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As Guo Kaishan had expected, the next day, Laishui County Order Zhu Fu gathered the troops he had sent from Baoding and headed to the village of Southern Gaoluo once again. However, the village of Gaoluo no longer had any members of the Boxer Regiment, and soon after, Zhu Fu found the bodies of the villagers and arrested the remaining seven members of the village's Boxer Regiment! Since Zhu Fu was afraid that members of the Boxer League would return, he didn't have time to check out the ruins of the church himself. He left in a hurry!

On May 16, 1900, the Boxers found out that they were short of members, and sent a senior brother from Dingxing County to lead more than 20 members of the Boxer League to the village of Southern Gaoluo. Coincidentally, he was discovered by Zhu Fu's men, and immediately led his troops to the village of Southern Gaoluo. On this day, Yang Fuquan, who was equivalent to the rank of general, also led his troops to the village of Laoshui County, and immediately after hearing the news, they went to the village of Gaoluo, where Zhu Fu and Yang Fu joined forces to capture more than 20 members of the Boxer League, including the senior brother! However, one of the members of the Boxer Regiment noticed that something was wrong and immediately ran away. Although the Manchu rifle had hit his arm, he still managed to escape!

However, Yang Fu did not put this fleeing Boxer team member in his eyes! Subsequently, Yang Fu-tong and Zhu Fu led the more than 20 captured Boxers to prepare to return to Laishui County!

Simply speaking, the group that ran away knew that the situation was critical, so he ran over to a nearby group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of group of big brother heard the news. On the way, they ran into Yang Futong and his men. They surrounded the soldiers and invited them to release the captured members of the Boxers!

Yang Fu was leading a regular army, so of course he didn't put these Boxers in his eyes. He disdainfully looked at them, and then ordered his troops to fire. Although everyone in the Boxer Regiment practiced the Golden Bell Cover and claimed to be invulnerable to swords and spears, this godly spell of the Boxer Regiment was no longer effective in front of the spear! After five minutes of war, the members of the Boxer Alliance fell in rows! Seeing this, they could no longer be bothered with their comrades, fleeing in all directions! Yang Fu Tong was infuriated seeing that this Boxer League actually dared to retaliate. After the Boxer League retreated, Yang Fu Tong gave the order to kill all the captive members of the Boxer League! Within that day, the number of members of the Boxer League killed by Yang Fucong was close to a hundred!

The news of the death of a member of the Boxer League in the village spread the next day. The other Boxers were ready to fight the officers and soldiers, swearing "Yang Fu will be the same as the leader and be willing to give up!" In order to gain a favourable situation, the United Village's southern villages were moved to the northern part of the county, Stone Pavilion Town. Shiting Town is located in Laishui City North 30 Hua Li, with Zhuozhou, Fangshan border, and, here, the Boxers and believers have always been fierce struggle. At the same time, Yin Luoshen, the leader of the Boxer Regiment of Shiting Town, contacted the group of New City, Zhuozhou, Rongcheng, Yizhou, and Fangshan County, and gathered in the town. Very soon, on the 20th day, nearly a thousand members of the Boxer Guild were gathered here!

At this point, a groom of Shiting Town in Laishui County secretly informed Yang Fuquan and Zhu Fu of the gathering of the Boxer Regiment in Shiting Town. Yang Fuquan decided on the spot to arrive at the Town of Shiting to suppress the Boxer Regiment at the first of the 21st day!

On the 21st of May, just after dawn, Laishui County's magistrate, Zhu Fu, and his troops, Yang Fuquan, had arrived at the town of Shiting with 500 troops and troops. At this time, the Boxer Regiment of Shiding Town had yet to react! Although the Boxers resisted with all their might, but the result was obvious, and in the end, the Boxers were defeated once again. In the end, the Boxers were defeated once again, and the leader of the Boxers, Liang Zhen, was killed on the spot. At the same time, almost three hundred members of the Boxers were killed. Soon after, Yang Fuquan left behind thirty spearmen to guard the town of Shiding, while he himself led a large group of people back to Laishui County!

After a series of losses, the leaders of the Boxers were also shocked. Yan Luofu immediately ordered all the Boxers nearby to gather at Stone Pavilion Town! At the same time, the leader of Shandong Yihe Regiment, Li Laizhong, led his over 2000 subordinates to Laishui County! The Boxer Rebellion, which had gathered in the Stone Pavilion area that night, now numbered over ten thousand.

That night, Yan Luofu, Li Lai, and the others discussed and decided to fight with the government and army again, and to come up with a new strategy for the war. They pretended to attack Laishui County City, and to rescue the hundreds of members of the Boxers; at the same time, they deployed thousands of troops to await the arrival of Yang Fuquan and his men!

The Boxers were a motley crowd to begin with, and it was inevitable that such a big operation would leak the news! On the same night, Yang Fuquan also received the news and gave the order to gather all the soldiers and horses to attack the Boxer army that had gathered at Stone Pavilion Town! As for the more than thirty soldiers stationed at Stone Pavilion Town, they were in a miserable state. On the spot, they were beheaded and sacrificed to Yan Luofu and the others!

