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"Hmph! Ha!"

The sun rose a little late in the early spring. Although the sky was just beginning to brighten, the sounds of martial arts training could be heard from a small courtyard in a small mountain village southeast of Qingzhou Prefecture.

"Bang!" Little Tiger fainted again … "After about an hour, he heard a loud bang, and then someone shouted!

"Quick, hurry up and carry the youngest junior brother into the house!"

"This little tiger's body is as strong as a little tiger, why does he always pass out after training for a short period of time?"

After the child standing at the back of the line fainted, there was a nearby disciple who hurriedly carried the child called "Little Tiger" back to the house!

"What are you looking at?! Hurry up and train! Da Hu, lead the rest and continue practicing! " At this moment, the forty-something year old middle-aged man in front of everyone who was practicing martial arts turned around and shouted at everyone. Then, he turned around and said to a young man who looked to be about the same age as him!

If you looked closely, you would see that this martial arts instructor, Da Hu and Xiao Hu Zi looked very similar! Actually, this martial arts instructor was Da Hu and Xiao Hu's father!

"I am Guo Hai, a Regiment Soldier (Retired Soldiers, Excluding Officers)!" "No, I'm Guo Xiaohu!" Didn't I get hit by a car on my behalf?! "Where are we going now?" I need to get up quickly and practice martial arts! "— — Right after Little Tiger fainted, two voices kept arguing in his head! In truth, this was not the first time Little Tiger had fainted. Ever since Little Tiger had climbed up a tree to dig for bird eggs to fall, another voice called "Guo Hai" had appeared in Little Tiger's head. However, this was only this person's memory!

When Little Tiger saw a part of this person's memories, he was also very afraid, so he quickly told his father. However, since Little Tiger's father was helpless, the others were helpless as well. Fortunately, after a period of time, Little Tiger was back to normal, and when Little Tiger's father saw this, he did not take it seriously! However, ever since then, Little Tiger would faint after a period of time and be safe and sound soon after. As for the others, they were used to it, but during this period of time, Little Tiger would pass out for even shorter periods of time!

I am Guo Xiaohu! It wasn't Guo Hai at all! " In Guo Xiaohu's mind, the life of "Guo Hai" kept appearing, and after Guo Xiaohu finished looking at this "Guo Hai", he went all the way to high school, then because he failed the college entrance examination and joined the army, he was demobilized and returned home after five years. The final scene froze as a car sped towards a child in the middle of the road, "Guo Hai" saw it, and pushed away the child in the middle of the road with all his might!

In his mind, he could clearly see Skyscraper, Guo Hai's knowledge, and his experiences in the army, but these were just pictures. In addition to Guo Xiaohu's experience in Guo Huai's life these past three years, especially his occasional travel novels, he understood what was going on. Guo Xiaohu roared out loud in his mind after he had thoroughly read Guo Huai's experience!

"Little Tiger!" Little Tiger —!

Right at this moment, Little Tiger heard someone call out to him!

"Dad, I'm fine!" After Little Tiger shouted out in his heart, there was no longer any sound of 'Guo Hai' in his mind. Only the experience of 'Guo Hai' was deeply imprinted in Little Tiger's mind! After Little Tiger woke up, he said this to his father!

Little Tiger woke up from his stupor and silently sized up his own family. Although his family couldn't be considered rich, it was still much better than the other families in the village! And the man in his forties was his father — Guo Haifeng!

In the previous generation, Guo Haifeng was the only one of Guo Haifeng's generation. The elders of the family all hoped that Guo Haifeng would grow up to be a promising young man, and that he would make use of the coincidental words from Lin's youth to say "The sea goes to the shore of the boundless heavens, the mountain climbs to the peak, and I will take the peak of the mountain as his peak." However, Guo Haifeng was not interested in the four books and five scriptures. Later, he heard that Guo Yunshen had studied martial arts with him in Li Ling County, and he only came back to marry when he was in his twenties, only to have children when he was twenty-five, Guo Da Hu, and later on, Guo Hai Feng only had a few children who died young. At the age of thirty-seven, he had his youngest child Xiao Hu, but Guo Hai Feng's wife was also gradually becoming weaker, until Xiao Hu died when he was two or three!

Strangely enough, Guo Haifeng was born in 1854.

Guo Dahu was born in 1878.

and Little Tiger was born in 1890 (Qing Guangxu sixteen years, Geng Yin ten years).

These are the Year of the Tiger! Each of them had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and Little Tiger was even more so. At such a young age, he already had a pair of black, long-lived eyebrows. He called Guo Haifeng "Guo Hu," and Guo Haifeng was called Guo Da Hu by his eldest son, Guo Xiaohu by his younger son!

"Alright, I'm fine now. You should rest for a while and continue practicing tomorrow!" Guo Haifeng said when he saw that Xiao Huzi was fine!

After Guo Haifeng left, Guo Xiaohu started to organize the chaotic memories in his mind. Although Guo Xiaohu had fainted a lot in the past, and had gotten some of Guo Hai's memories as well, this time it was different from the past. At this point, Guo Xiaohu had completely accepted Guo Hai's memories!

