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Shen Miaoyan was sitting on a small stool in a secluded courtyard. In front of her, there was a large wooden basin filled with all kinds of colored silk that were piled into a mountain.

She rested her chin in her hands, her amber eyes flashing.

The reason why he had deliberately brought out so many clothes for her to wash was only to grind her.

Within the mansion, the clothes of the first-rate and second-rate maidservants were clearly washed in the Raccoon Room. Since when did he have to do it himself?

She stretched, got up, and went to the door. She tried to push it open, but it was locked from the outside.

She sneered as her eyes fell on a tree in the corner of the yard. She raised her head to survey the height of the tree, rolled up her sleeves, climbed up the tree, and immediately climbed up the branch to the wall.

The wall was so low that she jumped straight down.

She didn't know many things, but she knew how to climb trees and jump walls.

She wandered around the backyard all morning and picked up some food from the kitchen.

In the afternoon, she returned to the secluded courtyard, ate some snacks under a tree, and slept soundly.

When he woke up, it was already dusk.

She rubbed her eyes and just as she sat up, she heard the sound of a lock opening at the door.

With a sinister glint in her eyes, she leapt up the tree.

It was Xiu He who came in. She shouted anxiously, "Shen Miaoyan, where are you? "Come out!"

Shen Miaoyan sat on a tree branch and watched her silently through the leaves.

She guessed that Jun Tianlan must have returned, but couldn't find her.

"This little bitch!" Embroidery Blue flipped through the entire room in a huff, but Shen Miaoyan's figure was still nowhere to be seen.

Gritting her teeth in hatred, she hurried out again.

Shen Miaoyan climbed down from the tree and stepped on the clothes in the wooden basin a few times. Then she scooped them all up and hung them on the clothes-drying pole.

After doing all this, the sky had turned completely dark.

A voice rang out from outside, drawing closer and closer to her. Jun Tianlan had mobilized quite a few people within his mansion, and was currently searching for her.

She returned to her seat on the tree again and saw that the yard was filled with moving lights. The maidservants were calling out "Miss Shen" one after another.

The amber eyes twinkled faintly. In the darkness, they looked like the eyes of a cat.

The crescent moon rose gradually, and the embroidery grass returned. Holding the lantern, her steps were very chaotic. Even Shen Miaoyan on the tree could hear her panting.

Embroidery He was furious. She felt that this sinful subject's daughter was not fit to live in the east wing. Only Miss Murong was qualified to live there.

However, what she didn't expect was that her master would ask where that little hoof had gone to. If she had known that her master valued this little hoof so much, she wouldn't have allowed her to wash so many clothes!

Shen Miaoyan purposely broke a branch on the tree, and it was only then that Embroidery Grass noticed that she was hiding in the tree.

She rushed to the tree in a fluster, raised the lantern above her head and forced a smile, "Miss Shen, what are you doing in the tree? Master is looking for you everywhere, quickly come back with me! "

Shen Miaoyan swung her legs. "On what basis?"

Embroidery Hu was stunned. Realizing that she was angry, he softly said, "Come back with me, I'll give you a rose candy cake, okay?" Just pretend that what happened today never happened. Don't ever mention it to Master. "

It was a coaxing tone.

Shen Miaoyan glanced outside the courtyard. By the light of the lanterns, she could see Fuyi and Tian Xiang approaching with lanterns in their hands.

The man behind them was elegantly dressed in black, and the golden python on his black embroidered robe fluttered with the wind, looking vivid and lifelike.

She withdrew her gaze and suddenly choked with sobs. "Sister Wenhe, I'm scared, wuuuuuuuu …"

Embroidery Blue was stunned. Before she could figure out what kind of tricks this little hoof was playing, she heard the sound of the courtyard door being pushed open.

She really wanted to tell Shen Miaoyan not to cry, but the two of them had already walked over.

Just as Embroidery He was thinking about how he could bribe Yu Yi and Yu Xiang, he suddenly saw that Jun Tianlan had personally come to look for someone!

Jun Tianlan walked up to the tree, his voice cold. "Why did you run up the tree?"

Shen Miaoyan sobbed as she extended her small hand and pointed at the bamboo pole in the yard. "Sister Wenhe told me to wash her clothes, so I came to help her wash her clothes …" When I finished washing up, it was already dark. "I wanted to go back, but the door was locked from the outside. I was scared, so I climbed up the tree, wuuuuuuuuuu …"

Everyone looked over and saw seven or eight bamboo sticks hung in the yard, and on them were several tens of clothes.

Embroidery He's heart skipped a beat and he quickly kneeled down. "Mistress, it's not like that. It's Miss Shen. She said she wanted to help me wash my clothes!"

Jia Xiang was furious. "Even if xiaojie said that she wants to help you wash your clothes, why did you lock the door from the outside?!"

Embroidery Blue hesitated for a moment, not knowing how to explain. Because of her fear, her body trembled uncontrollably, and her back was drenched in cold sweat.

The small courtyard was very quiet, and only Shen Miaoyan's intermittent sobbing could be heard.

Jun Tianlan calmly replied, "Come down."

Shen Miaoyan cried as she glanced at him with a little fear. Her small body slowly twisted down and she carefully jumped down from the tree.

Because of the cold, her little face was red from the cold, and her two bunches of hair were tied up so that they looked extremely pitiful.

Jun Tianlan took her into his arms, and began to carry her out of the courtyard.

Rushing his clothes and Tian Xiang followed closely behind, no one paid any attention to the embroidery flowers that were kneeling on the ground.

A gust of night wind blew by, covering the sky and blotting out the cold.

Jun Tianlan carried Shen Miaoyan back to Hengwu Academy, but Shen Miaoyan only hugged his neck as she cried. She felt as if she had been wronged beyond compare.

Jun Tianlan motioned for Shuyi and Tian Xiang to take her to a bath first. The two of them washed her clean before changing into a clean set of clothes and sending her to her bedroom.

Shen Miaoyan's eyes were still red when she entered the room. Seeing Jun Tianlan writing with his back facing her, she wiped her tears away and walked over to the small stool to help him study his ink.

Jun Tianlan cast a sidelong glance, only to see that she was holding a piece of ink. Her small hand was white and tender, as if she had not washed her clothes for a long time.

What's more …

The clothes that were hanging in the yard were still dripping. It was obvious that they had just been hung on the clothes pole.

This move of asking for sympathy was actually quite smooth for the little girl.

His thin lips pursed into a smile as he continued writing. "Are you feeling wronged?"

Shen Miaoyan lowered her head, quietly raised her eyelids and looked at him before saying softly, "I am not feeling wronged …" just scared. "

"Do you know what would happen to that servant girl?" he asked.

Shen Miaoyan shook her head.

"Those who dare to touch my men will be killed with a cane."

He dipped his long eyelashes into the ink, casting two shadows across his cheeks.

Shen Miaoyan's heart skipped a beat, and her grinding stopped.

She stared at him and saw that he didn't seem to be joking.

A nameless fear rose from the bottom of his heart.

Everyone said that the Imperial Advisor, Jun Tianlan, was a deceitful person who regarded human life as worthless.

Would he really kill Embroidery He because of such a small matter?

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