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With a slight smile on his delicate and thin lips, he looked down from above at the delicate and soft young lady. "Shen Miaoyan, if the words you spoke earlier were to spread, do you know what crime it would be?"

Shen Miaoyan welcomed the spring light of March. She looked cute and well-behaved, but her rosy lips were unrelenting in their speech.

"I feel like you are not willing to be suppressed by Chu Yunjian like this. When father was still alive, he once said that the Emperor would cripple you sooner or later for you to be able to serve the Emperor with great merit. "

Silence reigned in the surroundings. The guards lowered their heads. The words they heard were too terrifying, they pretended not to hear anything.

Jun Tianlan stared at her for a long time, with an unfathomable emotion in his eyes. Finally, he walked towards the Imperial Advisor's estate.

Shen Miaoyan watched his back as he left. She gritted her teeth and followed him with her thin legs.

She ran after Jun Tianlan, her filthy hands clutching the front of his robe. "Imperial Advisor, the people of the capital have always said that I have a vile character, but I have always distinguished between gratitude and grievances. Even though father told me not to hate him, I could not tolerate him living freely and unrestrainedly on that throne. "

She stood against the light. She was obviously very obedient, but Jun Tianlan could see that her eyes were filled with intense hatred.

Seeing him size her up, Shen Miaoyan smiled with her two rows of small white teeth, revealing two deep dimples in her cheeks. "My second uncle's concierge, Senior Servant, scolded me for not being a good person. I heard that you, Imperial Advisor, do not have a good reputation. Since we are not good people, why not make it a couple? "

She raised her head to look at Jun Tianlan, who was standing under the sunlight. His wide black sleeves were puffed up by the wind, and his thin cloak, embroidered with golden threads, swirled in the wind.

Her hair was tied up in a jade crown, and her slender figure stood tall and straight like a pine tree. That face was as handsome as an immortal, but it was cold and ruthless, causing one to feel fear for no reason.

She couldn't figure out what he was thinking, so she could only quietly wait for his answer.

Only when she stood up to the point where her calves were numb did he chuckle softly. "Shen Miaoyan, after entering the Imperial Adviser's Estate, you are not allowed to leave as you wish. I hope you don't regret it. "

Hearing that, Shen Miaoyan was overjoyed. She patted her chest and answered crisply, "I, Shen Miaoyan, am from the Imperial Advisor's estate. I am a ghost of the Imperial Advisor's estate! The Imperial Advisor told me to go east, I will never run west! "If the honored Imperial Advisor asks me to beat up a servant, I will definitely not beat up a maidservant!"

Jun Tianlan shot a glance at her chest, and then walked towards the main courtyard indifferently, "Stop flapping. It's already quite flat to begin with."

Shen Miaoyan: "…"

Speaking of which, was this man really the cold-blooded Imperial Advisor from the legends, the one who cared about the lives of all the enemies?

Thinking of something, she hurriedly chased after him. "State Grandmaster, where do I live?"

"East room." The man walking in front spoke in a light voice.

"The east room is not big, but is it delicate?" She chased after him, shouting as she ran, looking heartless.

The trees and grasses of the Imperial Advisor's residence supported the herring, giving off a solemn and solemn feeling.

Jun Tianlan stopped in front of the courtyard and turned around. He saw her jogging over, panting, with a white skirt in her hand. "State Grandmaster, slow down!"

As the spring breeze blew, the hem of her skirt fluttered in the wind. Her spirited appearance added a tinge of liveliness to the stagnant state of the Imperial Advisor's estate.

Shen Miaoyan noticed Jun Tianlan staring at her. She lifted her head and smiled at him, saying in a sweet and clear voice, "State Grandmaster!"

Behind her, lush and verdant daisies bloomed everywhere.

Jun Tianlan looked at her, and for some reason, he suddenly thought of an old opera poem: This brocade of mountains and rivers is not worth her smile like a flower.

He curled his lips. "Shen Miaoyan, I'll ask you one last time. Do you really want to stay by my side?"

