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Amongst Guo Kaishan's trio, Wang Yu had been Guo Yunzhan's last disciple, so he had already chosen two forms, the first two forms of Xing Yi Martial Art's 12 forms — Dragon Form and Tiger Form!

The last time Guo Yunzhen, the master of Xing Yi, visited Taigu, Shanxi province, he discussed with his senior brother, Che Yichang (Cho Yonghong), and so on the order of the Twelve Forms of Fist, using the Dragon and Tiger forms as the beginning and the Eagle and Bear forms as the end. The Dragon and Tiger forms divide the "up and down" into two, representing deduction, while the Eagle and Bear forms combine the "up and down" into one, representing induction. The so-called "dragon and tiger for opening, eagle and bear for joining together". Since then, the dragons and tigers combined into a form, while the eagles and bears combined into a single move, known as the "bear and hawk fusion" or "bear and hawk cooperation".

Xue Dian was taught by Li Cunyi, who first learned Xing Yi Martial Arts from Liu Qilan. Liu Qilan valued the Five Elements Fist, but was different from Guo Yunzhen, who rarely practiced the Twelve Forms. With his talent, he could only learn one or two of them at most. Paying attention to movement and leg techniques, most of his disciples were known for their agility and speed. Liu Qilan was most proficient in the dragon form, especially when his "dragon bone search" was renowned throughout the world! In the end, Xue Dian also chose the Dragon Tiger's Second Form!

In fact, after practicing the Dragon and Tiger forms to a certain degree, they could be used together, such as the moves, "War of the Dragons and Tigers", and so on!

And when he asked Guo Kaishan, he remembered that "Guo Dahai" in the army had once heard a martial arts comrade say that the earliest martial arts practice began with the 'Bear Meridians and Bird's Onion' and this bear eagle could attack together. In the end, he chose the last two forms of the 12 forms of Xing Yi Fist — Eagle Form and Bear Form!

Bear Meridians: An ancient method of guiding health, similar to deep breathing. Like a bear climbing a branch, the bird stretches its feet. Words out "Zhuangzi, intentional": "Breathe out breath, talk new, bear meridian birdlike, just longevity." Cheng Xuanying: "blowing cold and vomiting, warm and new, like a bear climbing a tree and hanging himself, birds fly and stretch their feet." Han Cui, "Political Theory": "A husband is like a bird, although the art of extension, is not typhoid." Yuan Xin's writing room, "The Tang scholar's son passes on Lu Yan": "Do not damage medicine, more and more land. "A bear's body is like a bird's body, while a bird's body is like a recuperation."

In a note, Sima Biao of the Jin Dynasty said: "Xiong Jing is like a bear climbing a tree and drawing qi from it. "A bird's appearance is like a bird's attitude towards a bird's behavior." Cheng Yuen-ying of the Tang Dynasty explained: "If a bear climbs a tree, it can hang itself. Birds fly in the air and stretch their legs." Wang Fuzhi of the Qing Dynasty thought: "Like a bear climbing a tree, like a bird stretching its neck." Also known as "Bear Meridian Bird Stretch".

Guo Yunxian saw that Guo Kaishan had already selected the key points of Xue Batian's Tiger Form and Guo Kaishan's Eagle Form!

"The dragon-shaped person has the form of a descending dragon, the shape of a soaring dragon, and the method of searching the bones." The dragon-shaped person has the style of a descending dragon, the way of a soaring dragon and the way of searching the bones. Alchemy Book Yun: The dragon walks towards the fire. It was also called the cloud, the cloud that followed the dragon. In the fist, it was called the dragon form. This form of force, the opening of the hand fluid (also known as the lip hole, the origin of the Ren meridian), connected with the Tiger Qi reincarnation cycle, the two forms, one after the other, one rising and one falling. If his fist followed the path of the heart, then the heart's fire would fall. If his fist went against the will of the Yin Fire, the body would be scorched. His body would no longer be lively, and his heart would no longer be open to it. You must remember the deep heart, the long time the body is lively reason is clear.

