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The Liuyang Hall (Mang Cang Zhai) at the 41st Alleyway in Beijing.

"Mr. Tan, you should leave quickly!" "If you don't leave now, it will be too late!" Just as Empress Dowager Cixi led her troops into the Forbidden City, the Saber King and the others sensed that something bad had happened.

"Great Hero Wang, I wonder how the emperor is doing now?!" Do you have a way to save the Emperor?! " After hearing Wang Wu's words, Tan Zhui didn't care about his own life and death at all. Instead, he wanted to plan and rescue Emperor Guangyao.

However, although Wang Wu and the rest were all martial artists, it was absolutely impossible for them to charge into the Forbidden City to save Emperor Guangyao. After hearing Wang Wu's reply, Tan Zhui sighed inwardly! Although Wang Wu and the others tried to persuade him repeatedly, Tan Xizong was determined to sacrifice his life to martyr and change the law. He was willing to sacrifice himself to make a last stand against the feudal and stubborn forces.

"Hero Wang, Brother Ming Bo, Kai Yuan!" Though I have made up my mind to do it! However, I don't want my ideas and opinions to end here! This is the "Humanities", "Lone Sky, One Pavilion Text", "Brutal Temple Poetry", "Far Remains Temple Collection" and so on, they are more important than my life, I would like to trouble the three of you to pass them on to me, Liang Ren Gong! Remember! "Remember!" Tan Xiantong handed his letters and papers to Guo Kaiyuan, who passed them on to Liang Qichao. He asked him to convey Liang Qichao's intention to take refuge in Japan, and said generously, "No one can, no one can plan for the future, no one can, no one can summon the dead."

"This is Mr. Tan's home. I am from the embassy of the Great Japan Empire in China. I came to see Mr. Tan because I heard that Mr. Tan is in trouble. My Great Japan is willing to help you!" Your Mr. Liang Qichao is already waiting for you at the Legation! " At this moment, a Japanese man came in and said this to Tan Xizong!

"Hahaha, thank you for your help! However, all countries have changed from bloodshed to bloodshed. Today, no one in China has changed their bloodshed, so the country is not in a short period of time. "Yes, please begin from the beginning." After hearing that, Tan Zhui burst out laughing! After that, he chased away the five leaders of the Big Saber King, Wang Mingbo, Guo Kaiyuan and the others, and dismissed all the servants in the house! He sat at home and waited for the soldiers to come and arrest him!

On September 24, 1898, Tan was arrested at the Liuyang Hall. In prison, calm and composed, he wrote a poem like this: "One who looks to the door to stop being thrifty, and to endure death only for a moment to meet Dugan. I laugh from the knife to the sky, to leave the liver and gall two Kunlun. " On Sept. 28, he and five other aspiring men died valiantly at the entrance to the Chinese market outside Xuanwu Gate in Beijing. When they were killed, there were tens of thousands of spectators on the execution grounds. His expression did not change, and on his deathbed he said loudly, "If you want to kill a thief, you can't reverse the situation. You deserve to die. Awesome!" Lin Xu, Yang Zhenxiu, Liu Guangdi, Yang Rui and Kang Guangren were also among those killed. The six of them also called themselves the "Six Gentlemen of the Eighty-Nine".

After his death, Tam, along with his wife Li Yan, took the title "Enduring Death for Dugan", which meant "Yuheng".

Hate long, mournful concubine, Gao Ge short sigh loyal officials.

There was no ambition to reward the master, only tears.

Miserable night forever, before the lantern before the death worry!

Tan Xiantong's former residence had a couplet written by Yu De Quan of the Xiang Dynasty: "Strong enough, Wei Xin wanted to kill the thieves but didn't return to heaven. Bloodbath Yi Kunlun with the courage of the liver, long awaken my people. " It was precisely due to the use of the poem 'Wall in Prison'.

Tan's remains were also returned to their places of origin in 1899 and buried at the foot of a rocky hill outside Liuyang, Hunan Province. On the mausoleum, the calligraphy read: "The ancient will never wear away, the rocks will never leave the earth. The mountains will always be beautiful, the mountains will always be like the waves."

Here I recalled what Mr. Lu Xun said: "Since ancient times, we have people who work hard, people who work hard, people who beg for life for the people, people who sacrifice themselves for the law … This is the backbone of China. "

At the time of Tan's generous visit, Kang Youwei had fled from Beijing to Shanghai, then from there to Japan, then to Canada, across the Atlantic Ocean to Britain and back to Canada. Liang had also fled to the Japanese embassy. Meanwhile, Xu Zhijing was sentenced to eternal imprisonment; Zhang Yinghuan was deported to Xinjiang. All New Deal measures, with the exception of the Beijing University Hall, which opened in July, were abolished.

"Kai Yuan, what plans do you have for the future?!" After Tan Xiantong was beheaded, Guo Kaiyuan's mission was finally over. After Big Saber Wang Wu and the other two handed the books and manuscripts to Liang Qichao, the three of them went to Wang Wu's Shunyuan Escort Office. Wang Wu turned to Guo Kaiyuan and asked.

Actually, Wang Wu's intention was to have Guo Kaiyuan stay in his Shunyuan Security Office to help him. After all, in the process of protecting Tan Chao, Guo Kaiyuan performed exceptionally well in the assassination attempts, and now that Guo Kaiyuan was in his early twenties, Guo Kaiyuan's martial arts skills had already reached the stage of the Dark Jing realm. His achievements in the future would definitely surpass his.

