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It was in this darkness that I've discovered that mankind are no different from what they fear. They fear the greedy, they fear the powerful and they fear the strong but aren't they greedy, don't they want power and don't they want to become strong.

But where there is darkness there shall be light for no world can rule with darkness alone.

On a stormy night, while the citizens of Sia Kingdom slept a light descended from the heavens into the forest of the unknow. In this forest the light came down with a force so great that when it landed creaks appear on the ground.

The creaks send out vibration and awoke the creatures of the night.

Awoken by the vibration of the creaks the creatures of the night search for what disturb their sleep only to stumble upon the light. Feeling great danger from this light the creatures of the night run away feeling fear and making noise as they go, awaking the other creatures of the forest.

Shining its great light like a beacon onto its servants, three figures appear before the light.

Three figures dress in black cloak and unable to see their appearance kneel before this light. The first figure step forward with his head bow and said towards the light.

'' My Lord what do you have to ask upon this servant of yours.''

The light shone twice and then a voice call out and answer them saying,'' I see a great danger coming to your world but I cannot intervene with fate and destiny I can only tell you this, a child will be born into your world with great powers and that child shall be the balance between light and darkness. When this child is born you must find them and give them this for its the only way to save your world.''

A small part of the light slowly broke apart from the whole and went towards the first figure.

The first figure reach out his hand to accept the light, when the light touch his hand the light transform into a neckless. On this neckless a chain made of silver hanging from this chain a blue gem shaped like eye, around the edge of this eye-shaped gem a silver edges could be found.

Engrave on this silver edges are words of a unknow language.

After giving the neckless the light shone once again and then disappear. Where creak once were seal on its own leaving behind only clear ground as if it never appear. When the light disappear the two figures that were kneeling slowly stood up and turn to the first figure.

The second figure said,'' Master what shall we do now.''

The first figure look up at the clear night sky and said,'' First we will wait for the child to be born and than try to find this child with this neckless for I believe it is the key into knowing who this child is.'' The third figure look at the clear night sky and then at the first figure said with some hesitation and bit of concern.

'' Master how long do we have to wait for this savior to be born.''

Without turning his head around the first figure sigh and said,'' As long as we can. For we can do nothing else but have faith and wait.'' With that the three figures disappear into the night.

New chapter is coming soon
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