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Qi Ye really did not show mercy. That person was getting closer and closer, and it seemed like his target was him, but his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. What to do? She had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, but this was the first time she was in such a sorry state.

Feng Nuo clearly felt a hand grabbing onto her, but she couldn't move herself. She heavily closed her eyes and didn't know what happened afterwards …

A small white furry dog lay sprawled on the stone bed. That's right, it was the embodiment of the phoenix.

Feng Nu felt a warm beam of light enveloping her body. She knew that someone was injecting her true energy. Was she being saved? Who could be so kind as to inject zhenqi into him? Was it a small master? But wasn't this zhenqi like a spell from the demonic world? Was it Mo Chen? It was impossible for him to rush back now. Currently, she had already offended the God Realm, the Immortal Realm and the Ghost Realm, so who could come and save her?

Feng Nuo felt that half of the fatigue in her body had already disappeared. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around with her half-closed eyes. Not good, that person seemed to have walked over. It was better for her to continue pretending to sleep.

Feng Nuo felt that she was being lifted up, and that person was gently stroking her hair. What kind of person is so bold, daring to casually tease me, when the time comes, I will definitely dismember your body into ten thousand pieces. Right now, I will enjoy the entire massage set that you gave me, and then again, this technique is still not bad.

Feng Nu found the most comfortable position and nestled into that person's body. He took a good sniff of the smell on his body. Seeing as how hard you had worked so hard to serve me, I'll leave you an intact corpse.

As soon as he woke up, Feng Nuo yawned sleepily and stuck out her tongue to lick at his previous wound. It didn't hurt so much anymore. Was there someone by his side?

Feng Nuo warily jumped up, baring her teeth as she stared at the person in front of her. She saw that he was lying down by her side with his eyes slightly closed. It was him, Qi Ye.

If he wasn't merciless enough to injure her, why would he waste his efforts to save her? He took advantage of the moment when he was caught unprepared to injure himself, and whether or not he would retaliate with a tooth for a tooth.

With this thought in mind, Feng Nuo bared her fangs, eager to give it a try. Just like this, she bit off his throat, and it was over with. If she dared to hurt him, she would pay him back a hundred times over.

Taking advantage of someone being in danger is a despicable act. As a grand Demon Emperor, I naturally wouldn't do such a dishonorable thing. Moreover, he saved my life, so I'll settle their debts later.

Feng Nuo broke into a big smile for her magnanimity. Who said that she was ruthless? She thought that she was much more kind than those immortals.

Feng Nuo leaned over and squeezed between Qi Ye's arms and his body. His embrace was very warm. This kind of warmth suited him the most. Feng Nu once again closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

After making sure that Feng Nuo had fallen asleep, Qi Ye opened his eyes and looked down at the tiny thing curled up in his arms. When he brought her back, it was still riddled with wounds, and the corner of his mouth was still dripping with blood, but in just a few hours, he had completely recovered.

All living beings of the six realms were terrified of her and revered her achievements. Only he knew that he had lost once, and he had not been able to escape her charm in the end. Although she had not absorbed any divine power, not only had his internal energy been damaged, even his heart had been taken away by her.

Furthermore, the Great War of Gods and Demons was about to happen, and for the entire world, he had no choice but to rein in his own relationships with his children. If the demons were to join hands and commit crimes, he would definitely destroy her primordial spirit with his own hands.

Feng Nuo, do you know that your appearance has disrupted all of my plans and also disturbed my world? I hope that you will not make such a dilemma in the future.

When Feng Nuo woke up, Qi Ye was no longer by his side. This bad man had actually left without permission, not carrying her to sleep.

At this time, Feng Nuo truly looked around. She didn't know where, but she had jumped off the bed and walked out of the house along the green stone road without any purpose in mind. There was an immortal aura all around, and the scenery was extremely beautiful.

"Where did this little dog come from?"

"Hurry up and catch it. If we let it wander around like this, if its master discovers us, it'll punish us again."

When Feng Nuo heard the sound, he looked over and saw two young daoists pouncing towards him. He did not expect that he would be in such a dire situation, two of them even daring to capture the Demon Emperor at will. Feng Nuo bared his teeth at the two little daoists and bared his teeth, but he did not scare the two away.

The two Daoists struggled to catch up, and thus, the scene of the two kids chasing after a white-furred little dog appeared in front of War God's shrine.

The two children became increasingly afraid of what would happen next. Not far away, they saw Qi Ye leading his martial uncles and uncles towards them. Not daring to act presumptuously, they stopped in their tracks and stood there with their hands hanging at their sides.

Feng Nuo saw Qi Ye, and now that she knew he had saved her, he probably wouldn't hurt her any longer. She quickly used her four doggy legs to run towards him, quickly reaching Qi Ye before jumping onto his body. Her two hind legs stepped on Qi Ye's body, continuously climbing upwards until they reached his neck.

Woo woo … * Your family's child bullied me. Since you have brought me back, you must uphold justice for me and not let me suffer for no reason.

With one hand, Qi Ye held the phoenix in his arms, while the other caressed its docile fur. It seemed to be comforting her, telling her to be patient.

Why would a dog appear in the War God Shrine? He believed that animals had their own nature and freedom, and should freely choose where they should go to. Whether humans or animals, after spending a long time together, they would all have feelings for each other. Master believed that he was the most lovable person in the world, and his only obsession was the reason why the embroidery of the Six Realms was so peaceful and he didn't want to be disturbed by these mundane things.

He probably wanted to play around in the mortal world and brought the dog back to the War God Shrine. If it wasn't for that, how could a mere dog break the barrier and arrive at the main hall with the barrier personally set up by his master?

They didn't know that Feng Nuo was only hiding her demonic energy. Even if it was the barrier Qi Ye personally set up, if she really wanted to come in, she could still break it.

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