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C4 Chapter


Okay, I was kind of fucked up anyway. When I say that, it was because I was. I had a fucking hard-on, dying to fuck my green-eyed sorceress, and not being able to do so was hard. But she was worth it, even if I had to sneak a beat , I would never force her to make love to me without feeling safe.

“What's on your mind so much, my hot deputy?” my sorceress asks while we're still lying on the floor.

— Not at all, or rather, I was thinking, yes, that we, deserve to have a date. I tell a little lie, she didn't need a damn sex maniac.

"Um... Great idea, where are we going?" she asks happily.

"Is there somewhere you'd like to go?" – I ask, I want to meet everyone she likes and, also, that she wants to meet.

“Well, it's been a while since I've been to the movies,” she confesses, barely looking at me.

— Closed, let's book, on my day off, I want to make our night very special — I say, caressing her.

— Good to know, now that we're together, you can warn those “ Subs ” that now the dominator has an owner, and that owner is me! - she says very emphatically.

"Gee, you're hotter when you're jealous!" I tease, pulling her mouth to mine and kissing her very slowly.

"David, I'm serious!" She says patting my shoulder.

— I know and it's a warning, let your employees know, I know very well that they hit on you and keep eating you with their eyes - I warn, making it very clear that I was jealous.

“No problem, now, if I find out there's a cop hitting on you, you can be sure I'll cut your little friend to pieces,” she threatens me, pointing to my cock, and I put my hands up in protection.

“Shit, isn't this helping? - I moan in frustration, just seeing how my cock, even being threatened by her, is very erect.

- What? she teases.

“ We'd better change the subject. I show her how my cock was raised and I'm afraid she'll be scared or even panicked, but I just hear her laugh.

'Someone's really excited, isn't he?' She jokes and it's my turn to laugh.

“Aren't you scared? I ask, a little apprehensive.

- No of course not! She responds quickly. “I understand your concern,” he says.

— I was worried, thinking that when he saw me being aroused, he might get scared and not come near me again.

'Well, don't!' And another thing, I've seen a lot of men naked and excited, I'm not one to be so scared just because I was raped.

- What? I ask jealous of her.

“For God's sake, David, I'm a Dominatrix ,” she reminds me, and knowing that she sees men naked makes me jealous.

“I know that, I just don't like imagining those subs who keep looking in love with you,” I comment, annoyed.

— David it's normal for them to feel that way and I know very well that your “ Subs ” feel the same way.

“It's true, and what I want most is to stop going to the club,” I declare.

- Are you sure? she asks as if doubting it.

— Yes, absolutely! I reply. “I haven't been to the club in a few days. And I was just going to see if I could find you.

"And if that's the case, then I'm not going either!" she declares, and I'm relieved to hear that.

-Are you sure? I repeat her question again, even if it breaks my heart.

- Yes, I'm sure! She speaks with such conviction that I believe her.

"So, let's do this, we're not going to the club anymore, okay?" I ask her, who nods in agreement and says:

- Yes right! - she answers, I pull her face close to mine and kiss her for a long time, we stay like that for a while and then I help her up and we stay on the couch talking. I hear the message sound from my cell phone and I pick it up and look, when I finish reading, I say:

“Raquel, love, I need to get back to the police station,” I say regretfully.

"Yes, I know you do!" She says and I can see she's upset.

— Honey, I really wanted to stay, but they're calling me at the police station — I answer, also upset, I get up and help her up.

“So you really have to go…” she stutters.

“Yeah…but that doesn't mean I'm not coming back,” I declare, and she laughs.

- I know that! You're a deputy now,” she jokes, and I laugh.

— Yes… A well-committed delegate and tomorrow I'm off, what do you think about having dinner together? I ask anxiously.

"Of course, I want to have dinner with you!" She responds quickly.

"Then we are even, my sorceress!" I joke with her. “Now take your man to the door.

"You're very bossy!" - she jokes and we head for the door, I open it looking at that beautiful woman, knowing she was mine. I pull her back into my arms and whisper:

“I'll think about you all night. — I hug her tightly.

"I'll think of you too!" She says and we start kissing again. And at great cost we parted.

"Baby, I really have to go!" — warning reluctantly.

“Yes, and we both know it! And now go to work, deputy,” she jokes, pushing me out of the house.

— I'm going and anything you call me, okay ? I ask, caressing her face, I kiss her deeply, and by the time we're done, we're panting.

- OK! she whispers, nodding, and I give her another kiss.

“Dream about me…” I beg, whispering in fear that everything that was happening there was a dream.

— I'm going to dream about you, my deputy, yummy! she responds with a laugh, winking at me; We say goodbye and I'm leaving.

As soon as I get to the car, I unlock the alarm and get inside. I start the car and see her looking at me until I start the car. She waves goodbye and walks into the house, I put the car on the road and drive away.

And as soon as I get to the police station, I don't even have time to sit down and the police start coming into my office, giving me the cases they had while I was with my beautiful Raquel.

And one thing I knew, that the night would be very long. And, even knowing that the dawn would be difficult, I kept smiling in the intervals, always remembering my wonderful, beautiful, hot, sorceress, and tomorrow I couldn't wait to see her, we would definitely have a nice date, that I guarantee!

The next day...

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