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With that, Yun Siwen once again reached out and grabbed his wrist.


Shocked cries erupted once again!

Chu Yifeng's expression twisted in pain as he broke out in a cold sweat. It was as if thousands of needles had pierced into his skin, causing him to gasp in pain!

Before he could react, Yun Siwen exerted her strength and pulled the naked man off the bed. He fell heavily onto the cold floor, looking extremely miserable. You damned pervert actually dared to bully celestial friends in the God Realm, see if I don't strangle you to death! "

"Idiot, quickly let go …"

Chu Yifeng was in so much pain that he broke out in a cold sweat. He wanted to struggle free from her grasp, but he felt as if countless nails had pierced into his wrist, causing him to feel as if his wrist was about to be crippled.

Because of this, he was pulled off the bed by Yun Siwen before he could even react!

What hidden weapon did this fool use?

He actually dared to plot against him?

Seeing that he was struggling so hard, Yun Siwen simply stepped over his waist on her knees and leaned over him in an extremely ambiguous manner.

To Qin Xiangzhu, this scene was simply indescribable.

After all …

This Chu Yifeng was completely naked!

Yun Siwen fiercely grabbed his wrist and pressed it over his head. The corner of her mouth curled up slightly as she raised her eyebrows and said, "Today … I will show you what happens when you bully women! "

"You want to …"


Before Chu Yifeng could finish his words, Yun Siwen bent over and stuck herself onto his body.

Normally, he would definitely think that Yun Siwen was trying to seduce him. However …

Today's situation was completely different!

The moment Yun Siwen pressed down on him, he felt as if countless sharp thorns had simultaneously pierced into his body. It was so painful that he rolled on the ground and complained incessantly!

"... "Damn pervert, see if I don't pierce holes all over your body!"

"I will stab you to death..."

"F * ck …"

Yun Siwen clenched her teeth and stuck close to him. No matter how Chu Yifeng struggled, she did her best to tightly grip both of his arms. Although this was the first time she was using her own body, it was still quite easy for her!

"Yun Siwen, f * cking … "What did you do …"

Chu Yifeng's face paled from the pain. At the same time, traces of blood appeared on his originally fair skin.

This scene ….

To the one in the bed, the scene looked really weird.

"Damn pervert, didn't you hurt Fairy just now? What? You can't stand this little bit of pain? " Yun Siwen subconsciously looked at the stunned woman on the bed. Although she was gritting her teeth to deal with Chu Yifeng, she still replied with a smile, "Fairy, quickly leave this damn pervert to me …"

"Madman, let go of me … "Let go..."

Chu Yifeng roared in rage. Large and small bloody holes appeared on his body, each of them bleeding outwards. And every time he escaped, he would be forcefully pulled into Yun Siwen's arms. Every time he was pulled, he would scream miserably.

The scene was too intense, and the scene looked too weird. Even the floor was stained with blood.

Seeing that there was no response from the person on the bed, Yun Siwen shouted at her once again, "Fairy, hurry up and leave. What are you waiting for? "Let's go!"

Looking at the bloodied Chu Yifeng and then looking at the abnormal Yun Siwen, Qin Xiangzhu hesitated for a moment. In the end, he hurriedly put on his clothes and escaped from the bridal chamber.

Only the two men and women who were still rolling on the ground were left!

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