, thanks so much!"

I was apologizing to the both him and the book, but Jasper probably couldn't tell. "Did you read it?". My eyes suddenly widened at the thought.

He shook his head. "I couldn't understand it anyway,.... what language is that?..". He smiled.

Did he think it was my diary or something?

"Uhhm...I'm nt sure", I looked to the book in my arms, then back to him, "thanks Jasper".

Getting on my tippy toes, I leaned in to place a kiss on his cheek. "I hope I can make it up to you someday, for always helping me..."

I watched him place a hand on the cheek where my lips had touched. He just smiled as I skipped off into the distance.

After school, when I was almost home. I heard my phone beep a little.

#Jasper: I know how you can make it up to me...

#Me: ??

#Jasper: Movie on Saturday, I have two tickets.

#Me: Okay, sure!

I guess I couldn't say no... Not that I even wanted to. But Logan was another problem...


Jasper's P.O.V


I couldn't help but smile on seeing her reply. Sab was just so cute, especially when she tried being difficult.

I was still surprised, that no one had asked her out all these years just cuz' of some stupid belief. "Idiots", I whispered stuffing some books in my locker.

Most of the students had already gone home, and I had to stay some extra hours cuz' physics was a pain!

Sab is so smart. I recently found out she was at the top of her class, "I bet she'll never have to stay back for extra hours..". I frowned slamming my locker shut.

"Jasper!", Brad waved from one end of the hall. The both of us had always been in this together.

My phone beeped a little. Maybe it was her?!

Fortunately, it was.

#Sab: Ohh no!... I had detention today!

#Me: You?... Why?

#Sab: Stupid reasons. I'm rushing over right now!

Yeah... I was pretty happy I was gonna see her all over again!

"Ohh jeez!", I slapped my forehead. I always forget we're not in the same class.

Brad suddenly pulled my phone out of my hand. "Who's Sab?", He jumped back away from me, scrolling through my texts.

"Come on!", I dived after him. "She just a friend.."

He put the phone in his pocket. "Let's go before Miss Hannah comes looking for us". He began heading for our class, pausing in front of the door, he sent me a piercing glance. "Don't make me step out of heaven again".

I laughed a bit, as he smiled too. Brad was literally my best friend.

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