The Dark Organization/C1 Prologue The Beginning of it all
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The Dark Organization/C1 Prologue The Beginning of it all
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C1 Prologue The Beginning of it all


6 Months ago

B came out of the doctor’s office with some relief, her covid 19 test came out negative and she just had a bad cold. She paid no attention to the man in the van. The man in the van watched B with a cold intensity he had been preparing for 2 month’s and decided it was time to make her his. He prepared the needle which had a dose that would put B to sleep for at least 12 hours. Just enough time to get her back to the room he had prepared for her. He moved to the back of the van ready to open the door and claim his prize. He looked around to see if anyone was paying attention, he didn’t see anyone. He opened the door and B looked at him in surprise and horror as he shoved the needle into her shoulder. He caught her and dragged her into the van quickly before anyone caught on to what happened. He laid her gently on the mattress he had prepared for her. He locked her ankles and wrists in the shackles making sure that the padded shackles wouldn’t leave any marks on her skin yet. Looking at her with lust in his eyes he hurried to start the van and take her back to his home. He made sure to inject her again before she woke up. The surprises he had in store for her made him excited. He made sure to do the speed limit and not get caught, the thought of his dove in the back being taken away from his caused a chill down his back and a sense of pain to his heart.

24 Hours Later

B slowly opened her eyes and wondered what happened her head hurt and felt like her head was going to split open. She slowly looked around and knew she wasn’t at home, she was laying on a soft mattress covered with a quilt. He legs and hands were heavily shackled. B sat up with a small cry as she realized someone had kidnapped her. SK sat in a chair in the corner as his dove woke up and realized that she had been taken. He felt a sick sense of pleasure as he saw the look of panic on her face. Where am I B wondered as she looked around she was startled to see a man sitting in a chair staring at her with electric blue eyes and a creepy smile on his face. Who are you, what do you want B asked as a sense of dread and a sharp spike of fear cut through her body. The man stared at her with a sense of anticipation as he told her I am SK and I want you, I want your body, your mind, your soul. I want to see how long you can hold on to your sanity. You will be mine dove.

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