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Even though Guo Kaishan had fired five shots and aimed them at his target, it did not mean that he had completely annihilated the church's martial force! Although Zhang Qingyuan had seized the opportunity to lead the Boxer Regiment and charge into the church in one fell swoop, the attack on the church was not going smoothly!

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Ahhhhhhhh!"

When they were about to enter the church, the remaining missionaries in the church were shooting at the members of the Boxers. Since the distance was too close and the space was too small, even if the shooting skills of the foreigners were not good enough, they would still hit the members of the Boxers! In that short moment, more than ten members of the Boxer Alliance were struck!


It was a good thing that Guo Kaishan also followed along at this critical moment. Upon seeing the situation, he raised his gun and aimed at the missionaries. Even though there were many missionaries here, their marksmanship was far worse than Guo Kaishan's!

Very quickly, these missionaries were beaten to the point where they had no way to fight back! Seeing this rare opportunity, these Boxers rushed into the church without Zhang Qingyuan's permission! The result was obvious!

After this battle, twenty-one men from the Boxers were killed and fifteen injured! Eleven people died in Hengshui Church, of which Guo Kaishan killed eight and injured twenty. Most of them were caused by beatings of members of the Boxer League after the Boxers attacked the church, and after the missionaries surrendered! As for the Boxers, they only had around 50 people left, because some of them secretly left after noticing that something was wrong!

"Wow, so much silver-" "There's gold here!" After completely subjugating the people in the church, the members of the Boxer Regiment began to search around for the church's property! After these people had found the treasure, they hid it in his arms without any hesitation. There were even some who took action because of these few gold ingots!

"Brothers, stop! Stop! " Zhang Qingyuan looked at the bickering members and shouted! However, by this time, the members of the Boxer Kingdom had already turned red with rage, completely ignoring Zhang Qingyuan's words!

"Bang!" Guo Kaishan frowned when he saw how undisciplined the Boxer Regiment was. Seeing that Zhang Qingyuan had no other choice, he shot towards the ceiling.

"All of you, stop! Look at all of you! And also attack your own brothers! " After hearing the gunshot, the group members stopped! Seeing these people stop, Guo Kaishan spoke to the person who made the move!

"Where did this little brat come from?!" "Do you have the right to speak here?!" That bastard fired his gun?! "

After hearing Guo Kaishan's words, these members of the Boxer Alliance looked at him and started swearing.

"Stand up for me! Whoever is blabbering about it, laozi will destroy him! " After Guo Kaishan saw that his spear had no effect on the group, he pointed the box gun at the members of the Boxer Faction and said, "Go!"

Although Guo Kaishan was only eleven years old and was only about 1.45 meters tall, and it was funny to see a kid with a short gun swearing like that. However, none of the members of the Boxers dared to laugh, because eight of the eleven corpses had bullet holes in their heads! These members of the Boxer Squad also knew that the child's words were not a joke. It was a matter of life and death!

"Fourth Senior Brother, bring a few people with you to collect all the foreign gun bullets of these foreign devils!" "You three, take a look and see if there's anything valuable in this church!" Guo Kaishan said to Zhang Qingyuan as soon as he saw that he had subdued all the Boxers. Then, he pointed to the three members of the Boxer Kingdom beside him and said!

Soon, Zhang Qingyuan came back with four people carrying seven or eight guns and some bullets. As for the three people who had rushed out to search for valuables, they had returned empty-handed. It was unknown if they had searched too thoroughly or if they had hidden themselves!

"Dad, Fourth Senior Brother, should we move first?!" "Now that we've captured the church, I think the soldiers will come soon. When that happens, we won't be able to get away!" Seeing that everyone had finished packing up, Guo Kaishan did not know what to do next, so he hurriedly told the two of them.

Although in January this year, the Empress Dowager Cixi issued an edict defending the Boxer League despite protests from western diplomats. Yu Lu, governor of the Li Dynasty, then changed from the original annihilation of the Boxers to the Boxers. In addition to distributing the silver to the group, he also invited the leader of the Boxer group, the eldest senior brother, to Tianjin for a gathering. However, there were some officials who were still afraid of the foreigners and looked down on the Boxers. They had tried to attack the church many times but to no avail, so they just stood by and watched. Now that the Boxers had successfully entered the church, the result was hard to say!

Before Zhang Qingyuan and his gang became the Boxers, they were just commoners, and since China was a country, commoners had always been afraid of soldiers, so when everyone heard Guo Kai Shan's words, they quickly retreated out of Hengshui City. However, before they left the city, Zhang Qing Yuan and his team burned down the entire church, and the people in the captured church were all tied up by the church's master!

Sure enough, not long after Guo Kaishan and the others left, the county magistrate arrived at the church. But it was all over, the entire church was engulfed in flames!

"Youngest junior brother, you're still angry at those hooligans?!" Youngest junior brother, don't forget how good these hooligans are for killing us! They deserve to die! " Zhang Qingyuan said as he looked at the depressed Guo Kaishan beside him. It turned out that when they left Hengshui City, Guo Kaishan had asked everyone to release the Chinese people in the church. However, since everyone disagreed, Guo Kaishan had no choice but to agree to tie these people to the pillar and let them perish on their own.

