The devil's advocate/C4 Prince paval
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The devil's advocate/C4 Prince paval
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C4 Prince paval

I smiled at the three of them as I stood in front of them, my target looked at me in astonishment and confusion while the two with him were sitting next to him and crossed their arms.

"You're the new Yuniko?" My target asked me, and I nodded. He frowned and then laughed.

"Seriously, it's a miracle that mama took a Yuniko woman." He whispered then looked at me.

"Okay, you're my new Yuniko." It said the reason for the two of them to look at him badly.

"What?" At the same time, two men asked him.

"Pavel, you can't just trust her." Said a man as tall as me.

"Why?" Pavel asked him, the man took a deep breath and then punched the prince hard.

"What if it's a spy or an enemy, aren't you doomed? Another thing, aren't you wondering why your new Yuniko is a woman? What if she didn't go to the screening and she's a psycho pretending to be your Yuniko?" He asked Pavel, laughed and then hit the man hard.

"She's not like that." Laughing he said then looked at me.

"How did you say so?" Bael asked as he called earlier.

"I just feel." The prince's answer was simple so I smiled. The two were surprised and were ready to complain when the prince spoke again.

"Anyways, this is Bael." Said the prince as he pointed his hand at the man taller than us. It just raised an eyebrow.

"And this is Cynrad." He said and pointed to the man with long hair and as tall as me. "My friends." It said and smiled at me, I just smiled hard.

"You know what Yuniko does because your cousin is my Yuniko, don't you?" This question is to me.

"Yes," I answered why Bael stood up and pointed at me.

"Hey girl, respect the prince, say ‘Yes your highness’." He said this so I looked at the prince and laughed.

"It's not my job to tell him," I said so the prince smiled.

"Okay, it's not good. We're just calling him troops, by the way. Join me later in the hall, I'll teach you something." He said so I nodded.

"What about Pavel? Be strict, he doesn't even respect you." Cynrad said that's why Pavel laughed.

"You're not going to be a prince anymore." He said so I laughed, Cynrad and Bael looked at me while the prince was smiling.

"Oh yes, I remember!" Suddenly the prince shouted and stood up.

"What?" Simultaneous question of the two. as

"Hays, why did I forget that task?" Irritated he said then ran out of his room.

"Hoi! Where are you going?" Bael asked but the prince ignored him, the two looked at me and frowned.

"Why didn't you follow?" Cynrad asked me.

"Did he tell me to follow him?" I asked why the two were hit in the air and they were disgusted, I smiled. People, in turn, speed is driven by emotion. I turned around and then walked to follow the prince. If I'm not mistaken, the prince will go down to the palace, at the gate. I was walking normally when I heard the footsteps of Pavel's friends behind me.

"Hoy Yuniko! Hays, why are you so slow to walk?" Bael asked angrily so I looked at him.

"Why don't you be the only one?" I smiled, questioning why Cynrad stopped them, I laughed.

"Just a joke," I said and turned my back on them, the smile quickly faded from my lips and I continued to walk. When I got bored with these two, I would make sure I would take care of them in hell. When I got to the gate I temporarily stared at the prince talking to the plants on the side. People, on the other hand, are simply happy.

"Oi Yuniko! Come here fast!" The prince called me when he saw me, his smile never left his lips as he looked at the plants, I approached him and looked at the plants. There is nothing strange about them to make a creature happy, I looked at the prince. The shallowness of this man's happiness.

"Look at this speed, he's going to bloom." He said while turning to look at a flower. What do I do if it blooms? If I can't control myself, I'll crush that plant until the root is knotted.

"My plants are beautiful." He said and looked at the plants planted around.

"I saw a lot of beautiful plants outside the palace," I said so he looked at me.

"It's more beautiful and more colorful than the plants that are here," I said that's why he gaped.

"R-really?" He asked and suddenly pouted.

"Is the outside of the palace beautiful?" He asked, I smiled inwardly, smiled at him, and nodded tango.

"Why, haven't you been able to go outside the palace yet?" I asked, he shook his head.

"They don't want a father because I might get hurt." He said so I laughed, and he looked at me.

"What's so funny about that?" He asked.

"Your father is too overprotective then," I said and looked at the plants. "They take away your right to be a free person," I said and looked at him.

"I have other well-known princes who can roam wherever they want and they are not harmed." I then smiled at him. "They're just depriving you of the right to be free," I said so he wrinkled his forehead.

" Maybe not." He said and smiled, "I'm sure they only think of my welfare." He said so I laughed even harder.

"You too, you don't go around your constituency, you don't see the beauty of the surroundings outside the palace," I said and sat down then looked at the yellow plant.

"Don't you want to see the place outside the palace?" I asked but he did not answer. He was silent.

"Like but--"

"That’s it." I cut and then touched the plant.

"Let's go out." I said while looking at the plant.

"But it's forbidden." He said so I looked at him.

"That's fine, as long as we don't give up," I said so he wrinkled his forehead, I smiled and stood up, I saw the slow withering of the plant I touched.

"First, we just need to say goodbye so you're going to sleep, then we'll go out tonight," I said so he blinked.

"What if we get caught?" He asked. I smiled at him.

"Then do lying," I answered so he was stunned and looked in the other direction.

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