The Psychology behind!

  • avarieJune 28, 2019 5:18 PM

    This novel is one of the great wuxia novel, let’s admit that it has some flaws special the storyline is quite disturbing at first but as you go along, you’ll fine yourself hook with it. The novel don’t just merely focuses on abuse or any coercion in sexual aspects but mostly it talks about how disturbing mental health issues that we lack to give attetion with. Gong Ou being paranoia represents alot of people who struggle to get better day by day, just to be called normal. But, what is really normal? is doing what you think sane and others don’t have the same way defining sanity is something to be question about in normalcy.? It had so many potential to convey with if it goes on and I hope we all had the chance to see the bottom of it.

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  • LoraDJuly 21, 2019 11:11 AM

    I was also fascinated by the storyline because of its close relationship to the Stockholm Syndrome. I wanted to see at what stage during the captivity the MC would fall so called in love with the ML. Despite the hundreds of missing chapters, I persisted to the very end. I was interested in the MC’s thought process as the pendulum swung from disgust and fear to love and deep appreciation. I wonder if she would have developed such a feeling if there was an equal emotional support out there for her. By the time freedom was attainable the link between the characters had become ironclad. I watched the drama representation to see how this factor was captured. This is a story I will read again and again because I live in North America, where women are kidnapped from time to time by mentally unbalanced men and locked away from the world. It’s a deeply buried Stonehenge habit by such men that once existed in the distant past of mankind’s development. Great story…!!!

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