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Last time, when Guo Haifeng's disciple was preparing for his morning practice, there was a knock on the Guo Family door. Guo Haifeng told everyone to stop practicing martial arts and then told his eldest son to open the door!

Guo Da Hu was prepared as he pulled the door open. He looked outside and saw that the man outside the door was not tall, he was thin, but his hands were full of calluses. He looked full of power, and the most obvious thing about him was that he was carrying a large sword on his back!

"Wang Mingbo from the Shunyuan escort team greets uncle!" The man in his thirties was stunned when he saw Guo Da Hu open the door. He looked into the yard and saw Guo Hai Feng not far away. He quickly knelt in front of Guo Hai Feng and said: "Guo Da Hu!"

"It's Ming Bo!" We haven't seen each other in more than ten years! Now that you're this old, Da Hu, Xiao Hu, this is my sworn brother's fifth brother's eldest son, Wang Mingbo. His name is Wang Da! Ming Bo, these are my two useless sons, Da Hu and Xiao Hu Zi! " When Guo Haifeng saw who it was, he quickly helped the person up and said!

Guo Da Hu and Guo Xiao Hu quickly bowed to Wang Mingbo! After that, Wang Mingbo asked Guo Haifeng how he was doing!

"Sigh, in a blink of an eye, 12 years have passed. At that time, Da Hu was only at Little Tiger's age. Right, how is fifth brother?! " Guo Haifeng explained his situation, then started asking. After Wang Mingbo confirmed his answer, he just said "good" three times in a row!

After that, Guo Haifeng told everyone to continue practicing while he went back into the house with Wang Mingbo and Guo Da Hu!

When the three of them returned to the house, Wang Mingbo then told the Guo father and son what he had come for: "Guo Hu" Guo Haifeng! It turned out that this Wang Mingbo was none other than the eldest son of the famous "Big Saber King Wu" Wang Zhengyi! Guo Haifeng started to roam the Jianghu when he was young, and he met Wang Wu when they were opening the Cunyuan Security Office in Beijing, and they became sworn brothers. Since Wang Wu was ten years older than Guo Haifeng, he naturally became big brother, but Wang Wu's name was too famous, so Hai Feng called Wang Wu fifth brother! However, fifth brother was not the fifth sworn brother!

As for the reason why Guo Haifeng was asked to leave the mountain, it was because, although Emperor Guangyao was already nominally pro-government at the age of seventeen in 1887, he was still in the hands of the Empress Dowager Cixi. Faced with the danger of the partition of power, Guang Huan asked Tzu Hsi in 1898 (1898) for actual power to carry out the reform of the imperial government. And among these reformers, Tan Shimeng and Wang Wu were good friends who had died. Wang Wu was afraid of Tzu Hsi, so he wanted to assassinate Tan Shimeng and the others. He remembered his sworn brother, Guo Haifeng!

After Guo Haifeng heard what Wang Mingbo said, he thought for a while and then asked about the reason for the change! In April 1895, after the defeat of China in the afternoon of the war, the news that Japan had forced China to sign the Treaty of Marguan in Ma Guan, Japan, arrived in Beijing. In order to trigger the severe situation of national crisis caused by the combined names of more than 1,300 High Scholars who had taken part in the examination in Beijing, Kang raised the idea of refusing, relocating to the capital, training troops, and changing the law. Historically known as "the bus on the letter." "This time's submission didn't have much of an impact on the Qing government, but it caused a huge sensation throughout the country." The letter on the bus opens the prologue to the reform. In order to push the reformation toward *.

In August 1895, Kang Youwei, Liang Qi-chao, and others published "Chinese and Foreign Chronicles" in Beijing. In August 1896, the Times was launched in Shanghai as a center of public opinion for reformist propaganda. In the winter of 1897, Yan Fu became the chief editor of the China News in Tianjin, becoming as famous as the Times in promoting the reformation of the new law in the north. In February 1898, Tang and others established a strong society in Hunan Province and established the "Xiang Newspaper". Under the propaganda, organization and influence of the reformers such as Kang and Liang, the culture of discussing current politics in the country gradually took shape.

By the end of 1897, 33 academies had been established in various regions with the aim of self-improvement, 17 new schools and 19 newspapers and periodicals. By 1898, there were more than 300 societies, academies, and newspapers. In November 1897, when Germany forcibly occupied the Gulf of Jiaozhou, and France forcibly rented the Bay of Guangzhou, Britain's strongly leased land became part of the New Territories and Weihai. In December, Kang wrote a fifth letter stating that the situation was urgent. On January 29, 1898, Kang Youwei set up the Congress of Protection in Beijing in April, in preparation for the change of law.

Of course, these were all words repeated by Wang Mingbo. Guo Haifeng was shocked when he heard this! In fact, more than ten years ago, how could such a thing be hidden from Guo Haifeng? However, more than a decade ago, Guo Haifeng's two three or four-year-old children died in succession, and Guo Haifeng was a little disheartened. A few years later, Guo Xiaohu's birth changed, but the good news did not last long, and his wife died when Guo Xiaohu was two or three years old.

"About this, Ming Bo, you've also seen that I have more than 20 disciples to teach here, and Little Tiger is only 9 years old, I can't leave either!" However, Da Hu's current martial arts skills are not inferior to mine. If it doesn't work, then ask Da Hu to take my place and make a trip to the capital?! " Guo Haifeng thought for a while before speaking to Wang Mingbo!

