Dominant CEO And Dominated Me

Modern Romance
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Dominant CEO And Dominated Me
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Sep 26th, 07:33
Chapter 1162 - Outsider Outcome Looking at those eyes again, it felt like centuries had passed. Mu Qianchu looked at her red eyes in surprise, looking at the sickroom and then looking at her, "Miss, who are you?" His voice was stiff and unfamiliar, but his voice was warm like the wind, as old as ever. "…" Who did he ask her? Shi Xiaonian looked at his unfamiliar eyes in shock. Her lips opene
"You want to leave just after you stole my genes?" He grabbed her and forced her to hand over her baby that was born three years ago. Never happened before? Then get pregnant again! She was powerless to resist and fell into a situation where the paranoid president had tried to rob her of her love.