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Guo Xiaohu also did not expect that the Catholic Church in Qingzhou would have children who had been stolen. However, these children being tied up in this dilapidated woodshed was rather strange! After Guo Xiaohu signaled them not to make a sound, he untied the ropes for the six children, and then asked them how they were tied up!

"Little big brother, I don't know what's going on either. I was just walking on the street with a servant when someone used a towel to cover my mouth and then didn't know anything!" After hearing Guo Xiaohu's words, the oldest of these children thought for a while and then said!

"It's you guys who are being tied up?!" Is there anyone else?! Do you know who kidnapped you?! " Guo Xiaohu saw that this five-year-old child's answer was quite fluent, so he looked strangely at this child. He saw that these children were all wearing silk clothing, and their families' conditions were quite good!

"It was a pockmarked face guy who tied us up. From what he's said, he seems to want to sell us out! But the sellers don't seem to have enough people, so they haven't sold us yet! "Thank you, little big brother. If you came a few days later, it would be hard to say!" When the child heard Guo Xiaohu's words, he immediately said it!

"This is the pockmarked face you mentioned and the buyer came here before?! But there were others who came by?! " In Guo Xiaohu's memories, he had heard of all sorts of 'teaching plans', but he couldn't figure out who did it!

"It's just the two of them. No one else has come before!" After hearing Guo Xiaohu's words, the child thought for a moment before replying!

After hearing these words, Guo Xiaohu led these children out of the side door!

While Guo Xiaohu was rescuing the children, the people of Qingzhou City had surrounded the preachers and believers of the Catholic Church. If not for Guo Kaiyuan's persuasion, the foreigners and believers would have had difficulty protecting themselves!

"The soldiers are here!" The soldiers are here! " The soldiers had rushed over just as the matter was about to end, but this could save the lives of the foreigners. This was because the citizens of the Cyan Plains Palace had already exploded to the extreme, and now they just so happened to catch the pockmarked faces of the children they were looting!

"Stop! All of you, stop right now! " When the Yidu County Magistrate saw the citizens besieging the foreigners, he was shocked. What if something happened to the foreigners? After saying that, he took out a short spear from his subordinate's hand and fired a shot into the sky!

"When the civilians heard the gunshots, they stopped!" Men, arrest all of these troublesome people! " When the Yidu County Magistrate saw that the commoners had stopped, he suddenly spoke arrogantly!

"Sir, the Prefect's wife and butler have arrived!" At this critical moment, Yidu County's Grand Master spoke to the County Magistrate.

"What are they doing here?!" The Yidu County Magistrate did not expect this teaching plan to attract the Prefect's wife and butler, so he said this in a bad mood.

"My lord, I heard that the Prefect's son has also been missing for three days!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Could it be that the young master of prefectural city is also in the church?! " When the Grand Master heard the magistrate's words, he suddenly thought of the Madam Prefect, who had been looking for his child for the past two days.

"Surround the foreigners and the troublesome citizens in front of us! However, you must be careful not to hurt Master Yang! I'll go welcome the Prefect's wife! " When the magistrate heard his words, he also felt that the probability was very high. However, he could not afford to offend Master Yang and the Prefect, so he said it in the end!

"Lord Li, immediately send troops to this church to search for him. You must find my son!" The lady said when she saw the magistrate!

After the Prefect's wife arrived, there was another round of commotion. However, this was a good thing for the commoners, because no one cared about them anymore! Guo Kaiyuan, who had seen and heard everything in the capital, was not interested in the soldiers, so he quietly retreated. Just as he was about to leave, he saw his second junior brother, Guo Zhengxu, and hurried over.

He wanted to look for Guo Xiaohu everywhere, but was afraid that Guo Xiaohu wouldn't be able to find him when he returned. His heart was only filled with anxiety, but now that he suddenly heard someone call him, he was first startled and raised his head to see that it was actually his eldest senior brother, he was immediately overjoyed. However, when he thought of the missing Guo Xiaohu, he felt a burst of regret!

Leaving aside the reunion between Guo Zhengxu and Guo Kaiyuan, Guo Kaiyuan was infuriated when he heard that his little brother had gone missing! At this point in time, Guo Xiaohu had also stealthily sneaked out of the church with six children in tow!

"Little brother, my name is Hu Sangwei, what's your name?!" Seeing that he had finally escaped, the little boy heaved a sigh of relief. Only then did he remember to ask about the name of his savior!

"My name is Guo Xiaohu!" "Little brother, we'll meet again if fate wills it!" Right at that moment, Guo Xiaohu saw a middle-aged woman wearing silky silk clothing, carrying a three-inch-long golden lotus towards him. Behind her was a man who looked like a housekeeper. He wanted to help but didn't dare, so he followed closely behind her! Guo Xiaohu obviously knew that Hu Shengwei and the other parents had already found them. After saying that they were going to leave, he slipped away along with them!

