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C1 Chapter


I loved it from the moment I saw her for the first time! It may even seem cliché, but Raquel entered me as if it were a virus that didn't want to leave my body. Even though I knew she was hiding some secrets, one of them, I had discovered by chance when I went to the BSDM club that Diogo and I used to go to at the time and now I go alone, since he was a man handcuffed by my troublemaker sister.

I really got a big scare to see her dressed like a Dominatrix , I'll say my dick loved seeing this vision and that almost every night I hit one in honor of her. Raquel was like that hot brunette, like all Brazilians, with green eyes, like emeralds, if anyone found her on the street, they would definitely call her to take pictures to be a model.

One thing I was sure of: Raquel didn't like to attract attention, even her clothes were much more well-behaved than most women who loved to wear short clothes. Raquel however couldn't drink with Nella, because they both got high very fast. Ah, Nella, for those who don't know, she's married to my friend Diogo, he was the biggest chicken , but since he got married he's been calm.

Now he was a father and I must confess, I was so jealous of the family he made with my sister, it was wrong for me to want the same thing, only the woman I chose to be mine had secrets kept as if she were a hidden treasure for seven keys?

Did I want to scream from the rooftops that I, David, the greatest womanizer, had been bewitched by a Dominatrix ? If someone had told me that this would be it, I would have laughed. I, David, a womanizer, was on all fours for a witch.

I always wanted to know where she was, I even added her to my “Facebook,” wanting to keep up with the news she posted and was always relieved when her status was always written there as single.

I saw it all in red the day I found her at the club, and in me, a caveman broke free, not wanting any guy near her. She was mine, mine alone, and I would do anything to have her.

And I , there, lost in my thoughts, don't see my sister come in and sit right in front of me, arms crossed. I have a pretty good scare.

"What the fuck, Nella, do you want to kill me from the heart?" I say, trying to recover; I don't think I ever would, because Nella always makes me almost have a mini heart attack, from everything that's ever happened to her.

— Calm down, my son, how am I supposed to imagine that you're having a waking dream, there? “Nella, making fun of me, as usual.

“Hahaha, what are you doing here? I ask, really thick. I wasn't at my best, thinking about Raquel made me weak.

— Hey, calm down, friend, I came to meet Diogo! She says all smiles.

— Where is Maria Eduarda? – I ask missing her, she was my little girl, I really pampered her. Maria Eduarda was Nela's daughter with my friend, ex-hen, Diogo.

“It's with Raquel,” she says and just the mention of that name puts me on alert, I was crazy about a woman who was hard to understand.

"Is Rachel all right?" I ask Nella.

Since that episode at the club, we almost didn't see each other anymore and, if I'm not mistaken, the last time was when Raquel and I had baptized my niece and after that we hadn't seen each other again. And whenever Nella scored something, Raquel always found a way to slip out and invent something just so she wouldn't find me.

— Yes it is! She's been kind of busy, new author releases and all,” she says.

— I see, how are your books? I ask, and his eyes sparkle.

After the release of Delegado , Nella was writing new stories, honestly I was never much of a book, although since Raquel was messing with these stories, I was curious.

— Very well, I'm thinking of writing a book about a priest, what do you think? Nella asks curiously.

- Are you kidding? I ask, shocked.

- Of course not! she says, laughing in my face.

'Is there a problem here?' — We hear a voice and then Nella screams and runs into Diogo's arms. They start kissing like I'm not here, witnessing their scene.

“Um… I think you two should go to your room and stay there for a while,” I comment wryly.

- Wow, someone needs to get a sub to get more relaxed! — Diogo comments to me and blinks, Nella looks at us and rolls her eyes.

'I'll think about it!' I reply.

— My brother, I think you should look for a certain brunette with green eyes. — She blinks, and I look at Diogo crossly, who answers right away:

"Don't blame me, do you?" - Diogo defends himself.

"David, Diogo didn't tell me," she says, defending her husband.

"Oh, and how do you think I'm liking your friend?" I ask ironically.

— You and Raquel are enjoying each other, and it's not just today! - she says, and I know it was true, I felt that I wasn't the only one who had this feeling so good that it scared me at the same time, and I keep thinking: was it in my face?