At this time, Guo Xiaohu also had a new understanding of his own era. Before this, Guo Xiaohu only knew that this year was Xu Guangxu's 24th year, but after combining Guo Hai's memories, Guo Xiaohu also knew that today was the 1898th year of the western era. Guo Xiaohu also knew that in Guo Hai's memories, the Sino-Japanese War in the afternoon was 1894, and now, only four years had passed, Guo Xiaohu had calculated that this year.

However, regardless of whether it was the 1890s or the Boxers' Movement, Guo Xiaohu, who lived in the southeast mountain village of Qingzhou Prefecture in Shandong, was very far away. Therefore, Guo Xiaohu was not very concerned about these things! However, Guo Xiaohu could clearly remember that half a century later, China would be in a state of war. The only thing he could do was to wait until tomorrow to practice Xing Yi Martial Arts.

After Guo Xiaohu steeled his heart for a period of time, Guo Xiaohu did not faint again, and his father and older brother Guo Da Hu were happy too. After waiting more than a month, Guo Xiaohu did not faint again.

Since the new year, Guo Xiaohu had been learning Xing Yi Martial Arts together with his father and older brother, as well as more than 20 other senior brothers from the same village and nearby villages. However, Guo Xiaohu was only nine years old (Virtual year), so he was unable to practice any profound moves.

Usually, when a disciple is learning martial arts from his master, he first starts teaching martial arts after three or four years. One of the requirements is that he needs to practice his basic martial arts well, and of course, the other meaning is that the master will observe his disciple during this time to see whether or not he can endure hardships, if or not he has the ability to comprehend, and whether or not he is worthy to be trusted with clothes!

Although Guo Xiaohu had started his horse stance at the age of six, his practice of the Three Postures started last year, so Xiaohu would need another year or two before he could practice his Xing Yi Fist moves!

In a blink of an eye, it was May of the Lunar New Year. However, this did not stop Little Tiger from practicing martial arts! Ever since Xiaohu had fainted last time, Xiaohu understood the importance of national techniques. After all, 'Guo Dahai' had no connections even if he wanted to learn, so he became the first person to get up from the Guo Family's small courtyard!

Today, Xiaohu was the first one to wake up. When Guo Xiaohu arrived at the small courtyard, he was facing the south with his arms crossed and his head pointed upwards. He took a step forward with his left leg in front of him. His two hands slowly separated. His left hand pushed forward while his right hand pulled back. Both hands felt like they were tearing cotton. His left hand extended straight out, but not too high, reaching to the extreme. The big finger should be level with the heart, the arm should be straight and not straight, like a twist, but the wrist to the elbow, always to the level of degrees. He pulled his right hand under his belly button, making a pit in the base of his big finger, close to his belly. The left foot and left hand should fall together, but the rear foot should not move. The left and right fingers were spread wide open and could not be joined together. The big fingers of the left hand were stretched horizontally, while the index fingers of the right hand were extended forward. The big two fingers of the left and right hands were in a semicircle.

Little Tiger looked at the tip of his left index finger. Both the shoulder root loosens pull together, both the hip Reagan also pull together, is the shoulder and the crotch also. Do not let your elbows sag, do not show them, bend in the back, do not bend to the dead, and be full like a crescent moon. The knees are pressed inwards, and cannot be revealed, but the elbows meet the knees. The heel of both feet is twisted outwards and cannot be revealed, and it corresponds to the pulling of both hands, which is the union of the hands and feet. This was called outer triad. Shoulder should destroy the elbow, elbow should destroy the hand, waist should destroy the crotch, the crotch should destroy the knee, the knee should destroy the foot. His body was still upright and could not be tilted left or right. If one's heart and mind were stable, then their heart and mind would be in harmony. If one wanted to specialize, then one's will would be compatible with one's Qi. Qi with the form of the body to be natural popular, do not have the mind to control Qi, then Qi and force. In this way, Yin and Yang coincide with each other, with the upper and lower parts connected together. The inner and outer parts are the same. This is called 'Six Harmonies'. The truth was that they were the same inside and outside. In other words, Yin and Yang were compatible, and the inner strength of the three bodies was born from this.

After Guo Xiaohu stood there for an hour, the sun slowly rose in the east. When the sun rose above the sea level, Xiaohu felt a wave of purple qi dissipating in the east, so Xiaohu inhaled it slowly through his nose! This was the rare "Purple Qi from the East"!

At this moment, the other senior brothers had also finished washing up and were beginning to practice. When Xiaohu saw this, he immediately stopped. Guo Haifeng saw that Xiaohu was so hardworking and nodded his head in satisfaction. Since Xiaohu did not faint, he had become more sensible and diligent in martial arts practice!

"Dang, dang!" Just as Guo Xiaohu's seniors were preparing to practice their martial arts, someone was knocking on the Guo Family's door!

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