"Mother!" I am here! " At this moment, Hu Shengwei also saw the Prefect's wife and his own housekeeper, so he immediately ran over!

"Ah, my little darling!" When the Prefect saw his son, he began to shout and scream. He then checked to see if his son was injured, etc.

"Mom, this little brother …" After Hu Sangwei's mother had played with him for a while, he suddenly thought of Guo Xiaohu, who had saved his life. However, when he turned around, Guo Xiaohu was nowhere to be seen!

"Big brother?! Why is he walking together with second senior brother?! " Guo Xiaohu, who was on the street, was surprised to find his big brother talking to his second senior brother. However, when he saw the two of them looking around, he knew Guo Zhengxu had already found out he was missing!

"Big brother, second senior brother!" Big Brother, when did you come back?! " After Guo Xiaohu saw his big brother, he walked over and said as if nothing had happened!

"Little Hu, where did you go?! Do you know that your second senior brother is dying of anxiety?! " When Guo Kaiyuan saw Guo Xiaohu appear, he was first overjoyed, then he hid his dark face and asked a question!

"That, I just went to relieve myself!" Second senior brother, I'm sorry for making you worry! " Guo Xiaohu hurriedly said when he heard his big brother's words!

"It's good that you're fine! It's good that you're fine! " Guo Zhengxu hurriedly said after he heard Guo Xiaohu's words and saw that Guo Xiaohu had returned safely! However, Guo Kaiyuan saw Guo Xiaohu holding this bag in his arms, but since he had just met Xiaohu, he did not know what had happened in the past. He just snorted and did not say anything!

Seeing that he was fine, Guo Xiaohu heaved a sigh of relief. He then looked at his big brother and second senior brother who were looking in the direction of the church, touching the items in his arms. There was a box cannon, more than 100 rounds of bullets, and more than 20 pieces of silver coins!

The parents of the other five children also arrived one after another. The parents of these five children were either rich or powerful, and when the county magistrate of Yidu County looked at the children he had found, then looked at the parents of the children and the foreigners, he did not know what to do!

At this critical moment, his Grand Master had whispered something into his ear! When the magistrate heard this, he nodded his head repeatedly! Then, the magistrate heard about the people who were tied up and the people they met. When he heard that Hu Shengwei had never seen a foreigner before, and only saw their pockmarked faces and buyers, he immediately let out a sigh of relief! Then he nodded to his own Grand Master!

"Men, tie this pockmarked face up for me and escort him back to prison!" The county magistrate, seeing that there were no injured children and no foreigners among them, said this in high spirits!

"My lord, I have something to say!" When this pockmarked face heard that he was going to be taken away, he knew something bad was going to happen. He quickly signaled the foreigners with his eyes for help, and when he saw that the foreigners were indifferent, he suddenly said to the Yidu County Magistrate!

"Speak!" When the magistrate heard the words of the pockmarked face, his face tensed up, but he pretended as if nothing had happened as he said that!

"Bang!" At this crucial moment, a missionary picked up his rifle and aimed a shot at the pockmarked face! The spear hit the pockmarked face's left chest!

"You …" The pockmarked face looked at his left chest and then at the foreigner who was speaking in disbelief. But before he could finish his sentence, he fell to the ground!

"Sir County Magistrate, please forgive us for our recklessness!" "After all, this pockmarked face belongs to my church. Since he has made a mistake, we shall punish him in place of God!" When the foreigner saw his pockmarked face fall, he spoke at a leisurely pace!

"Hahaha, Master Yang is right, this is how it should be!" Now that everyone's child has been found and the perpetrator punished, this matter shall end here! "However, you can be assured that I will definitely arrest the trafficker!" When the magistrate saw that the pockmarked face had died, he was stunned for a moment before feeling joy. Then, he spoke as if nothing had happened! However, when he saw that the Prefect's wife was looking at him, he couldn't help but add on!

The parents of these children see their own children are fine, plus the foreigners are not easy to mess with so they have to give up! However, three days later, the Yidu County Magistrate found the trafficker, but he had been dead for two or three days! This matter seemed to have come to an end!

In fact, such programmes were everywhere in the country, and according to the official statistics, there were three anti-religious acts in China between 1860 and 1899: 48 in the Ten Years of Light (1884), 60 in the Twenty-first Year of Light (1895), and 77 in the Twenty-fourth Year of Light (1898). However, a small matter like the Qing Province's teaching plan was not counted!

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