"Nella, doesn't Raquel want anything to do with me?" — I confess, I didn't know how to act in relation to Raquel anymore.

— Oh, my brother, be patient, please, Raquel has been through a lot, talk to her, what do you think? – she asks and comes to hug me, I was getting weak, my feelings were in turmoil, sometimes, I thought that men also had PMS.

"I'll try to talk to her!" I say to her, and she caresses me.

- Then I want to know how it went! - Nella says and we release our hug, she goes back to Diogo 's arm .

“I'll think about what you just said, Nella! - I say and say goodbye to them, who were already leaving, at least to have a night of their own.

Here it has become more my home than my own, since I was appointed and became the new delegate. Diogo and I are good friends, professional partners and blood brothers. Good thing I was assigned to the same police station and did odd or even to see who stayed morning or night, we did a kind of rotation.

There were weeks when I stayed at night and there were weeks when I stayed during the day. Today, for example, I would stay overnight, as Diogo and Nella were going to enjoy their wedding a little. I wanted so much to see Raquel! What should I do? I have to hold her in my arms, I want to show her that we are perfect for each other.

I need to hear her voice, I need to smell her, her taste I loved and didn't know how to live without her anymore. I take my cell phone and stay there for a long time wanting to call her, but the fear was greater of being rejected and I want to see her in person, so I take my badge and gun and leave my office without going through the reception of the police station, telling them that I would leave, that I was going to eat something, and I ask them to hold on until I get back; and they say yes, so I leave quickly, before someone calls me back to attend to any more incidents.

I take my car from the parking lot, start it and head to my sorceress's house; makes me want to turn on a radio to listen to a song. Maybe it helped me focus, say the right thing and not scare my green-eyed sorceress.

A song starts and several are played until one catches my attention, because I had never heard it, well I didn't think so, the song said things that had everything to do with us. Well, if my English wasn't rusty, her translation read like this:

"When a man Loves a Woman,

Can't keep your mind on anything else

he would change the world

For a good thing he found."

That was it, this song was saying what I felt, and I couldn't stop thinking about her, I would do anything for her to see that I would make her happy like no man has ever done. Another part of the song that caught my attention was:

"When a man Loves a Woman,

Deep down in your soul,

It can bring you such misery;

If she's playing the fool with him,

He's the last to know,

Passionate eyes can never see."

I continued to finish listening to the song that described what I felt, I waited for the announcer to say the name of the singer and, when I found out it was the singer Michael Bolton, I stopped the car on the side of the road and took my cell phone and quickly entered the site. and I put it to download the music and, when it ends, I put it to play over and over again, never getting tired, even when I arrive at Raquel's house and get up my courage , I turn off the car, get out and go straight to my sorceress's door.

When I get there, I notice that everything is silent and I try to remember if my sister ever mentioned something about Raquel having to leave, but I don't remember. She should be home; because of my niece who, at that time, should be sleeping, I decide to ring the bell and wait there.

I hear footsteps coming towards the door and soon it opens and shows a very surprised Raquel, perhaps wanting to know what I was doing there at that time, standing at her door.

—David, was there something with Nella and Diogo? she asks, already worried.

— Calm down, Raquel, don't worry, they're fine! - I talk.

- What are you doing here? she asks looking at me, I think trying to guess what was going on by being there and not saying anything.

"I came to talk to you, Rachel!" - I reply when I see how beautiful she was there in front of me, wearing a semi-transparent nightgown, in my opinion, black. Was she accompanied?

"You better go, David!" she says fearfully. Could it be that she was with a man, he let her come to answer the door like that!

"Raquel, are you alone here?" I ask, afraid to hear a yes and find out that I lost her to another man without having fought for her.

“David, if I'm with a child of almost a year, then I'm not alone, but accompanied,” she retorts, I breathe a sigh of relief, thanking God for not finding any men with her.

- OK! So can I come in? I ask, hoping for an affirmative answer.

If she said no, I wouldn't go in anyway... we had a matter to settle and, when everything was clear, I would kill my crazy urge to pull her into my arms and kiss her hot mouth, making her mine soon. .

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