"Uncle Wang, I've been away from home for a few months. I want to go home first! After that, I waited for Little Tiger to grow up a little before going out to the outside world to take a look. For Japan to succeed in its own right, we have to suffer a crushing defeat in our transformation?! " Although Guo Kaiyuan also saw Wang Wu's intention, but after a few months of association with Tan Si, Guo Kaiyuan's thoughts had undergone a tremendous change! These questions were not only from Guo Kaiyuan himself, but also from the generous Tan Xizong!

"Good!" If nephew has such aspirations, then I fully agree with you. However, I, Wang Wu am already old; otherwise, I will go and inspect with you! " After Wang Wu heard Guo Kaiyuan's sincere words, not only did he not get angry, he even said those words in a pleased tone! Don't forget, Wang Wu and Tan Si are best friends too! After staying at the Shunyuan Escort Office for two days, Guo Kaiyuan set off for Qingzhou Palace!

"Second senior brother, this is the Azure Province?! "I don't think it's that good either!" Guo Xiaohu, who was sitting in the donkey cart, said to Guo Zhengxu, who was sitting next to him, as he looked at the run-down city in front of him.

It turned out that Guo Xiaohu's horizons had broadened ever since he accepted Guo Hai's memories, and he was no longer satisfied with the market. He wanted to see the city in this era, and after Guo Kaiyuan left, he often suggested taking a walk outside!

At the beginning. Guo Haifeng didn't agree with what he said, but when he was seven or eight years old, he found out by chance that his big brother Guo Kaiyuan had followed him to the capital to visit Big Saber King Wu's place. Guo Xiaohu was obviously not going to do anything after he found out. Only under a situation where he was trying to force the matter, would he have the chance to do so!

Guo Xiaohu's second senior brother, Guo Zhengxian, was also from Guo Jia Village, but Guo Zhengxian ran the biggest cloth shop in town — San Yixiang! And this time, Guo Zheng's family was going to the city of Qingzhou to stock up, so Guo Xiaohu came along with them!

This was Guo Xiaohu's first time coming into contact with such an ancient city, and he was very excited. However, he was disappointed when he saw the huge difference between the shabby city in his memories and the city on TV.

The next day, the rest of Guo Zheng's family went to the city to stock up on goods, while Guo Zheng's group traveled with Guo Xiaohu to the scenery of Qingzhou, climbing over the cloud gate engraved with the word "Life", the world's largest "Lie Buddha", Fan Gongting, Li Qingzhao's shrine, and so on!

On the fifth day, it was time to leave. Guo Zhengxu and Guo Xiaohu wanted to take this last chance to see the Catholic Church of Qingzhou! Qingzhou used to be Yantai parish, so the Bishop Chang Deming sent Father Paul (from Yeixian, Shandong) to Qingzhou in the first year of Guangxu (1875) to preach. He bought a foundation in the south gate of the city and built five cathedrals and huts to set up a preaching base. Guangxu 21 years (1895) bought more than 2 mu of land to expand the church tile house more than 20.

"The foreign devil has eaten a child!" Kill the foreign devil! "

At that moment, Erguo saw a group of people holding onto furniture rushing towards the church! Then there was the sound of gunshots, and then there was a commotion.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Everyone, stop for now!" We'll see when we get to the bottom of this! " At this critical moment, he saw a man in his twenties charge towards the missionaries with an ocean gun. After defeating the three missionaries and the Chinese believers, he shouted out to the angry crowd!

"Noble Hero, what is there to say?! We have caught the fake foreign devil who steals children! " Just as the youth finished his sentence, someone stepped forward with a pockmarked face and said!

Isn't this eldest senior brother? Little Tiger, let's go take a look! " Guo Zhengxu heard the familiar voice and looked at the person speaking to Guo Xiaohu!

"No rush!" Let's take a look at what's going on! " Guo Xiaohu said after hearing this! After a while, Guo Xiaohu sneaked into the Catholic Church when Guo Zhengxu wasn't paying attention!

After Guo Xiaohu entered the church, he headed straight for the preacher's bedroom. After some tossing and turning, Guo Xiaohu found a 'box cannon' and more than 100 rounds of bullets. There were also more than 20 pieces of silver taels. After that, he had to carefully examine the wooden handle of the "Box Cannon"! Xiao Hu came from a military background in his previous life, so he is naturally very familiar with the famous weapons in our army!

This "box cannon" was also known as the "Barrel Gun", but it was actually a Mauser semiautomatic pistol! The Mauser was designed in 1893 and completed on March 15, 1895. It fired 7.63x25mm Mauser handguns from the Mauser arsenal.

The main structure and principle of the Mauser is: adopt the principle of the short recoil type of the barrel, the locking method is the lock type of the iron lifting and falling type, the magazine to supply the ammunition, the barrel is engraved with six right-handed rifled lines, and the first use of the empty hanging mechanism. The invention of these structural principles made the function of the Mauser automatic pistol more perfect than that of similar pistols. The design had also been in use at the Mousse arsenal for 43 years, and the basic structure of the gun had not changed over the course of half a century.

However, although the gun was invented by the Federer brothers, it was patented by the Mauser factory under German law at the time. The Mauser War Plant was patented on December 11, 1895, and was officially manufactured the following year. It was named M96 type 7.63mm Mauser military pistol, all called "M1896 type 7.63mm Mauser semiautomatic pistol", also known as the Feeder semiautomatic pistol.

After Guo Xiaohu finished looking at the 30 cm box cannon, he took it into his own arms! As for why the missionaries didn't take them with them, it was likely that these foreigners felt that these boxes of cannons were not as powerful as rifles, and at the same time, their aim wasn't high enough!

Afterwards, Guo Xiaohu went from room to room searching for children, and when he arrived near the woodshed, he heard crying sounds. He opened the door and saw that there were five or six children tied up inside, and every child's mouth was stuffed with rags!

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