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C7 Be Cool Jasper


Sabrina's P.O.V


My dad was out during the weekend, so I was able to sneak out of the house around 3pm.

I had no idea on what to wear... But Logan saw me through I guess. I didn't want to look over dressed, or too plain either!

I didn't know how to do make up, so I guess I just arranged my brows and left home.

"Sab!", He waved from the other side of the road. Omg!... That's so embarrassing!... People are staring!

I waved back before crossing the road. Who'd have ever thought we lived on the same street?!

He obviously didn't come with a car, so we just took a cab. "Where's your car..", I teased.

He chuckled a little, but I could see he was embarrassed. "Don't have one yet.. but soon!"

Yeah.. he was gonna go to college a few months from now.

The taxi ride was an awkward one and we had totally nothing!.. to talk the hell about!!

I'm so boring!!

It was a horror movie, the harvest game. It was about this game you unknowingly download and asked to hunt for something. It sounded boring at first, but you can be asked to bring someone's left leg or organs!!

At first, Jasper looked terrified and I couldn't stop myself from laughing... Then something happened...

"Is this Jasper?", Logan appeared!

I quickly picked up my phone and acted like I had a call. "Tha' fuck?!", I whispered into the phone.

"What?... I wanted to see what kind of person you like..", he cupped his chin, staring at Jasper.

"Go home!..."

He didn't reply me.


"Sab..", Jasper suddenly placed his hand on mine. "You can't use your cellphone in here...". I noticed the guy in front of me was staring at me.

"Sorry..", I waved at the man.

Jasper didn't take his hand away. And I felt like he was going to notice how fast my heart was beating!

I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the film... Mostly cuz' Logan was acting like a creep!

Jasper walked me home, and I didn't see Logan for the rest of the day...

He got lucky...


On Monday, me and Jasper sat at the edge of the cafeteria, laughing our heads off.

"I never knew you were such a wuss!", I mocked.

"I'm not!", He shut his eyes with a light smile. "Normal girls are meant to freak out when watching something like that!.."

I cocked a brow.

"You were meant to be like.. Ohh... Jasper!.. save me!"

I laughed so hard I couldn't breath. "Wait wait... First, I don't talk like that. Secondly, everyone knows I'm no ordinary girl". I rolled my eyes a bit shocked that I didn't feel weird calling myself abnormal just now.

My cheeks started to heat up.

I watched him slap his forehead. "My bad.."

We were still laughing when I noticed Zoe was approaching us, two girls behind her.

She stopped behind Jasper, while the other two girls remained standing like some sort of bodyguards!?

"Hey, Jas..", I watched her sit next to him. He looked like her perfume was chocking him.

"Look hun, I miss you", She smiled at him, placing her hand on top his. He slowly took his away.. without looking at her.

I, Sabrina Davidson was completely invinsible!

It was a good thing though, if she noticed me she'd probably say something mean...

"You didn't stop by during the weekend like you always do..", she traced her fingers about his upper arm.

I wanted to say. Bitch?... You ain't seeing he's giving you a cold shoulder?... Be gone!

"I had better things to do..", he rolled his eyes.

"I know we decided to break up, but we can still spend some nights together", she smirked with a wink like he wasn't the one who broke up with her.

"Just go away Zoe", he sighed as he returned to eating his lunch.

"But... We haven't had sex for weeks and all the other creeps I've let bang me aren't half as good as you, sugar..", she whined. "I know you miss me..".

Did she just admit that she was a whore?!... I thought this was meant to be some sort of apology!?

Suppressing my laughter was getting harder and harder..

I felt my heart thud in my chest as I looked up to Jasper. How was he going to react?

Although, Zoe had always been the straight forward type. They both were...

Catching my suprising look, he smiled at me before setting his gaze back on Zoe, "ohh...really?".

She smiled victoriously, "yes if you would be the gentleman we all know and love, you could just hop into my car after school then stay over for the night", she chuckled at the thought.

Rumour was that, Zoe lived alone... With a maid and cook that is!!

Her family is ranked as the seventh richest in the nation, Fredo. And I know they live in the capital, Durindo. So.. why the hell was she schooling at the country side?!

I watched his lips part again, "And...what makes you think I'll do that?", He meet her surprised look, "you're just a shameless whore anyway!..".

The whole hall suddenly fell silent and I watched as all attention suddenly moved to our table.

"What?!", I saw the anger in her eyes while trying to hold back my laughter.

Zoe frowned at him, before looking around the hall. Her eyes stopped at me, then narrowed.