Guo Haifeng's "hidden strength" is based on the theory of Xing Yi Martial Arts in his master Guo Yunzhen's book, The Classic of Xing Yi Martial Arts. The main point was as follows: "Form and Will Boxing has three levels of principles. There are three steps of martial arts and three types of martial arts. The third level of the theory was: First, practice the essence of Qi, second, practice the essence of Qi, and third, practice the essence. The three steps of martial arts were: First Bone Transformation, Second Muscle Transformation, and Third Marrow Transformation. The three types of training methods are: Bright Force, Dark Force, and Strength Conversion. "

Among them, the essence of the Qi of the Body Transformation corresponds to the Bone Transformation (to build a foundation, to strengthen the body, to strengthen the body, to strengthen the body, to make the bones as solid as iron and stone, and to the form, to be dignified like Mt. Tai) and the Brilliant Force (to practise the Qi Transformation of the Body) (to practice rules are not easy, the body movement must be consistent and not perverse, and the movements of the hands and feet must be orderly and not be scattered. The fist meridian cloud: "the square is the right one" is also this meaning).

Cultivating the qi to the spirit corresponds to the easy tendons (practice to make the membrane, to make the tendons, common cloud: big tendons and strong strength). Its strength to link up, growth and infinite) and dark strength (practice the spirit to stretch but not to stop, use to be round and lively but not to stop. The fist meridian cloud: "the round one responds to the outside" is also the meaning of this).

Practicing the mind to restore the void (by practicing the temperament of a changing person, restoring its true nature) corresponds to cleansing marrow (by practicing the inner of the body to clear the void, by relaxing the inner of the body, the image of the inner of the body to clear the void: the use of the mind, the round of the body without stagnation, light as a feather). The four limbs of the body move, and you can't use force to move up and down, to move forward and back, and you can only use the will of God to use it. Although the application of God's will, but the rules of form as the first two cannot be changed. Although the whole body does not move the force, also can not completely force, always in the God will through the ear. Fist Channel: "Three cycles and nine cycles are one move" is the meaning of this).

This Guo Da Hu was just at the early stage of the Dark Jing realm, and Guo Hai Feng was only at the late stage! As for Guo Xiaohu, he was still in the initial stages, he hadn't even reached the strength level yet!

The next day, Guo Dahu left for the capital with the eldest son of Saber King Five, Wang Mingbo! Shortly after Guo's departure, on June 11, 1898, Emperor Kwang, with the active support of reformers and officials of the imperial party, issued an edict proclaiming the State of Ming as an edict, declaring a change of law.

Two flowers blossomed! Not to mention Guo Haifeng continuing to teach his disciples in the countryside, Guo Xiaohu was still practicing the Three Postures of Xing Yi Martial Arts before daybreak! Guo Dahu and Wang Mingbo had been on their way to the capital, and they had seen the real situation of Shandong in the late 20th century!

The road was filled with thin, yellow looking labourers. They were officials of the Qing Dynasty who were of a higher status. They were also officials of the Qing Dynasty who were bowing and bowing to foreigners in some of the Catholic churches! Guo Dahu, who had been practicing martial arts in the small mountain village, did not know all of this. At the same time, Guo Dahu's view of the world also changed! Of course, this was also where Wang Mingbo purposely led Guo Dahu to meet the ugly faces of the Qing officials!

"Kill all the hooligans!" "Get rid of the pawns!"

On this day, when Guo Wang and Guo Wang were passing by a village in Texas, they saw thousands of villagers shouting as they charged towards a Christian church!

Just as Guo Dahu was wondering, he heard two gunshots. Then, the crowd turned into chaos, and the villagers became even angrier as they charged into the church, shouting and shouting!

"The soldiers are here!" The soldiers are here! " Just as chaos broke out, the sounds of running could be heard in the distance, followed by shouts from the villagers! The crowd began to flee in all directions!

"Hurry, hurry and protect Master Yang!" "I want all of these people who are in trouble to stay here!" "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …" These officials who were supposed to protect their own people were actually capturing the citizens, regardless of whether they were innocent or not!

"Da Hu, what are you doing?!" At that moment, Guo Da Hu couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to go up and talk to him, but Wang Mingbo stopped him!

"Big Brother Wang, as martial artists, of course we have to draw our swords and help when we see injustice!" Guo Da Hu said when he heard Wang Mingbo's words!

"Da Hu, have you forgotten our purpose for coming here? The Emperor and Lord Kang (Kang Youwei), Lord Liang (Liang Qichao), and Lord Tan (Tan Ximeng) initiated changes all for the sake of the wealth and power of our Qing dynasty. As long as we are strong, the foreigners would not dare to bully us! Da Hu, this won't do. Let's wait at the side to get some information, then we can talk?! " Wang Mingbo said it after hearing Guo Da Hu's words!

After the soldiers escorted the citizens away, Guo Wang and Guo Li found the local people and asked them about the situation. When Guo Wang and Guo Fei found out that the local people had asked about the situation, they found out that only five or six villagers were injured by the missionaries in the church with guns. Guo Da Hu was a little relieved when he heard this! At the same time, Guo Dahu's attitude had undergone a drastic change. He was here to fulfill his father's wishes as well as to broaden his horizons. However, along the way, Guo Dahu was inclined to change his ways!

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