The Daemon’s Eyes/C8 Ditching The Plan
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The Daemon’s Eyes/C8 Ditching The Plan
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C8 Ditching The Plan


Sabrina's P.O.V


When I got back home, it was already seven. Shit!... Dad was gonna throw me a bunch of questions!

I panicked while slowly locking the door behind me. I didn't smell dinner... So he probably wasn't home!

My eyes lit up as I literally skipped up the stairs, some bags in my hand. I still couldn't believe Jasper asked me to do that...

I laughed under my breath.

"Where have you been?", Logan almost scared the life out of me as I kicked the door open.

I didn't reply as I hummed a song to myself, I just needed to get this load off my hands first.

"I thought you'd gone missing or something!?". Somehow... He sounded like he actually cared...

I shook my head, falling on the bed like I always do. "I just went shopping.."

He looked to the bags on my bed, arching a brow. "Not really your style.."

"Does your opinion really matter?"... As long as Jasper liked it. I frowned at him. I know I sounded rude... But I just wanted him to stop haunting me or whatever...

"Hmm... So you tested them all on?", For some reason, he sounded jealous. "Didn't think he was that type..."

I laughed a little, "I know right?!", I looked up to Logan. "When I told him I'll do him a favor, I thought it'd be some kind of movie date again!"

"Ohhh..", he sent me a mocking look.

"Wha?!.. I mean.... It's not like I wanted it!... I..."

"Calm down..", he shook his head while laughing. "I didn't say anything now, did I?"

I smiled before pouring out the contents of the bag on my bed.

He sighs. "He's so lucky".

"Don't be such a baby, if you want... I guess I could put them on again", I teased him with a wide grin on my face.

"He clears his throat, "You could what..?"

"But you'll have to wait until I'm done having my bathe", I took off my glasses, then began to take off my clothes.

I watched Logan try to cover his eyes, as I got down to my underwear... So I just turned away from him to take those off.

It took about twenty minutes before I got out with my towel. "You have to turn around until I put them on"

He nodded like a good boy and turned.

I started with the first set of lingerie my hand fell on. "How this?", I spun around for him to see when he turned.

"Ooh... Nice", his eyes narrowed like a perv, so I turned away.

Why was I doing this anyway?

"Okay.. now, turn..", I spun my finger around.

The next set were blue. Logan was like, "if you ever go swimming... I'll tag alone for some sightseeing".

What kind of cheesy pick up line was that?... I tossed a pillow at him. "Don't say weird stuff...", I picked up the red next. "This is the last for now.."

He was silent at first.


I noticed a deep frown form at his lips, this was Jasper's favorite actually. I also wanted to know what Logan thought about it...

He slowly walked up to me, stopping a little distance away. The angry look on his face made me feel uncomfortable.

"Sabrina..", he didn't meet my eyes.

"What?", I frowned a bit.

"A man can only take so much...", He looked up to me and I couldn't explain the look in his eyes.

"I... I don't underst-", he cut me off by shaking his head.

"If I had a body now..", he stared deep into my eyes. "I would fuc* the hell outta you"

My eyes widened a bit at those words. "Lo..gan..". I wrapped my arms around my chest. "Are you a fucking pedophile?!"

"I mean... This one really compliments your eyes"

An innocent smile formed at my lips. "That's the same thing Jasper said"

He ignored my comment, lifting his hand slowly to stop just some inches from my chest level. "If I ever get the opportunity... I probably will..", it sounded like a joke, but but he looked really serious.

I felt him try to touch me, for what seemed like a second... I felt his hand on me.

But it just passed through, giving me a strange chill.

I moved backwards embrassed, "uhhm...I guess it's late", For some reason, I could meet his eyes.

"Yeah...", he turned to leave ,"goodnight".


Alone in my room, I turned off the lights after putting the clothes in my drawers. I still couldn't get over Logan's words...

I smiled to myself, he was probably gonna have to wait for me in the next life... Cuz' somehow, I felt that Jasper was already winning me over...

I also thought about mum... What was she doing right now?... I've never seen her spirit, so she must be gone by now...

I never knew her, but I could feel tears building up.

In the pictures I'd seen of her... She looked exactly like me.

"Logan... Jasper..", I whispered, both hands on my face. I was glad to be loved... Even though Logan was just haunting me, atleast I had someone I could actually talk to.

For some reason, I always feel like doing whatever he asks of me. I chuckled under my breath. Did he have some kind of power or something?

And for Daemons... I wonder how many other existed?


Logan's P.O.V


I decided to come back to Durindo. I really wanted to talk to someone....

And the only person that crossed my mind, was Wrath. As expected, he was following Richard around. "Jack!", I called out with a wave".

Almost nobody called him by his real name. Richard who Wrath had to follow was about nineteen or twenty, and he seemed like a really uptight and difficult person.

"Don't bother me while I'm working", he turned to face me.

I laughed mockingly. "Too bad you have to stalk a guy.."

He frowned. "At least I don't sleep on the job like some people!". He mocked.

His assignment was to possess Richard when his heart was weak. That would mean, we have the Daemon's Touch and the lips, which Rachel had.

I was sent to take control of the eyes... But...

Ughh!... It was so complicated cuz' no one had ever been able to get the eyes, and that book!

"I wanna talk..", I suddenly became serious. He was about the most reasonable person, Pride always took everything like a game!

She was the one who decided that we should fuse all the parts then rage war on the heavens for our bodies. With all the parts of the first Daemon together, we would be able to call on an army from the underworld.....

I wanted a body, but I wasn't stupid enough to think that would work.

Only the upper seven Daemons could possess people anyway.... The others could hardly even step out of the underworld.

For Envy's case, she was born a Daemon, which is not meant to be possible. Her parents died immediately that taboo act was done...

Since then, Wrath had raised her like his own daughter.

I was having fun for the time being, but soon enough... I was gonna ditch them....

Cuz' I really wasn't ready to be sent to the abyss of hell yet.

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