"Ohh...I get it..". She stands up, "You're now sleeping with cheap hoes?!", Her laugh echoed in the silent hall, "cuz you can't afford no more rich bitches?".

The whole hall, 'Ohh's '.

She smiled at him, "you know, I only went out with you cuz' you were good in bed"

The hall waited in silence for his reply. ..

He looks towards her, "And I only kept you cuz' you literally begged me to love you. You're horrible in bed...and you snore".

The whole hall burst out laughing while some random guy screamed," it's true're so stiff in bed!". Causing the laughter to heighten.

Zoe got up trying to get everyone to shut up.

"Woah!.. someone just sent me Zoe's nudes!", A guy announced.

"Pfff.... that's something you see everyday!", Another anonymous person yelled out.

The teachers had run in to calm the hall, and I gestured for Jasper to come with me.

We slowly made our way through the crowd as Zoe got what she deserved.

As Jasper took the lead and pulled me away, I couldn't help but look up to him.

I'd better stay on his good side. I smiled to myself...


The last two periods before school ended were really awkward. Zoe skipped class!... Along with her two girls. I've always wondered if they were the Cook and maid who lived with her?

By the time classes were over, I hurried to my locker as usual. Billy was there again...

"Sabrina?... Right?", He had a weird smile on his face.

I nodded slowly wondering what this was all about. "Nice work", I saw the other boys behind him nod.

What did he mean by that?

"What?", I decided to question.

He laughed a bit. "If you hadn't stolen Jasper from Zoe, we won't have laughed so hard!". The other boys laughed too commenting different things I'd love to forget hearing. Billy showed me his phone lockscreen.. it was Zoe's nude!

"I would never have gotten this without your help..", they all walked away.

They thought I stole Jasper?

Ughh!!... Everyone in this school was an idiot!


Jasper's P.O.V


I saw Sab thinking about something in the hallway. "Hey!", I waved, she was probably angry about all those things Zoe said earlier...

Maybe I shouldn't have said all those stuff to Zoe in front of her?

I watched her jerk back to reality before smiling at me. "Hey"

We both walked in silence, ruminating on what had happened earlier..

"I..", we both said simultaneously.

"It's just!", We both echoed again.

"Ughh!... You go first!", She sighed with a smile.

I really loved it when she smiled.

"I'm really sorry... About all that...", I frowned.

She shook her head, "it wasn't your fault..."

"I know I shouldn't have replied her and you probably think of me as a monster now and..."

"Shh", she placed her index finger on my lips, but as our eyes met... She looked away as I watched her cheeks turn soft red. " I don't Jasper ....its just that...I..."

"I'm really sorry Sab, I screwed up!", I pulled my hair, "....I know you hate attention and I..."

"Shut up!!"...she flicks her finger on my forehead.

"Oww!", I began to rub my forehead.

"Serves you right!... Don't apologise!", She turned away. "Zoe got what she deserves Jasper!... I was actually so happy until....", She trails off.

"Until?", My eyes narrowed. "Was it Billy again?"

"What?!", She turned to face me. "No!.. it's not about that!". I watched her kick her feet about the dust.


"You haven't heard?", She frowned at me. "Everyone thinks I stole you from Zoe!"

As she said those words, I wasn't completely sure how to react. It wasn't a bad thing... But she didn't seem too happy about it...

"Hmmm", I decided to stop there cuz' she looked like she wanted me to say something.

She lowers her head, "you always stand up for me....and....and...I want to do something for you too!", she sighed. "But I don't see that happening anytime soon.."

"Ohh...I could think of something", a devious smile forms at my lips. "But I don't think you can do it.."

She meet my eyes, "try me..".

I leaned down to her ear to whisper what I wanted her to do.

Her eyes widened then narrowed. "I didn't know you were such a perv!", She stared at me.

I laughed a bit before shrugging. "I'm just a regular guy... with regular requests".

Her eyes suddenly moved to the road. "Where are we going anyway?"

I was somewhat amused she'd just noticed we'd been going in the wrong direction now!

"Well... since our lunch was ruined, I decided to have it elsewhere..", I stretch my right hand out for her. "Now... if you'll join me?".

I watched her hesitate before entwining her fingers with mine. "only if you're paying".

We both laughed as we walk down the road....

Yeah... And we stopped at the mall on the way home...

What I asked her to do... Was model some lingerie for me.

At first, she was really shy... But she ended up wearing a lot!

And I had to pay for all!... No regrets though..

While I walked her home, she held on to my arm. I could feel her warmth at the point her cafe rested.

I felt like wrapping my arms around her.... but it wasn't the right moment...

Be cool, Jasper...

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