Tiger form, have the form of a tiger to leave the cave, and have the courage to pounce on food, in the abdomen for kidney water. Dan Shuyun: The tiger ascends to the water is also for the wind, wind from the tiger, in the fist for the tiger pounce, butt tail (also known as Du Mai, also known as long strong). Rising up and down could not be seen. Fierce Tigers would also be seen outside the cave. If his fists were smooth, then the clear air would rise, and his brain would also be sane and untamed. (TL: Chinese idiom: Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi = Qi)) When his fist went against the will, the turbid air would not descend, and his meridians would not connect. The Du meridian was the origin of all hundred meridians. Once the Du meridian opened, all the meridians would be connected to one another. This was also the will of the Du meridian. You must remember the truth of the tiger-shape, and the mind and body of You must learn the tricks.

Those with the shape of an eagle are also the most vicious. In the abdomen, the yang in the kidney rises to the level of the brain, that is, the book of pills goes through the spine, passing through the three stages, and the word born in a mudball is known as the eagle's shape in the fist. His boxing style was invigorated in the brain while his eyes were bright. His boxing style was incongruous in his four fingers. The sun fire rose while his head felt dizzy and his eyes would turn red. By practicing this form, one could recover pure Yang energy, and its benefits were not shallow.

A bear shaped person had the slowest personality, the most imposing figure, and the power of the vertical bar. The vulva and the inner strength of the body, in the abdomen can receive a drop in Yin Qi in the dantian, in the fist is the bear shape. It could straighten the neck and restore the pure Yin Qi. It could connect with the Eagle Qi and rise to become Yang. It was called descending as yin and the combination of the two forms could be said to be the fighting spirit of the falcon and could also be said to be the interaction between yin and yang. Although Yin and Yang rose and fell, it was actually no more than the expansion of a Qi. One had to know that the prologue dragon and tiger were the two types of martial art. One had to know that the 12 forms could open and close, and that was the same as entering a state of enlightenment. Do you remember Yu Zhai, Xue Dian, and Kai Shan?! "

In the end, Guo Yunzhen called the three of them together and then repeated it again!

In the next few days, the three of them stayed in Guo Yunzhen's cultivation room to practice martial arts, and Guo Yunzhen would be there to teach them in two or three days. The rest of them knew that Guo Yunzhen favored the three of them, so they were happy for them and didn't dare to disturb them! After all, Old Master Guo was almost eighty years old, and he rarely showed his face anymore. Apart from Wang Yu Zhai, he didn't give any more pointers! This time, Xue Dian and Guo Kaishan could be said to have had a huge advantage!

During this time, Guo Yunzhen's juniors, Song Shirong (50 years old) and Song Shide (47 years old), Li Guangheng (41 years old) and He Yunheng (48 years old), personally came to pay their respects to their senior brother, while Guo Yunzhen's seniors, Che Yonghong (67 years old) and Liu Xiaolan (79 years old), also sent their disciples to pay their respects to Guo Yunzhen! On the other hand, Li Cunyi was senior brother Liu Qilan, who had already passed away on behalf of Guo Yunzhen!

Of course, there was an endless stream of people who came to offer their blessings to Old Master Guo. Among them were the famous Taiji Fist disciple Yang Chengfu, who was only seventeen years old, the Big Saber King Wu, the Eight Trigram Palm's disciple "Glasses Cheng" Cheng Tinghua, and the "Lightning Hands" Zhang Zhenkui!

Li Cunyi and Wang Wu were both in the escort company and had a close relationship with each other. Li Cunyi had learned the Eight Trigrams Palm from Dong Haichuan, so he could be considered as his martial brother. Zhang Zhenjie was also considered as Li Cunyi's sworn brother, and later on he was introduced by Li Cunyi to be under Liu Qilan, the Grandmaster of Xingyi Fist Fist!

Although Zhang Zhankui wasn't too famous, his disciple was Han Muxia, one of the two Jin Men, and as for Zhou Enlai, he could be considered Zhang Zhouliao's grand disciple. Of course, this was all a story for the future, let's not talk about it for now!

