The Emperor Landing on the Nine Heavens

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The warship flew in another space for ten full days! In this situation, many of the people within the battleship fell silent. Everyone knew how powerful the battleship carrying them was. What did it mean to fly for ten days in a foreign space? It was not as easy as flying in the Star Spill Continent's lower realms. Normal Rankers wouldn't be able to enter the alternate dimension with normal trea


I am the Emperor of the Nine Layered Heavens of the Myriad Domain! My decree is so vast that in this world, there is no one who dares to disobey it! This was the story of an ordinary boy like Lin Dong growing up to become the Nine Heavens Emperor! Experts were as numerous as the clouds, and they could also be seen how Lin Dong managed to carve a path through countless geniuses and powerhouses! If a beauty falls in love, how could the main character choose?


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