"Sigh, forget it!" Although Guo Kaishan did not agree with their decision to disregard their lives, he knew what they were thinking. After all, more than twenty members of the Boxer League had been killed!

They walked and stopped, and after four hours, they finally arrived at a deserted area on the outskirts of the city. After that, they took out their own rations and began eating. (From the beginning, these Boxers didn't bring any rations, but after hungry for a while, they started to learn to be smart!)

"Qing Yuan, you've already knocked down the church! I will also take my leave from Little Tiger! " After everyone had their meal, Guo Haifeng led Guo Kaishan and said to Wang Qingyuan and the rest. Guo Haifeng also wanted to stay and fight the foreigners with them, but seeing the eleven-year-old Guo Kaishan beside him, he gave up on that idea!

"Master, you must stay with me!" Look, if it wasn't for the junior's spear skills, I wouldn't have been able to hit Hengshui's church and my brothers would have died even more! Brothers, don't you think so?! " When Wang Qingyuan heard Guo Haifeng's words, he became anxious! Although Wang Qingyuan had already become the head disciple of this group of Boxers, because of his martial arts skills, he was still just a seventeen or eighteen year old youth!

"Exactly! That's right! "You must stay!" Old Master, we don't care if you leave or not, but this little brother needs to stay! " When the members heard Wang Qingyuan's words, they all said it out loud! After all, Guo Kaishan's spear arts were obvious to all!

"Well …" Hearing everyone's words, Guo Haifeng was a bit moved!

"Good!" Brothers, it's not impossible for Father and I to stay! But I want to ask everyone here for a few moments, if they agree, we will stay! " Seeing that his father was tempted, Guo Kaishan quickly told everyone!

"Good!" Youngest junior brother, as long as you agree to stay, we will agree to all of your requests! " When Wang Qingyuan heard Guo Kaishan's words, he quickly agreed!

"Alright then!" The first thing we ask for is to follow orders! When they attacked just now, everyone rushed forward like a swarm of bees. Not only did they not attack well, they even blocked the attacks of others! Second, confiscate the property, confiscate everything, and then distribute it according to the size of the individual contribution! Just like when they attacked the Church, after the fight, everyone was like a swarm of bees fighting over things! Don't forget, it was everyone's credit for taking down the church! It can't be because of what you've snatched up that it's yours! Third, he couldn't rob the commoners. After all, we are also from the common people, so we all know what kind of life is from the common people. Brothers, can you guys do it?! "Oh right, there's one more thing. My dad and I will not take anything from you this time!" When Guo Kaishan heard Wang Qingyuan's words, he called out loudly!

After hearing Guo Kaishan's words, the members of the Boxers began to discuss among themselves. After that, everyone agreed with Guo Kaishan's words. Of course, some people disagreed with the second point as well. However, only a few people had gotten the treasures.

Afterwards, Guo Haifeng and Guo Kaishan joined the Boxer League, while Guo Haifeng replaced his fourth apprentice, Wang Qingyuan, and became the Eldest Brother of the Boxers! After that, Guo Haifeng, as the eldest senior brother, ordered the members of the Boxers to take out all the valuables they had looted from the church and redistribute them according to the amount of contribution!

In the end, Guo Haifeng ordered Wang Qingyuan to lead the majority of the Boxers, while Guo Kaishan was in charge of the gun squad. After Guo Haifeng gave the order, Guo Kaishan found eight literate and clever Boxers among the fifty or so members of the Boxer Regiment, and taught them how to use the newly captured Mohsin Nagan rifle.

The M1891 Mosin-Nagan Rifle (Mosingen Series Russian "three thousand five hundred five hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred six hundred nine hundred nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand six hundred and ninety-nine thousand six hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine thousand nine thousand nine thousand nine thousand nine thousand six hundred and ninety-nine thousand six thousand six thousand six thousand six thousand six thousand six thousand six thousand six thousand six hundred nine thousand six hundred nine thousand six hundred nine thousand six hundred nine thousand six hundred fifty thousand five hundred nine thousand six hundred nine thousand six hundred nine thousand three hundred fifty thousand five thousand five thousand five thousand five thousand five hundred ten thousand six hundred ten thousand The M1891 infantry rifle is 1891-1928 years old, 1306mm long with bayonet, 1738mm long with bayonet, 4.22kg empty gun, 800mm long barrel and 615m/s muzzle velocity.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had stayed outside of Hengshui City for ten days. It was also the May of 1900. The injured brothers also didn't have much time to check on them. During these ten days, these members of the Boxer League had witnessed the power of Guo Haifeng's Form and Will Boxing. At the same time, Guo Haifeng had also used these ten days to teach everyone a few martial arts moves!

In the past ten days, Guo Kaishan had taught them how to use a spear. Although their marksmanship was still not up to standard, it was improving day by day!

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