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Gu Erye saw Mu Yi walk over with a piece of chocolate between his fingers. He leaned on the table with both hands and opened his mouth to Mu Yi. Mu Yi felt that this person was quite interesting. He bit the chocolate in his mouth and revealed half of his eyebrows to Gu Erye. His eyes were filled with an invisible provocation.

Gu Erye smiled, leaned over, and tilted his head a little, wanting to eat the chocolate in Mu Yi's mouth. Just as he was about to bite down, Lin Chengyu couldn't help but push Gu Erye away. "Aren't you being too unruly? You're eliminated! Get out!"

No one had expected Lin Chengyu to lose his composure like this. Usually, he would hide his tail like a fox. What was going on today?

Gu Erye's waist was in extreme pain as it hit the corner of the table. After thinking for a while, he fell to the ground and stopped moving. He held his waist with a painful expression.

Mu Yi frowned in disapproval. It was obvious that he was offended by Lin Chengyu's actions. Lin Chengyu was furious, but after a while, he realized that he had gone too far.

He calmed himself down and looked at Mu Yi, not panicking at all. He was sure that Mu Yi would side with him. After all, he loved him so much! "Lin Chengyu, it's not time for you to cover the sky with your hands! Pay attention to your words and actions! "

As soon as Mu Yi had snapped at him, Lin Chengyu's calm mood returned. He actually sided with that gigolo! Damn it! He felt as if he had lost a lot of face, and the others were watching the show.

Everyone in the company knew that his CEO was obedient to Lin Chengyu! Now it seemed like he was going to lose his favor! Serves him right for not cherishing his CEO, for being abandoned!

Lin Chengyu clenched his fists. "You're doing well, Mu Yi!" Without another word, he slammed the door behind him.

Mu Yi helped Gu Erye up. Gu Erye leaned against Mu Yi's body and did not move, but he could not get up either. Lee Qinghua was dumbstruck the entire time. His mouth could not even close!

His best friend had changed? He clearly loved Lin Chengyu so much! Then what was going on now? She didn't love him anymore? Was she disappointed and sad? Then what was up with this Gu Erye?

Mu Yi had always been a man of integrity and self-respect, so he definitely wouldn't mess around. Besides, he had loved Lin Chengyu for more than six years, so he definitely wouldn't be with anyone else!

Lee Qinghua felt that he could not accept all of this. He wanted to ask Mu Yi, but they were both people, so he could not ask. He could only watch Gu Erye and Mu Yi flirt, so anxious that Lee Qinghua wanted to die!

"You guys continue. I'll take him away." Mu Yi pulled Gu Erye and pushed open the door. Lee Qinghua watched helplessly as the two of them walked out and then shouted, "Next!"

The other employees looked at Lee Qinghua with green eyes. Was he jealous?! Aiyo, childhood sweethearts! The female employees were extremely excited!

As Mu Yi drove, Gu Erye sat in the passenger seat and looked at Mu Yi with a smile. "Who are you?" "Director Mu actually doesn't remember me. I'm so sad!" Gu Erye looked at Mu Yi with amusement.

"Don't talk about being so intimate. I've never seen you before." Gu Erye's movements paused for a moment. He did not expect Mu Yi to directly expose him. He was too disrespectful!

"I like Director Mu. I want to be with you!" Gu Erye's tone was gentle, and Mu Yi glanced at him, "Alright! I don't have anything, and I still need you to support me in the future!" Gu Erye smiled and nodded: "Alright! Let me raise Ge Yi in the future!"

Mu Yi's hand trembled, and the tilt of the car startled the system. "Can you drive properly? If you fail in your first world, I'll cry!" "You're so noisy! I'm not worried about myself." "I'm not worried..." Hearing the System dawdle, Mu Yi blocked the system and became much quieter!

Mu Yi sat on the sofa in the villa. "Can you make the Manchu Han Imperial Feast?" Gu Erye was stunned. What did Mu Yi just say?! "Can you make the Manchu Han Imperial Feast?" "Yes, you want to eat it?"

