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C2 Chapter


I loved him more than my life! If anyone listened, they'd say I exaggerated, but that wasn't it! David was the only man who could break my protective armor, enter me and see my soul.

After that club day, which I literally panicked, I ran away like the devil ran away from the cross. That day, I felt that Davi liked me, but it would never work out, how could a man who was all right accept a woman who was raped by a stranger?

I run straight to the bathroom and I barely had time to get to the toilet, I vomit until I couldn't take it anymore, only liquid came out, I still hated myself for letting that happen!

The violence I suffered made me afraid to reach men and, when they saw me, I cut. But David was different, always was. He looked at me in awe, his gaze of desire running down my body as he was undressing me.

At the same time I wanted Davi close to me, I wanted to get away from him and that's what I did, I distanced myself in fear of him finding out what happened to me. Maybe he could get angry, I know he would never do anything, I didn't want a death in my life, even if it had happened to my life, I didn't want Davi to be arrested and lose his delegate position.

He didn't deserve this, if I told him what had happened to me, I was sure that he would go after the man who raped me, do everything to find him and end the life of that animal, or rather, that monster in man form.

David was a very good man and he deserved a good woman in his life. Whenever I had that kind of thought, my heart was in my hand and it made me want to slap any woman who got close to him.

It was better for me to continue doing what I was doing , forgetting about Davi was the best thing. I flush and go to the bathroom sink, splash water on my face and grab my toothbrush, brush my teeth to remove the bitter taste that was still in my mouth, believe me. I wipe my face and, seeing that I have no taste in my mouth, I go out looking to see how messed up my room was, it looked like a hurricane had passed through here.

Oh my mother, you're going to talk a lot when you see the room like this. I was even an organized person, but there were days when I went looking for some clothes or a book, then, damn it, my room really became a hurricane.

To tidy up this room, it would be good to put on some top music. I take out my cell phone, a Moto One Fusion, a simple and beautiful cell phone, which I am satisfied with my purchase. I choose the music and let it play while I organize everything, to make it perfect; half an hour later the room was clean and tidy.

I go to the kitchen and grab a glass of Coke and the cold meat pie my mom had made. I go back to my room, open the notebook and start working. I was so absorbed in reading a book that it was sent to me by an as yet unknown author; if this book was still good, I would soon make the proposal for publication of it.

The music that was playing stops and starts playing the ringtone being received, I look and see that it was Nella.

— Hey! Nella, how can I help? I ask, curious.

— Hi, Raquel, would you like to ask a favor? - She begins.

- Yea! You want me to stay with Maria Eduarda, right? I ask, soon knowing the answer.

- Yea! – She says awkwardly.

"Nella, I love being with my goddaughter!" — I say, and it was true, Maria Eduarda was such a calm child, and I loved taking care of her.

— Oh, I know! - She says and continues: - We just don't want you to think we're trying to exploit you.

— Aff, Nella, I would never think that of you, now bring her and I'll take care of it — I joke with her, who laughs.

— You can leave it, we'll be there soon! - Nella says and we talk a little more, I told her about a book I was reading that had caught my attention.

"Oh, let me read it too?" - Nella asks me.

"Sure, I'll email you, and is your new book almost ready?" I ask curiously. His book Delegado was a bigger success and we were still among the best sellers.

— Yes, I'm already preparing another book already! she lets go.

"Girl, you don't sleep, do you?" - earring.

— Oh, yes I do, although I sleep better with my delicious deputy. he jokes, and I roll my eyes. I was a little envious of this relationship that worked out very well between them.

- My God! Please don't tell me about your sexual activities with Diogo, please! — I ironically.

— Hahaha, of course not, you might want to write a book called Antonella and Diogo's Sexual Adventures — she laughs.

“My God in heaven, woman, you better go after your man, who's the best,” I joke, rolling my eyes; this Nella had no way at all.

- OK! Now, my friend, let me finish sorting out some cucumbers and we'll be there in a little while.

"I will wait for my princess!" - I miss my goddaughter.

- Of me! Oh, I didn't know you missed me that much,” she says.

"My God, woman, you feel like hell, don't you!" I said I miss my princess and that means it's not you, come on, babe, you've lost your post,” I joke.