In the blink of an eye, Guo Kaishan and the other two had been practicing in Guo Yunzhen's cultivation room for nearly a month.

"Grand Master, I have heard father say that we martial artists can be divided into three levels of strength. I wonder what kind of secrets this has?!" Just before the end of the month, Guo Kaishan asked Guo Yun this question!

"The Xing Yi Martial Art has three layers of principles. There are three stages, and there are three types of techniques." The three levels of principles were to train in the essence, the essence, and the spirit. Three steps were bone changing, tendons changing, and marrow cleansing. The three types of training methods are the three levels of strength that you speak of, namely Bright, Dark, and Melting.

For those who possessed great strength, it meant that they possessed the strength of a fist. Bone transformers were those who could refine the Qi and also those who could transform the bones. Because the innate Qi of the human body and the Houtian Qi did not match, his physique was not strong enough, so he had invented his own way. When all mortals were born, their nature was not bad. Their bodies were not healthy, and their roots were stable. They were simply born into the world. After that, once the knowledge was opened and the spiritual cavities were closed, disagreements occurred. Yin and yang were not consented to each other and were all used for blood energy. As a result, blood energy was prevalent and positive energy was weakened, resulting in the body's muscles and bones not being robust and sturdy. In the past, Master Damocles had taught him the Muscle Meridians and the Marrow Washing Sutra, which allowed him to learn the body of a strong man, as well as the true face of a person in his first life. After the Song Dynasty, King Yuewu expanded the meaning of the two classics as three classics: Altering the bones, Altering the tendons, and Purification. He then reconstructed the three scriptures into a fist technique, using it to invent the theory of this scripture. Fist Channel: 'Tranquility is the main body, action is the role', different from the five birds of antiquity and the eight stages of body training where it is useless. Because the fist technique has an infinite number of wondrous uses, it first has the bone transformation, the tendon transformation, the marrow cleansing, the yin and yang mixed together, the rigid and soft, silent and tasteless, the whole of the void. Therefore, there is the whole of the Void Spirit Divination, there is the miraculous use of deification. Therefore, the fist is the inner and outer qi, movement a source, the body uses a line, so static for the body, movement for the role. This was because people created a small world, and all of them were in harmony with the principles of the world. Only the changes in the yin and yang of the world were easier. Since a person's body was compatible with the laws of the world, wouldn't it be easy if their body was weak? Therefore, it is easier to walk the path of change. The weak becomes the strong, the soft becomes the strong, and the paradoxes become the sum of their strengths. Therefore, all of the three scriptures had the temperament of someone who had changed from the beginning. Bone transformers were those who practiced the essence of the boxing style and also those who practiced the essence of the qi. The scattered Qi in the body was stored in the Dantian. It was neither biased nor fluid. Using the size of the nine elements to train, the Six Yang Qi was pure and strong. The fists were connected from top to bottom, and the hands and feet were like one. At this point, the boxing style of "Brilliant Strength" had been used up, the bone changing skill had been used up, and the skill of "Refining Qi" had also been used up.

In the dark, the gentle force in the fist (the difference between soft and soft: soft but weak, soft but not weak) is also the spirit of qi transformation, the path of altering tendons. First, he practiced the 'Bright Force' and then the 'Dark Force'. That was the meaning of the 'Small Circle of Fire' of the pill dao before he used the 'Large Cycle of Power'. If he stopped using the force, it would mean that he would be bathing in the Small Circle of Qi. The hidden strength did not stop, that is, the great cycle of four times a bath. The force used in the fist is to combine the body and spirit (god means meaning meaning), pulling back the hands (inside has retracting force), meaning to pull out the wire. Push your hands back and forth: push your left hand forward, pull your right hand back, or push your right hand forward, pull your left hand back, as if you were tearing silk, or draw a hard bow with both hands. He had to use his strength to slowly pull away. Both hands or right hand turned outwards and left hand wrapped in force. His left hand turned out horizontally and his right hand wrapped around it like a pair of daggers, or a series of fists wrapped around a fist. Fist Channel: 'The wrapped up cannot be exposed'. Both of his hands pushed forward, as though he was pushing against something heavy. He didn't move, but at the same time, it was as though he wasn't moving at all. With the strength of two kicks, when the forelegs hit the ground, the kicks would land on the ground without making a sound. Then, he would be satisfied with the ground and the force he used was like a hand pressing down on something. His hind legs exerted force, as though he was striding through a ditch. The fist meridian cloud: 'The foot will not miss,' is the forelegs; 'The message is based on the hind leg', is the hind leg; 'The horse has its hooves and its work'. Both of them spoke the same words. The steps of the first two stages were the same. Only the bright energy could make sounds, while the dark energy could make no sounds.

