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The six realms were separated into God Realm, Demon Realm, Immortal Realm, Demon Realm, Ghost Realm, and Human Realm. Among them, the two realms were evenly matched, while the Demon Realm resided in Primal Chaos. They were mostly dissatisfied with the numerous restrictions of the Heaven Realm and believed in the existence of "the strong being respected" and Heaven's Mandate.

It was especially so during these hundred years that the Demon World respected the new Demon Sovereign as their master. The Demon Empire's reputation was like its name: Wherever it went, it massacred living creatures, doing as it pleased, and not even a single blade of grass grew.

Naturally, Tu Si's heaven-defying actions were met with the wrath of the other six realms' immortals, led by the God Realm. The God Realm summoned those from the other six realms to discuss the grand plan of exterminating demons in the Heavenly Palace.

However, by the appointed date, the High Lords of the God Realm, the Immortal Realm and the Ghost Realm and their subordinates would only be able to arrive as per their agreement.

Birds, beasts, plants, and trees; they could become demons. It was an existence without order, with a tradition of the strong eating the weak. This generation of Demon Emperors were extremely mysterious, outsiders only knew of its name but had never seen it before.

Some said that the Demon Emperor was born from gathering all living things, and his aptitude was different than that of ordinary people. Even though he used his young strength to unify the Demon Realm that was initially in pieces, some also said that the Demon King's transformation into a human form was unfathomably beautiful, breathtaking, and that his bewitching technique was something that ordinary men could not resist. However, if it was because she was a girl and underestimated his strength, she would ultimately pay a painful price for such a foolish thought.

This time, the demon realm did not send anyone over, and the deities all speculated, fiendish demons, some said fiendish demons did not split up, could it be that they had already colluded with the demon realm?

"War God can come out today and wait for War God to return. Even if the demons join forces, they will not be able to defeat us." The King of Hell had heard that War God Qi Ye was going to come out of seclusion today, and it was his fortune to be able to see War God today.

Just as Hades finished speaking, an Immortal envoy came in and reported, "Reporting to the Celestial Emperor, War God is waiting outside the hall."

"Quick, invite the wargod into the palace" The Heavenly Emperor ordered the Immortal Envoy to invite the War God into the hall.

Qi Ye and his retainers quickly entered the hall. Dressed in a set of unordinary white clothes, his expression was as calm as water, without any emotions. However, his unswerving, valiant, and world-defying presence caused all the deities to be unable to look away, and only the God Realm was worthy of such a godly presence.

Every fiendish demon that heard the name of War God would be terrified. It was also the fiendish god of war that had guarded the Six Realms for a long time, and now that the Devil Realm had risen to prominence, only Qi Ye of the Six Realms could fight against Tu Si.

As a god of war, Qi Ye protected the peace of the six realms. Naturally, he would not allow the rampage of the slaughter to be carried out without mercy.

The Heaven Emperor gave Qi Ye a brief summary of the current situation. It was very likely that the Demon and Demon Realms had colluded with each other. It was very likely that they would face two powerful enemies.

"The Great War of Gods and Demons is coming soon. Which side do you think the demon realm will help?" Qi Ye turned around and asked the boy who had followed him into the hall. However, the boy seemed to be very disorderly, and he actually walked over to the table, picked up a bunch of grapes, and stuffed them into his mouth.

Just as the little boy was about to swallow a grape, he saw Qi Ye staring at him and asking him a question. He placed the grape in his hands aside and jumped over with his hands wrapped around Qi Ye's arm. I'll listen to you. "

As soon as the words left the boy's mouth, he covered them with one hand, self-aware of his slip of tongue.

Qi Ye's interaction with the child and the boy's words made people have to reevaluate the child. The child had very good eyes, and although he looked very cute, there wasn't anything extraordinary about his aura. Originally, they thought he was just Qi Ye's new disciple, but how could this puny child speak so casually of such a great matter?

"The Demon World is unscrupulous, and wherever it goes, not a single blade of grass will grow. It will return the world's peace and prosperity to the people, and anyone with backbone will take the conquest of the Demon World as their own responsibility." Qi Ye's position was clear. The people of the demon realm deserved to be killed for all their sins.

"Then after this is done, will you spend all day with me in the mountains?" The boy did not answer him. Instead, he thought about the days when he would roam the world in the future.

"Nope." Qi Ye immediately refused.

The boy was a bit disappointed. He let go of Qi Ye's arm and muttered to himself with a heartbroken expression, "Ah, so sad. You were the first man to reject me."

"Serves you right." An unfamiliar voice appeared in the hall. It was unknown who it came from, nor where it came from.

At this time, a green snake came from an unknown place, coiling from the boy's waist all the way up to his neck. The green snake flicked its tongue, looking extremely terrifying.

"I don't want to stay in this sad place. I want to go back up the mountain." The boy covered his face with his sleeves, looking heartbroken. His voice carried a hint of sobbing.

"Then what are you still standing here for?" Only at this moment did the deities realize that the voice was coming from Green Snake.

How could an ordinary snake speak? It was likely that this snake had already been trained to the Exquisite Spirit Realm. In this great hall, very few people noticed its existence.

"Who are you all? Where do you think this place is? If you want to come, you can come. If you want to leave, you can leave." One of the celestial friends in the hall stood up and pointed at the boy, reprimanding him.

It was clear that this boy was not a disciple of the War God, but he was an extremely respected person in the entire palace. This boy was actually disrespectful and had no rules or regulations, so it seemed like he didn't know where he was wrong to not let her suffer.

"If you want to keep me, do you know what you want to abandon?" Before the celestial friend could react, the boy had already appeared in front of him. His voice was completely different from before, extremely bewitching.

The celestial friend looked at the boy's eyes that became even more demonic red. For some reason, he couldn't move his body at all. He felt that his celestial spiritual energy was disappearing and his body was losing power.

Just as everyone was staring blankly at him, Qi Ye reacted the fastest. A streak of white light shot through the two of them like a bolt of lightning. The boy's reaction was also extremely quick as he flew back and dodged it.

The boy licked his lips and made a circle with his throat. He glared at the man and said, "This deity's smell is really unusual. After inhaling this little bit of immortal energy, I feel refreshed."

"How dare you, you monster! How dare you trespass into the Heavenly Palace!" That immortal was completely caught off guard by this monstrous genius, and now that everyone saw that he was powerless to resist, he immediately became angry and pointed at the boy as he loudly scolded.

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