— Wow, so much evil in your heart, you don't want me anymore, do you? Nella jokes, making drama.

— My God, woman, hang up the phone and go fuck, that's your problem. — I pile with her.

“Oh, girl, that's right, I'm going to, you can leave it,” she says, laughing, and we end the call. Laughing like that, Nella who, since she married Diogo, was the happiest person in the world.

Well, now I'll make some juice for my goddaughter, who would soon be here.

Some hours later...

“You're the cutest little thing, Dudley,” I say, looking at my goddaughter, who was so cute. Maria Eduarda was a mixture of her parents, whoever looked at her and saw her parents thought she was the same person .

“She's really beautiful,” Nella says proudly.

- I agree! — And I see Nella taking Dudley's things into the living room and putting them on the sofa; seeing me with Duda in my arms, she says: — Now the two girls behave, I promise not to linger on the street with Diogo.

— Don't worry, Nella, we'll get them all ready, right, Duda! - I joke with Duda, who opens a bigger smile.

"I wonder, what about your mother?" - Nella asks looking around and doesn't see her around.

— Girl, now that she's retired, she's enjoying life, she went on a trip with her friends — I comment with a calm smile, my mother deserves all the best in this life.

— That's good, Raquel, she really needed to lift her spirits after the bad flu she caught.

“It's true, she was pretty weakened and now Thank God she's very well,” I comment.

“Well, I have to go,” Nella says, kissing me on the cheek and kissing her daughter.

“Go and enjoy your hubby,” I joke.

— Yes, I will, I'll pick you up at the police station with my car. After Davi also became a delegate, the two of them have been taking turns. — Just by Nella touching Davi's name, my heart races and I think: traitor heart.

- He is fine? I ask how he doesn't want anything.

— The David? - Nella asks.

- Yea! I reply, not wishing I had touched his name.

- Yes, he is fine! He's been a little sulky and I don't know why . - she says as if she's questioning me and wouldn't give the arm twist.

"Yes, it will soon pass, he must have some love problem," I answer through gritted teeth, annoyed.

—Hahaha, I know…why don't you two recognize that you can't live without each other?

“Bye , Nella, go take care of your deputy,” I deflect.

—Bye, friend, you know I root for both of you a lot, right? She says sincerely, hugging me.

- Yes I know! It's better this way, even if Davi and I aren't together, soon he'll find a wife and forget about me,” I reply, sad just thinking about it.

— My friend, listen to what I'm going to tell you — Nella says and gets a little thoughtful —, you and Davi will still be together and I'm sure.

“Oh, Nella, I don't want to be with any man, I'm not a clean person,” I reply with a pain in my heart, feeling dirty.

“Never say that sort of thing. Raquel, my friend, you are the kindest, most sensitive and wonderful person and I am proud to be your friend and I am also sure that David thinks so.

This statement makes me feel emotional and I knew I could count on my friend Nella. She is the only person who understood me and knew about my fears and secrets, only she knew what I went through almost every night.

— Thank you for those nice words, now go find your man, and Duda and I are going to watch some horror movies, huh, Duda, tell Mom that you and I are going to have a bucket of popcorn with a Coke very cold,” I say to Duda, who claps his hands in agreement.

“Let me go, because you're harassing me with a story about a horror movie and a Coke. Oh, before I forget, Dudley has already eaten and also breastfed, she's ready for a nap in a little while — she jokes, gives us a kiss and leaves.

— Now, are we going to watch Galinha Pintadinha, Duda? — I ask, looking at her, who was looking at me with childish curiosity, she grumbles and then I say: — I'll take it as a yes, Dudley! I say jokingly, I put her in the stroller Nella had brought, strap her in, turn on the TV and set her a little way away from the TV.

While the drawing is scrolling, I take Duda's things and see if there was anything in the fridge, I put the bottle away and go back to the living room. I see Duda clapping her hands all happy, I knew she loved this drawing.

I even bought the stuffed animal from Galinha Pintadinha, she saw it and was delighted. The entire first season of Chicken has passed, I turn off the TV and take it to my room. There, I turn on the TV and put on the continuation of the second season, this girl didn't have an ounce of sleep.

— This one really pulled the mother , all electric, help — I say, looking at Duda to see how she was connected to the drawing.

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