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Suddenly, he saw a few birds landing on the tree outside the window, chirping. Mu Yi unconsciously moved his feet to the balcony and stretched out his hand, hoping that the birds would land on his hand.

However, when the birds saw someone walking over, they scattered and flew away. Mu Yi stared blankly at the tree branches that had already flown away without a shadow.

In his dream, Lin Chengyu dreamt that Mu Yi really didn't want him anymore. He and Lin Qianjin were married. They gave birth to a boy and a girl. Mu Yi was also the boss behind the scenes. He spent most of his time with his wife and children.

He was still alone, but he was not lonely. Because there were people accompanying him every night, but they were not Mu Yi. He would often see Mu Yi's wife on the television screen. She was very dazzling. He would often mention on the television how good Mu Yi had been to him ever since he got married, and how he had done it personally for his two children.

Lin Chengyu was so jealous that he almost went crazy, but every time he saw Mu Yi, he couldn't say a word. He was like a mute, wanting to express his heart but unable to speak.

Mu Yi had grown distant from him, and all he had to offer was the relationship between a boss and an employee. This was something that Lin Chengyu had once dreamed of, but now, he didn't like it anymore.

"Doctor, why isn't he awake yet?" Mu Yi wiped the sweat off Lin Chengyu's forehead with a towel. He was a little worried that Lin Chengyu might have had a nightmare. He kept muttering something that Mu Yi couldn't hear clearly because his voice was too low.

"It should be soon. Don't worry, Director Mu!" Lee Qinghua rushed into the ward with a fruit basket and a bouquet of flowers. He saw Mu Yi sitting beside Lin Chengyu with a frown. "Mu Yi, I came to see you!"

Mu Yi nodded and placed the items on the table. "Why are you so happy?" "I found someone to spend the rest of my life with!" "Is that so? Congratulations!" Lee Qinghua couldn't help but feel an itch in his heart when he thought of the virtuous and gentle person waiting for him at home.

"Is it a man or a woman?" "A woman, a very gentle and virtuous woman. I fell in love with her at first sight!" Mu Yi really didn't expect Lee Qinghua to like this kind of thing. He thought Lee Qinghua would marry a stronger woman and be able to control him. But who asked him to like her?

"When are you getting married?" Lee Qinghua took a deep breath. "I really haven't thought about that! How about next month?" Mu Yi was amused by him. How could marriage be so hasty?

"I think you should go and discuss it with her so that I can prepare the money." Lee Qinghua scratched his head and giggled twice. "You're right! I'll go right now!" After saying that, Lee Qinghua actually turned around and left. Mu Yi was helpless. It was really true that people in love sometimes had zero IQ.

"Mu Yi, let's get married too!" Mu Yi was shocked by Lin Chengyu's voice behind him. He turned around and glared at him angrily. However, Lin Chengyu still saw a trace of joy in Mu Yi's eyes. "Now that you've learned your lesson, you're threatening me with your life!" Mu Yi was really angry!

The original owner had prepared a meal for Lin Chengyu's health in the morning and in the evening. Every meal was well-nourished, just so that Lin Chengyu could have a good body. However, Lin Chengyu actually used his own body and life to threaten him. "Well done!"

"No, I just want to talk to you!" Holding onto Mu Yi's arm, Lin Chengyu seemed to have used up all his strength. "Please, Mu Yi, I beg you!" Lin Chengyu couldn't take it anymore. Every time he closed his eyes, he would see Mu Yi. Mu Yi had been abused by him, and Mu Yi was looking at him sadly. The way Mu Yi begged him, the way Mu Yi doted on him...

"Lin Chengyu, why? I'm getting married. It's impossible for us to get married!" Mu Yi did not understand, why did people only know how to cherish it when they had truly lost it? If he had known that there would be such a day, why would he treat his original body like that?

Did Lin Chengyu know that if it weren't for him, Mu Yi would already be dead? He had died in that villa, claiming to be Mu Yi and Lin Chengyu's villa. Lin Chengyu wouldn't even frown when the corpse was rotting.

"No, you won't get married! I love you! Mu Yi, I really love you! Please! Come back? Okay?" Looking at the pleading Lin Chengyu, Mu Yi admitted that he was a little shaken, but he couldn't gamble. He had nothing else to gamble with!

"What do you want? Just say it, and I'll do my best to satisfy you!" Lin Chengyu was stunned at first. He didn't understand what Mu Yi was talking about. But then he understood. Was he that kind of person in his heart?

When he thought about it, it made sense! Every time he went back to find Ye Xiao to vent his anger, it wasn't strange at all!

Lin Chengyu felt that he had brought this upon himself. Why should he keep him now? He deserved it!

"Chengyu, take care of yourself! If you need anything, let me know, we..." Mu Yi paused for a moment, thought for a moment, and could only say three words dryly, "We are still friends."

"No, I don't want to be friends with you! I want to be your husband!" Lin Chengyu seemed to have suddenly regained his strength. He grabbed Mu Yi and pulled him hard, causing him to fall onto the bed. Looking at the weight of Lin Chengyu's body on top of him, Mu Yi sighed.

"I have your picture, your video." Lin Chengyu felt that this was the only thing he could threaten Mu Yi with. He knew that if he said it out loud, Mu Yi would definitely be disappointed in him, but he had no choice! He couldn't let Mu Yi leave!

He had a premonition that once Mu Yi walked out of this ward today, he would never come back!

Mu Yi was so angry that his face turned pale, and his fingertips trembled. Mu Yi felt his heart go cold, and he couldn't get it back. "Lin Chengyu, you did well! You did well!"

"If you get married, I'll post it on the Internet, and you'll suffer the consequences! So don't get married, okay?" At some point, Lin Chengyu's tears fell on Mu Yi's face and slid down his cheeks. It was as if he was crying.

"You're ruthless, Lin Chengyu! I'll definitely get married. If you want, you can send it. I won't stop you!" Mu Yi wanted to get up, but before he could, he pushed Lin Chengyu away.

"It's not like that! It's not like that! Mu Yi! It shouldn't be like that!" "That's it, Lin Chengyu. I'm very tired." Feeling the sadness and fatigue in Mu Yi's voice, Lin Chengyu realized what a huge mistake he had made. However, time couldn't be reversed, and he had already said it!

"Mu Yi, let's have a good talk. Can you give me some time?" Facing Lin Chengyu, Mu Yi's heart softened once again. He was really stupid!

"I don't have pictures or videos of you. I just don't want you to get married. I want us to be together again, just like before. We'll get married, announce our relationship, and live together. " When had Mu Yi not fantasized about such a beautiful life?

" No, I can't go back. Things are still the same, but people have changed. " Lin Chengyu hugged Mu Yi tightly. It was as if he was afraid that Mu Yi would disappear. "No, give me another chance, okay? I love you, Mu Yi!"

"Yes!" Although his voice was very soft, Lin Chengyu could still hear it. He was ecstatic, feeling that everything had become better at this moment!

Seeing the confident smile on the man's face, Mu Yi couldn't help but agree. Back then, Mu Yi had been confused by Lin Chengyu's confidence, right? A confident smile should be flamboyant at his age.

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