"Master, Junior Martial Brother, I just received news from Chief Yan, who ordered us to rush to Stone Pavilion Town immediately!" On the afternoon of the 21st, Zhang Qingyuan said to Guo Haifeng and his son, who were training under the leadership of the Boxers!

"Fourth senior brother, what's going on?!" Did something big happen?! " Guo Kaishan asked when he saw Zhang Qingyuan sweating profusely!

Then, Zhang Qingyuan recounted what had happened in the past few days! It turned out that the last time they had attacked the church, Guo Kaishan's squadron had lost three men. At the same time, these squadron members' marksmanship was just too terrible! Guo Kaishan had been training here for the past few days, so he had no idea about what was happening outside.

"Stone Pavilion Town?! Fourth senior brother, do you know where we are?! " Guo Kaishan asked after hearing that!

"I know!" We are in Dongwen Spring Village, in Laishui County, south of the city! Stone Pavilion Town is in the north of Laishui County! " Zhang Qingyuan quickly said, hearing Guo Kaishan's words! Then, afraid that Guo Kaishan and Guo Haifeng would not understand his words, he drew another rough outline on the ground.

"So we are not far from Laishui County! Father, Fourth Senior Brother, I estimate that we will have to wait until night before we can reach Stone Pavilion Town! "Why don't we wait for the soldiers to leave Laishui County and rush into there tomorrow and rescue the captured brothers from the Boxer Regiment before rushing back to Stone Pavilion Town?!" Guo Kaishan looked at the simple map on the floor and spoke to the two of them.

"Youngest junior brother, if that's the case, when we get to Stone Pavilion Town, I reckon that the officials and soldiers will have almost finished fighting with our Boxers!" "Isn't it too late now?!" Upon hearing Guo Kaishan's words, Zhang Qingyuan spoke with hesitation!

"Little Four, right now, there are already thousands of brothers in Stone Pavilion Town, so there are still 60 to 70 of us! Besides, this captured brother is equally important! " After Guo Haifeng heard Zhang Qingyuan's words, he patted his shoulder and said!

Zhang Qingyuan was not a fool, so he understood as soon as he heard Guo Haifeng's words! It turned out that this father and son wanted to take advantage of the emptiness of Laishui County to rob, and then when the officials and soldiers of Shiding Town had fought to a standstill, they would beat the crap out of them! After Zhang Qingyuan understood, he turned to look at Guo Kaishan, who was only eleven years old. He was seven years older than him, so why wasn't his brain as good as his?! After Zhang Qingyuan understood, he agreed immediately!

At the same time, there was also a dispute between Zhu Fu and Yang Fuquan. Zhu Fu was afraid that the Yi Peace Corps would attack Laishui County, so he left some troops to guard the Laishui County. Yang Fuquan thought that the Boxer Regiment was just bluffing and was definitely waiting for him at Stone Pavilion Town. This Boxer Regiment was just a motley crowd that didn't dare to attack the county town! While the two of them were arguing, someone suggested to leave the county's yamen runners behind. Yang Fu Tong and Zhu Fu led Bao Ding's and Lai Shui County's eight hundred men to Stone Pavilion Town. After the two of them heard this, they agreed!

On May 22nd, before dawn, Yang and Zhu Fu were leading troops to Shiting Town! Not long after the Yang family departed, someone quickly passed on a message to Stone Pavilion Town!

As for the south of Stone Pavilion Village and the northwest of Red Earth Village, there was a place called the Two Wolves Ditch. This was the only way from Laishui County to Stone Pavilion Town, and had already been discussed by Yan Luofu and Li Laizhong last night. Set up ambush here, then lure the enemy in and block them layer by layer! Yan Luofu and the others thought that the reason they used such tactics was because Yang Fuquan and the others had dealt such a heavy blow to the Boxers these few days. They couldn't help but have Yan Luofu and the others treat them with caution!

Around eleven in the morning, Yang Fu Tong and Zhu Feng led an army and arrived at the northern part of the village. At that moment, more than a thousand members of the Boxer League suddenly attacked from the side. Yang Fu Tong immediately ordered the troops to return fire.

Yang Fuquan, seeing that this Boxer League could not withstand even a single blow, felt contempt for them. Ignoring Zhu Fu's persuasion, he immediately ordered his troops to pursue them. Very soon, the members of the Boxers led their troops to the two wolves. At this moment, the Boxer Regiment ambushed by the two wolves came out from both sides. Nearly eight hundred soldiers were surrounded by them. Their swords shined brightly, and the sound of their killing resounded in the sky.

For the time being, not to mention the chaotic battle outside of Stone Pavilion Town, just the fact that Guo Haifeng, Guo Kaishan, and the others had received the news not long after Yang Fuquan's group left was a mistake. Guo Kaishan was afraid that his father Guo Haifeng would lead more than sixty Boxers to Lai Shui County and wait outside Lai Shui County.

After Guo Kaishan and Zhang Qingyuan disguised themselves as ordinary people, they came to this county town to inquire about the situation. Yang Fuquan and Zhu Fu had really led a large portion of their men to Stone Pavilion Town. After that, the two of them found out about Lai Shui County's armory, the military warehouse, and the more than two hundred places where the Boxers were imprisoned. After inspecting the terrain, the two of them secretly left Lai Shui County!

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