"Imperial Advisor, unless you chase me away, I won't leave!" She agreed quickly.

Thus, Shen Miaoyan officially became Jun Tianlan's maid.

He gave her the eastern room that was next to his, but the servant girl in the courtyard hesitated a little, "Mistress, Miss Murong has always wanted that eastern room. If she comes back, she will know that Mistress gave the eastern room to someone else …"

Jun Tianlan took off his cape. "How are we going to split up my estate? Since when has it been her turn to make the decision?"

Yi Yi carefully hung her cloak on the hanger and took a look at his expressionless face. She replied respectfully, then took a glance at Shen Miaoyan, who was behind her, and signaled her to follow him.

The east wing was separated from Jun Tianlan's bedroom by a curtain, which was originally meant for a personal maid. However, Jun Tianlan had never been one to wait upon anyone, so it was always empty.

Yet, for some reason, he suddenly gave it to Shen Miaoyan.

Shen Miaoyan stepped into the doorway. Although the east wing wasn't large, it was beautifully decorated and was not inferior to her room in the Duke of Shen's estate.

She carelessly touched a blue and white porcelain bottle that had two ears and a pair of eyes that glimmered. The Imperial Advisor's estate must be very rich!

"Young Miss is so fortunate. There are many girls in this room who are lusting after her." With a smile, she opened the window and changed the air in the room.

Shen Miaoyan placed the bundle on the table and jumped onto the stool. She said sweetly, "Elder sister, who is the Miss Mu Rong you were talking about?"

When she heard the words "Murong", a trace of fear flashed past her eyes. She turned around and looked at her, but only smiled and said, "This servant will get someone to bring you the things that little miss wants. Your servant will take her leave first. "

Saying this, he gave a slight bow of blessing and left in a hurry.

Shen Miaoyan swayed her feet. With her hands on her cheeks, she stared at the figure of her back. A dark glint flashed across her seemingly pure eyes.

After a while, she laughed lightly and jumped off her stool to look for Jun Tianlan.

Jun Tianlan was standing in front of a desk by the window, reading a single word.

She stretched out her neck and looked over, "Road... This …. Yuanxi, I … "The only thing I desire is …"

She was struggling to read, and she couldn't read a lot of words.

The tip of Jun Tianlan's pen paused as he glanced at her, only to see that her face was filled with ignorance.

He retracted his gaze and started writing. "Twelve years old?"

"Yes." "Yes," she said.

His narrowed eyes darkened slightly. He knew that Shen Miaoyan's studies were bad, but he didn't expect her to be this bad.

He was already twelve years old, but he didn't even know the famous saying, "The road is long and the people are far away, while everyone is begging for it".

The bedroom was very silent. Shen Miaoyan felt that this man's body was gradually emitting a sense of oppression.

She stood for a moment, then stretched out her hand to pinch the corner of his robe. With a soft voice, she said, "Imperial Advisor, I will study diligently. Don't despise me."

He continued copying "Chu Words" without saying anything.

Silence descended upon the room once more. The cold aura emanating from his body made Shen Miaoyan feel embarrassed, so she silently retracted her hand.

When he felt the weight on his clothes disappear, he turned his head slightly and saw her standing there with her head lowered. Her small face was wrinkled, and her big eyes were as red as a rabbit's, and there were tears rolling down her cheeks.

Withdrawing his gaze, he dipped his pen into the ink and said lightly, "Didn't you say it could grind?"

Shen Miaoyan was stunned. She raised her head and looked over. The lines on the side of his face were perfect. His thin lips were pursed into a smile.

She giggled dumbly and quickly wiped her tears away with her sleeve.

She was not tall enough to reach the inkstone, so she had to bring a small stool and step on it to obediently grind it for him.

The small bronze censer in the corner silently burned, emitting a rosewood smoke ring.

Outside the window, the famous Snow Ta Mountain tea open a thousand charming, spring wind, 10 miles, full of tenderness.

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