Mu Yi nodded in satisfaction and pointed in the direction of the kitchen. "There are ingredients inside. Make as much as you can. If there aren't enough ingredients, I'll get someone to buy them."

Gu Erye didn't quite understand Mu Yi, but he still went into the kitchen. After nearly three hours, Gu Erye walked out with a tired face and collapsed on the sofa. "Ah! I'm so tired!"

Mu Yi was so hungry when he smelled the fragrance that he took out all the dishes and placed them on the table. Seeing that Gu Erye was so tired that he was about to fall asleep, he walked over and took off his apron for him. Then, the two of them sat next to each other at the dining table and prepared to eat.

"Ding dong! Ding dong!" Gu Erye sighed. Damn it, he couldn't even stop eating!

When he opened the door, Lin Chengyu saw Gu Erye. His face was as black as coal. "Why are you here? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's Mu Yi?" Gu Erye frowned when he saw Lin Chengyu's expression. "Senior Lin is too rude! This isn't your house!"

"What do you want from me?" Although Mu Yi really wanted to move, he had to maintain his composure in front of someone, let alone the male lead.

Mu Yi hugged Gu Erye's waist and rubbed it. Oh my, the feeling is not bad! "This is your new male pet?" "Hmm? Boyfriend, don't make it sound so low. " Although Mu Yi's words were very decisive, Gu Erye still felt Mu Yi's trembling. Did he still love him?

Lin Chengyu clenched his fists. He wanted to say something, but he couldn't. "Lin Chengyu, you and I have no relationship other than that of a superior and a subordinate. What do you want to say?"

Mu Yi's words were like a bucket of cold water that woke Lin Chengyu up. That's right! Now that he had nothing to do with Mu Yi, how could he judge him?

"I..." "You don't have to say anything else. Come and eat here this late at night. Erye made it." In fact, Gu Erye didn't want Lin Chengyu to stay. After all, no one would like their love rival to stay with the person they liked. However, since Mu Yi had already said so, he couldn't say anything.

Lin Chengyu followed Mu Yi in a daze. When he saw the table full of steaming dishes, he felt an indescribable awkwardness in his heart.

"Ge Ge, this is delicious. Try it!" Gu Erye purposely angered Lin Chengyu by adding more food to Mu Yi's bowl and calling him intimately. Mu Yi tasted it and found that it was indeed not bad. He couldn't help but give Lin Chengyu a chopstick.

The three of them fell silent. Mu Yi didn't say anything because he shouldn't be talking right now. He should let Lin Chengyu think about what kind of feelings he had for him. Gu Erye was silent because of envy and jealousy. He still loved Lin Chengyu! Why? Lin Chengyu had treated him so badly, yet he still loved him!

Lin Chengyu didn't say a word when he saw the extra food in his bowl. He only looked at it but didn't eat it. He felt that this was charity, and he hated charity!

After a while, he said, "This dish tastes good. Eat more." Mu Yi said a few words to ease the atmosphere, "Ge Ge, you didn't even give it to him!" Gu Erye said enviously.

Mu Yi laughed and also gave Gu Erye some food. Gu Erye was not very satisfied, but he knew that things had to be done step by step. He could not be too anxious!

Lin Chengyu finished his meal and left. Gu Erye stayed in the villa. Lin Chengyu was going to take him directly to the theater tomorrow instead of training the newbies because he had asked the system to check Gu Erye's identity. In fact, Gu Erye had graduated from the acting department and specialized in acting.

"I'll take you to audition tomorrow. Villain, look at the script..." Gu Erye took the script and roughly read some "Second male lead?" "Hmm, how is it?" Gu Erye's eyes lit up. He felt a little excited! This character was simply too great! It was too challenging!

The second male lead was a doctor. He had schizophrenia, but his IQ was extremely high. He could freely switch between a kind and kind doctor and an evil and cruel killer. This was a challenge. In fact, Mu Yi also liked this role very much, but his appearance was not suitable and "warm."

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