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C7 Brecelat

"These ornaments are beautiful!" Pavel said like a child while holding shells of different colors. I just followed him while he went around the market.

I don't know why he likes colorful things, it's an eyesore, to be honest. And until now, I'm still angry because my plan didn't work earlier. I was wrong, it looks like I'm going to last a long time on this mission. It is not easy to make this man evil. It sucks.

"Yuniko look at this." He faced me and suddenly held my hand causing me to see some images again. I was surprised when he put a bracelet on me.

I frowned as I looked at him. He was smiling and looked at the black bracelet that he put on my left hand. It had a heart-shaped blue color in the middle, it was small and alone.

"It's beautiful, look at this too," he said and raised his right hand, it was the same as the bracelet he wore on me. The wrinkles on my forehead slowly disappeared, and he smiled and looked at me.

"That, that's a symbol of our friendship," he said, then let go of my hand.

I looked at the bracelet. Symbol?

"From now on, I won't just treat you like a stranger, you'll be my friend," he said with a smile so I looked up at his smiling face.

I was stunned by what he said, I just looked at him, my brain couldn't process what he said. He went back to shopping for the things in front of him.

"From now on, I won't just treat you like a stranger, you'll be my friend," friend

I kept my gaze on Pavel's back who was happily looking at the decorations. This is the first time someone gave me something small and simple.

I looked at the bracelet he gave me. And this was also the first time someone told me I was a friend.

I looked back at that person again. Why are you like that? Why do you behave like that? I am not happy because you are too kind and too generous. I'm not happy because you're only making my mission more difficult.

This person…. I bent down and took a deep breath.

.. There is something about him that I can't figure out.

"Yuniko, come on." He said worried so I looked at him looking at the saleswoman. I approached him.

"I'm sorry." I heard what Pavel said so I looked at the girl in front of us who looked angry.

"You man, the ones here are not free. Everything is paid for, do you understand? You opened my goods right away and you haven't paid yet." said the woman so I looked at Pavel who was bowing. I frowned.

Why does he let this girl do that to him? He is the prince so he should be angry because he is not respected by the person he is in front of. I was saddened, I forgot that half of his face was covered so that he could not be recognized. I looked at the angry woman.

"Yuniko, do you have gold? I didn't know that there was a fee for the goods here," he said, then pointed to my bracelet and his bracelet.

"Two small pieces of gold are equal to these two, and this one too," he said then showed the ones he took. I'm so tired.

"Why did you take this thing when you didn't have any gold?" I asked, he just laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

"I didn't expect that I would fall in love with these things here," he said with a pout.

"Lend me some gold first, I'll return it to you later," he said. I grinned inside. I have a good plan. I looked at the woman.

"I'm just going to talk to him," I said, then put my arm around Pavel and turned my back on the woman.

"Listen," I said, then stuck to him.

"I don't have gold with me either," I whispered so he was surprised and looked at me.

"Well, how is that?" he asked. I smiled at him.

"I thought of something," I said, then came closer to him.

"When the woman is no longer looking at us, we will leave with the things you took," I said so she stopped and looked at me.

"That's bad," he said, so I was tormented.

"Yes, I know, but you don't have any gold, right? There are many people here who can take your purchases if we leave them." I said, making her frown even more.

"But it's still bad, Yuniko," he said, then walked away from me. He took a deep breath and looked at his hands.

"They are beautiful, but it is wrong for us to take them without paying." He said it made my blood boil. "It's only once, just once. Then you're a prince, everything you want can be obeyed." I said and he immediately shook his head.

"Yes, I am a prince, but it is not right for me to deceive my people." I closed my eyes in annoyance.

"I'm sorry Yuniko, but we have to return my bracelet, as well the bracelet I gave you," he said and looked at the woman, I bent my palm because of the anger.

Will he choose to apologize to that girl?! He is a prince! Everything he wants he can get!

I stared at Pavel who was talking to the woman and returning everything he had taken. I want to strangle his neck with so much annoyance.

I stopped and looked at the bracelet he gave me.

Does that mean we will return this too? No, I don't want to. Pavel has given it to me and once given to me, it cannot be taken back.

My eyes narrowed then I crossed my arms, I will not return it.

I saw that Pavel had finished talking to the woman who was annoyed because he returned her goods. Pavel looked at me and smiled sadly.

"Take it off Yuniko, put it back on the woman, I'll wait for you there." He was sad and passed me by. I was surprised by what he did so I turned to him and watched him walk away from me. What do I feel? Why do I feel sorry for him? I'm a demon and princesses like me have no mercy on humans.

"Hey you, take that off." My blood suddenly boiled when I heard the voice of the woman who ran the store behind me.

I immediately clenched my fist and grinned.

I slowly faced the woman behind me, her forehead was wrinkled and she was annoyed.

"Take it off." She said that made me smile.

"You don't have the right to order me," I said with a smile, causing her to get even angrier.

"Well, you're crazy, there's no payment with you so--" I dropped the five pieces of gold on her table, she was surprised by what I did and slowly the frown disappeared and she smiled at me.

"You two are easy to talk to." She said and handed me the things that Pavel had returned to her earlier. I looked into her eyes and smiled.

"I'll see you in hell," I said, then turned away from her carrying the things that Pavel wanted.

I let out a silly smile. Let's see if you don't die because of the gold I gave you. Those golds have a curse. Whoever touches it except me will die, all the insects will slowly come out of her body. And that will be the cause of her death. I'm the princess of hell and no one can give me an order. I'm the rules and the death,

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