For someone who had reached the strength of the Body Transformation realm, even when training the mind, it could also be said that he had reached the realm of Purification. It was to train the hidden force to be gentle to the point where it could be said to be gentle to the point where it could be said to be gentle to the extreme. It was also the end of the hidden force. Pill Scripture Yun: 'The mixture of yin and yang is formed, melting in a soft and rigid manner, and can be said to be extremely familiar'. The end of the gentle force was also the beginning of the strength transformation. Therefore, with the addition of kung fu, the spirit training is still hollow, the form and spirit of Ju Yao, and the Dao is true, so silent and odorless that it could be said to have been removed from the pill. The 'fist has no fist, meaning is unintentional, meaning is unintentional', meaning is the strength of transformation. When training the mind, the task of Purification was over. A practitioner of inner strength was different from a practitioner of inner strength. Bright and dark forces also had the ability to draw. Scratch is both hands in and out of the short, also known as short force. It was like a hand reaching for the wall, slashing down, and the hand was still on him, so to speak, slashing. A practitioner of the Qi Transformation stage would use the same method as the first two steps, but the power used would be different. Fist Channel: 'Three Nine Revolutions is one move'. This is also what it means. For the third cycle, one would practice the Qi Transformation stage, the Qi Transformation stage, and the Spirit Transformation stage, which also included the Bright, Dark, and Strength Conversion stage. For those who went through the third cycle, the first style consisted of the bright, dark, and strength; for those who went through the ninth cycle, the ninth cycle consisted of the pure Yang. Dissolving into nothingness and returning to the pure Yang is also a principle. When training, use your hands and feet 'movements to follow the pattern of the first two steps. Do not use any force. It is not that you do not use force in the air, use your ears with your true intent both inside and outside your body. The power used in the movements of the hands and feet was present and absent, but it was real yet intangible. He didn't use the Qi in his stomach to mean it, nor did he use it to mean it. It was meant to store the Void Spirit God's Ear. Breathing seemed to be indistinct. It was the same as breathing in the martial arts of alchemy. Yang was born to the feet, then returned to the furnace, then sealed to rest, then bathed. Thus, it was as though there was nothing at all. All of it was true breath, and it was the wondrous use of a single god. Zhuang Ziyun: 'The breath of a true person is in the heel'. This is the meaning of this. He trained to the point where he could no longer feel his body, but his mind and spirit were both in perfect harmony with the dao. At this moment, he could be in the same body as the Great Void. In the future, practice kungfu, can be silent and unmoving, feel and pass, have no entry and no satisfaction, have no direction but its path, can't be denied. Fist Channel: 'Those with Solidified Spirit Root are moved by martial arts; those with Cultivating Spirit Root are calm;' Therefore, Xing Yi Martial Arts and the Dao of alchemy combined into one.

However, I speculate that there is still one more stage of martial arts after this transformation. Even if you are already at the Xiantian realm, you may not be able to do so. I will not be able to reach that stage. It will all depend on you in the future! "Alright, I'll leave what I can teach to you guys. From now on, the amount of good fortune you guys have will all depend on yourselves!" When Guo Yunzhen heard Guo Kaishan's words, he explained the theory he had discussed with his predecessors as well as himself and the other martial arts grandmasters to the three of them in detail. Finally, he gave them the instructions!

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