The devil's advocate/C6 Outside of the palace
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The devil's advocate/C6 Outside of the palace
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C6 Outside of the palace

"It's so beautiful," Pavel said with a smile as he looked at the lights that serve to illuminate the town, its color changing every 1 minute.

I just stood behind him while looking at him, he looked like a child when he looked like that. This is his first time out of the palace, I won't wonder why.

"Look at this Yuniko, what is this thing?" Pavel asked with a smile as he looked at the carriage. I grinned.

"It's called Carriage," I said so he looked at me.

"Carriage?" he asked.

"Are you deaf? I just said that, didn't I? You can ride if you want." I said so his eyes widened and he suddenly grabbed my hand causing my forehead to frown and I could see again what I saw earlier.

"Let's ride!" I immediately removed the prince's grip on my hand, I stood up straight, and then looked at him.

"Well, go ride, I'll just be here," I said, he frowned and laughed.

"You so killjoy, let's go," he said and suddenly he held me again, causing me to see some images in my mind again.

I violently pushed his hand away from me causing him to stop, I smiled at him and tried to calm myself down.

"Alright, we're going to ride in the carriage but you can't touch me, do you understand?" I asked, he immediately nodded his head so I was embarrassed, and signaled for him to walk.

Why is that what I see? Every time he touches me I see images, images that seem to have happened in the past.

"It's great." He said stupidly when we got into the carriage, because the space was so small, I was very close to him, it made me feel dizzy. I looked at the coachman who was staring at us.

I raised my eyebrows so he suddenly looked away.

"W-where are we?" he asked, I looked at Pavel.

"Anywhere," I said and looked back at the coachman.

"Take us around to the most beautiful places in town," Pavel said. Surely it will take us a long time to return to the palace, why did I think to tell him that he can ride here?

"Right, you're the prince." Pavel was stunned by what the Coachman said, he looked at me, I don't care if anyone recognizes him here, it's good by the way and with that he gets bloody and his parents scold him. Also, it's up to him to think of an excuse, my job is to make him feel bad not to cover him up.

If he lies to this coachman, he already has sinned.

"Help me." He whispered, the coachman couldn't take his eyes off of him, I was in agony.

"Are you deaf? Isn't it your job to control the horse? Not to ask questions of your customers." I said to the coachman causing him to look ahead.

"It's an honor, your majesty, to have you ride in my carriage." Pavel was surprised when he said this, I took a deep breath to stop the irritation I was feeling.

"Please don't be noisy and if you can, don't let it be said that you saw me," Pavel said. That's why I bent my palm because it's hard for him to teach me how to lie.

"Noted, your majesty." The coachman said and started to move the horse, I heard Paavel's soft laugh while looking around

"You're right Yuniko, it's beautiful here." He said then looked at me, I looked away and then tried to smile.

"I told you, they are just taking away your right to be free," I said then looked around.

The people here, I can smell their sins, the fragrance in my smell of the sins they commit. I looked at Pavel who was smiling while looking around.

Except for this one who doesn't even smell a bit, his life is boring if he hasn't committed any sin. I grinned, I had a plan.

I looked around and observed the people he was doing, if I didn't make him bad, I would make his surroundings bad.

I immediately stopped the horse causing our coachman to be surprised and Pavel to look at the coachman.

"What's going on?" Pavel asked the coachman who was nervous.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I don't know what happened either, I'll just talk to my horse." He said to Pavel then got down from where he was sitting, Pavel looked at me.

"That happens naturally to animals," I said, then looked to the left side, I immediately controlled the mind of a man to punch the person in front of him and start trouble.

"You're an animal! Why did you punch me?" Pavel looked in their direction because the strength of the man's voice aroused Pavel's attention, people were watching them and surrounding them. I smiled because it was nice to see.

I controlled the man's mind again and ordered him to punch the person in front of him, I also joined one man near them, and I smirked.

"What happened to them?" Pavel asked so I looked at him.

"Why don't you find out?" I asked so he looked at me, I smiled at him.

"You own them, don't you? You should be weaning them." I said so he looked at them again and swallowed, let's see how far you are being kind.

If he chooses not to leave here by my side, he will feel guilty. But when he chooses to go there and wean, he will be known. What will you choose Pavel? You are at a disadvantage with this opportunity.

I looked at the horse and took away my power, I grinned when I saw Pavel swallow, the coachman climbed into his seat and looked at us.

"My majesty, the horse is fine, we can continue." The coachman said that made me smile, the prince looks guilty.

"Wait." Little by little the smile on my lips disappeared and I looked at Pavel who was looking at the people who were fighting.

"Why, Your Highness?" The coachman asked Pavel, looked at me and smiled.

"You're right, I have them under my control. So I have to do something." My eyes widened at what he said.

"W-wait--" I didn't finish what I was going to say when he got off the carriage and went to those who were making a mess.

"Damn it!" I said and followed him annoyed, I took a deep breath and watched what he was going to do.

"I frowned when he removed the handkerchief that was covering his nose and lips, people looked in his direction and their eyes widened.

"The prince!" The people immediately knelt before him except the men under my authority.

"Please talk, this is the first time I've been out of our palace, what I want is to see the beauty of the town and the peaceful life of our subjects, that's why you stop the chaos." He said it was a reason to make me suffer. Damn it, he chose to reveal his personality rather than stay by my side.

"It's nice to see you, your majesty!" They said at the same time, I have removed my power from the three men.'' They were surprised to see Pavel in front of them and fell to their knees at the same time.

"Dear prince! what are you doing here?!" The three asked at the same time, so I approached Pavel.

"Come on, we have to get back to the carriage, you're sure to get hurt in it," I said so he looked at me and nodded.

He looked at the people again and smiled at them.

"I hope you two don't get into trouble again," Pavel said and turned around.

"We are glad to see you, dear prince!" They said at the same time, I got tired and started to follow Pavel.

Skip the first plan, no matter what comes next and I'm sure Pavel will bite my bait

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